Smash Cut Casts Sasha Grey

SashagreyCanadian horror-smiths have nabbed an AVN performer of the year Sasha Grey to star in Smash Cut. We get the scoop from the caves of Yahoo:

Porn star Sasha Grey, the 2008 Adult Video Network female performer of the year and star of more than 80 porn films, is set to star in the Canadian low-budget horror film “Smash Cut.” Grey will play a TV news personality who goes undercover as an actress in a horror film to discover the killer of her older sister, a stripper.

“Smash Cut” director Lee Demarbre insists his indie movie has no nudity or sex, and Grey will remain fully clothed throughout. “The only penetration is by knives and axes,” he said of the slasher pic, a production of Ottawa-based Zed Filmworks.

Porn actresses are still actresses. Some are better than others, but I have no problem with Sasha Grey crossing over into a Horror film… in fact I am surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Pretty, uninhibited girls are the ones you want involved in a horror production and I think this may be a winning recipe; time will tell.

I hope this film takes place in the legendary strip clubs on Montreal, Quebec. Our blessed francophone province provides more strippers to this country than any other. If you haven’t had the chance to see Montreal strippers – you are missing out on some of the worlds greatest entertainers (Think Cirque Du Soleil, but way more nudity).

I wish Sasha Grey luck, and look forward to her performance in this Canadian production.

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