Rambo 5 To Shoot In Mexico?

John Rambo-3We heard from a guy, that heard from a guy, that Rambo 5 may shoot in Mexico. We get wind of this rumor thanks to our friends over at moviehole:

The next Rambo movie could see the shaggy haired rebel knocking about in Mexico – Desperado-style.

According to a tipster for StalloneZone.com, Sylvester Stallone mentioned whilst promoting “Rambo” in Japan that “Rambo 5”, set to film sometime next year, could be a modern-day western. In it, Rambo would go after those that are abducting women in Mexico.

I am not sure if this is true or not, but I will certainly welcome another 8 Rambo films if they keep the violence cranked like the last outing. Mexico is a location that makes sense considering how the last film ended. If there is a problem within driving distance, Rambo will find a way to get there (he may need a missionary in floral dress to motivate him, but eventually he will save the day).

Once again this is not confirmed, Rambo 5 news seems to be going back and forth and I don’t want to bank on it, till an official announcement is made. I am glad the book is closed on Rocky, but Rambo could go for a few more, Stallone willing. This is a character I would like to see die in battle anyway, any other end for this character will be a let down. He is a warrior born; Valhalla hungers for him.

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7 thoughts on “Rambo 5 To Shoot In Mexico?

  1. If anyone can pull off making another great sequel it’s Stallone. He’s proven it enough times lately. Can’t wait!

  2. I Would Agree with You Rambo in Iraq, Think About Afghanistan He Can Kill the Al-Qaeda , Pakistan He Could Wipe-Out, or European Terrorist, I Will See Anyone Of Them

  3. John Rambo’s gonna send Mexico into space where it belongs and growl “we need more ocean” while he does it.*

    *entire comment is a Doug Nagy copywrighted joke;)

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