Smash Cut Casts Sasha Grey

SashagreyCanadian horror-smiths have nabbed an AVN performer of the year Sasha Grey to star in Smash Cut. We get the scoop from the caves of Yahoo:

Porn star Sasha Grey, the 2008 Adult Video Network female performer of the year and star of more than 80 porn films, is set to star in the Canadian low-budget horror film “Smash Cut.” Grey will play a TV news personality who goes undercover as an actress in a horror film to discover the killer of her older sister, a stripper.

“Smash Cut” director Lee Demarbre insists his indie movie has no nudity or sex, and Grey will remain fully clothed throughout. “The only penetration is by knives and axes,” he said of the slasher pic, a production of Ottawa-based Zed Filmworks.

Porn actresses are still actresses. Some are better than others, but I have no problem with Sasha Grey crossing over into a Horror film… in fact I am surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Pretty, uninhibited girls are the ones you want involved in a horror production and I think this may be a winning recipe; time will tell.

I hope this film takes place in the legendary strip clubs on Montreal, Quebec. Our blessed francophone province provides more strippers to this country than any other. If you haven’t had the chance to see Montreal strippers – you are missing out on some of the worlds greatest entertainers (Think Cirque Du Soleil, but way more nudity).

I wish Sasha Grey luck, and look forward to her performance in this Canadian production.

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18 thoughts on “Smash Cut Casts Sasha Grey


  2. that girl is one of the hottest and one of the sickest girls i’ve seen. good lord. just go to and search her name. you’ll see what i mean.

  3. I saw this joke on G4tv. She is a bad actress that’s why she does porn, it’s a typical unfortunate waste of human potential. A few more courses with a good tutor could help, but acting (and intelligence for that matter)is more than remembering lines and having an (on appearance), “deep” opinion of the Arts and Sciences. The woman “now she is actually a woman” can not draw yet she is an artist, can not play and sing at the same time, yet she is a music producer, can not “succeed”, but for the way she has. She is an anti-intelligence model if ever there was one. She got into porn to “explore her sexuality she says,….ok. She is an amoeba of wants, with few gullible people around, trying to give them to her. Fools are not cool and porn actress are not victims, just lazy.

  4. Happy birthday to Sasha grey march 14 as she and my daughter Melanie both celebrate their birthday’s this 14 th love u both xxxx joanne simard ottawa Cant wait to see Smash cut willbe kool to see u andourselves in the movie go sasha party this month is urs to enjoy !Bonne Fete !

  5. well i read what s written about sasha and may i sayt i have met her during the filming of smash cut she knew all her lines and did everything without once reading from the script i even noticed that she has potentually conquered the acting carreer for the talen she has and the way she conducted herself was absolutly fantastic i am glad to have watch her play without reading a scriptline she knew her role exeptonallyperfect !way to go sasha love joanne and melanie from pizza restaurent in ottawa

  6. And a last note:

    Maybe idiots who don’t get the “pushing the limits” aspect of what she does should read something like Georges Bataille’s “Story of the Eye.”

    I can’t say that I know her particularly well, but I know her enough from the brief exchanges that we’ve had to know that you f*rtknocker haven’t one f*cking clue what you’re on about.

    And I am NOT her. Reply to my damn messages and I’ll set you straight on that one.

    It really p*sses me off when I see sh*t like this. Evil motherf*ckers.

  7. And by the way… I GUARANTEE you this: She’s far smarter than any of us who have posted here. Trust me on that one. On IQ points, she’s got all of you and me creamed. Her taste in high culture is way beyond anything that people posting here have any idea about. She’s someone that can shift from a conversation about Baudrillard to another about Kiki Smith to another about Glenn Branca and so forth and so on.

    It’s pathetic how pea-brained imbecils like a couple of those who posted above are so willing to hurl epithets at people the don’t know one f*cking sh*t about.

    And I guarantee that any of the guys, given the chance, would leap onto her body and f*ck the cr*p out of her. Case closed.

  8. Bomber… do you realize what a total unmitigated jerk you are for posting her personal information like that? What do you care if she screws every man and woman from San Diego to Baton Rouge? What the hell does that do to you? What you’re doing by posting info like that is deliberately trying to get her stalked or possibly killed. I’m sure that it doesn’t matter two f*cks to you; evidently, you couldn’t care less about her as a human being. Let me tell you something on the flip side, bruvva man: If I ever get hold of YOUR phone and home address, I’ll make sure that it gets sent out to every queer dating site on the Internet. Like that?

    You’re a sick f*ck. Truly a sick, sick f*ck.

  9. “Having sex on camera and making it look good is a hell of a lot harder than you think it is. What I don’t get is where you get off on posting her real name on the internet so she can be harassed.”

    Ha ha ha ha! Rightio! Let me just imagine how difficult Sasha’s ‘work’ is …

    Start off by being young and good looking, then strip naked, bend over, get fucked in the ass by thirteen different men, drink vast quantities of semen, finish ‘work’, get paid a bloody fortune.

    Yes, it must be a punishing day at the rockface doing Sasha’s arduous job of being fucked for money.

    As for publishing her address and phone number? Well it might just do her some favours. Prostitutes always need new clients, after all.

    Sorry, ‘actresses’. Ho ho!

  10. Looks like it could be interesting film when does it come out to movie theatres? She was good in that Smashing Pumpkins guy’s video.

  11. Having sex on camera and making it look good is a hell of a lot harder than you think it is. What I don’t get is where you get off on posting her real name on the internet so she can be harassed.

    Don’t screw with other people’s lives, I don’t care if you THINK it’s justified. It’s not. Leave the girl alone, let her live her life the way she wants to.

  12. “Porn actresses are still actresses. Some are better than others, but I have no problem with Sasha Grey crossing over into a Horror film…”

    Strange myth this that porn actresses is actresses. They are just glorified prostitutes that do their acts in front of a camera.

  13. Sasha Grey = Marina Hantzis
    6963 De Soto Avenue
    Canoga Park LA, 91303
    Phone: (213) 489-7635

    This girl you can see do these things in her movies:

    -Lick up other peoples urine from a dirty floor and swallow it
    -Swallow the sperm from 15 men at the same time
    -Swallow an enema out of another womans anus
    -Swallow sperm out of another womans anus (cum fart)
    -being tortured with electric rods
    -Having intercource with a machine
    -Getting penises showed down her throat so she gags and nearly throws up
    -Getting slapped and spit at
    -Getting spit in her mouth
    -Drinking her own urine.

    How proud mr and mrs Hantzis must be of their daughter

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