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We have a poster to look at today for the upcoming Prince Of Persia. We get the hookup from out friends at moviesonline:

Poster Prince-Of-Persia-Movie-Poster-Hi-Res

I like this poster, I love the muted scenery through the veiled doorway. My only quibble is the font – it would have been better if it was worn and faded as well. Everything behind the text looks great, it is a shame the script looks so gaudy. What do you guys think?

Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time has a release date of June 16, 2009

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11 thoughts on “Prince Of Persia Poster

  1. how can a gory game such as the prince of peria trilogy be made by disney it doesnt seem right because of the blood and darkness…..
    the sands of time is fine but what of the rest of the games i mean thats ot disney friendly right?
    i hav played all three games and im a big fan of them but putting it up for disney might make the movie not to its full potential ..

  2. The poster looks good. The theme n everything is cool but i dont see an y opening 4 this movie cause i havent seen a vieo game movie being a smashing hit. So fingers crossed.

  3. I have great love for the series. Even the third game “The Two Thrones” Which wasn’t that great of an end to the trilogy. but the concept of the movie is going to be different then the original game intended…

    this (so-called) director said to ReelzChannel “It’s going to be about a very wild, strange time in history, when the world was filled with mystery’s and magicians, and shamans.” First of all I don’t care about the time period of the story, I care about the story of the man in the story. and he also said “I really want to get Jerry Bruckheimer” and that’s when I said, OH GOD NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    all his movies inevitably sucked, I mean don’t get me wrong and loved the first Pirates movie and the second one wasn’t bad, but the third one was a mess. To many story lines and in the end it was a love story. and to tell you the truth I HATE LOVE STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and now they are casting Jake GyllenDOUCHE to play the PERSIAN Prince!!!! I mean dear GOD!!!!!!!! it was the DUMBASS that was in Donnie Darko, and Brokeback Mountain!!!!!!!! for one he looks nothing like the prince, and two, HE’S FREAKNG WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it were me I would hire unknowns instead of those douche actors with the whole “I’m a popular actor, so i think I can fit any role.” Bravado. I say SCREW YOU!

    If they turn Prince of Persia into nothing more than your average Love story movie I’m going to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here is the reasoning behind my anger. The whole story of the Prince of Persia is about one mans redemption, and yes there is a love story intertwined into the original story but they are all small. The true story is about the prince tring to undo what he has done, and stop the spread of the sands of Time, alone. He is a lone warrior who must go on a dark and Vengeful path.

    That’s what I don’t understand. How can they not see that. If he is a man beset be his own guilt for the things he has caused, and if he is a man who has so much inner turmoil than how can there even be a love story. Why!? just because the director saw the scenes with the prince and the female leads, and not the scene with him struggling with himself to keep fighting so that he may undo his mistakes.

    this why I think the director and Jerry Bruckheimer are idiots. and Ubisoft made a mistake allowing them to even ask!!!!!!!!!!

    well I vented out what I thought, what do you think? please note that I toned down the language because of the children (cries)

  4. I keep hoping that a good video game movie will come along…I don’t think it’s an issue of one not being possible, just that no one has really, seriously tried yet. Hollywood has been shitting them out whenever anyone happens to get hold of a script. If you really look at it, I don’t think there’s been a -serious- attempt at a video game movie in the few years since games have been a mainstream enough media to be worth doing. But with the range of obvious, bankable comic book movies narrowing down, maybe video game properties will be the next big thing…all they need is one to come along and be done right, to show the potential the way X-Men did for comic book films.

  5. The teaser poster is cool.

    Hey…I love the video game. Unfortunately, I am already losing hope as they picked Mr. Bloom to play a strong character as the prince.

    Hasn’t Hollywood figured out that this guy has issues attracting an audience?

    It’s decisions like these that give video games to movie little hope. They’re setting themselves up for failure.

  6. Yes the font could look a lil worn… but he is a prince afterall.
    The font itself however looks a little generic.
    not a bad teaser poster though.

    I cant imagine disney would make a horrible videogame movie like the rest.

  7. i think this might be good unlike all other videogame films because its actually got a nice story.
    the sequel (if they make one) will be sick if they show the dark side of him they showed on the videogames…the yellow and black one or w.e. thats an awsome character

    still orlando bloom isnt a good fit- i hope they change it..
    theres nothing wrong with him i just dont see him in this movie

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