No Back To The Future 4

Back-Future-4-NoWith the modern trend of old franchises heading back to the well LONG after their last installments (Rocky, Rambo, Indy) there has been some whispers recently about the possibility of the Delorean time machine revving up it’s engine again for another trip Back To The Future. However, as the good folks over at Moviehole point out, this isn’t going to happen:

Gale (The producer), talking at the 5th Annual Celebration Exotic Car Festival benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, opened the floor with, “Let me answer one question before anyone asks it, which is, ‘Is there ever be a Back to the Future Part IV?'”, Gale began, before answering, “No.” (According to Gale’s announcement didn’t go down well. The crowd apparently went a little sour on him upon hearing that Marty and Doc wouldn’t be back.

“Well now, wait a minute now. We’ve all seen sometimes where they make one too many sequels and you say, ‘Maybe they shouldn’t have done that.’ I’m not going to name any names of movies, but you know what they are!,” quipped Gale. “But more importantly, as I’m sure you all know, Michael J. Fox is not in the best of shape with his Parkinson’s,” he went on to explain. “The idea of making another Back to the Future movie without Michael J. Fox — you know, that’s like saying ‘I’m going to cook you a steak dinner and I’m going to hold the beef.’ You can’t do that.”

“The filmmakers – we all love the three Back to the Future movies just the way they are,” added Gale. “I’m sure Universal would love it if we were to say to them, ‘Hey, let’s do another one,’ but we don’t think we could ever make a fourth one that would live up to how great the first three are, so we’re going to leave well enough alone.”

i can appreciate where Gale is coming from and I respect his decision. Don’t get me wrong, if there were a fantastic script on the table with a Back To the Future story that just HAD to be told, then I’d be totally down with that. But make that decision based on a script… don’t base a script on a decision.

That’s what Indiana Jones 4 was… a script based on a decision. They first decided there was going to be an Indy 4… and THEN came up with a script. Instead, they should have waited to see if there was a great script that HAD to be told, and then made the decision to go ahead and make it. The result was still an entertaining Indy 4 movie… but overall disappointing and not worthy of the Indy name.

Plus… would anyone alive right now go see a Back to the Future 4 without Michael J Fox? No… I didn’t think so.

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102 thoughts on “No Back To The Future 4

  1. why not! Arnold Schwarzenegger is STILL in action movies! come on! im sure Michael J. Fox can get one more in there! Plus the Doc. guy played in both piranha movies! it would be pretty cool if they did just one more BTTF movie! look at bruce willis! that mother fucker is old! and he is in the new G.I.JOE! pleaaaase just pleeeaaassseee one more BTTF!

  2. as always universal has done it again. the transfer from vhs to dvd was good, clear, sound quality the whole thing but the transfer from dvd to blu-ray is exquisite. truly prestine colors and crisp sound, so you hear every rain drop fall. universal has the best dvd to blu ray transfer and back to the future is a classic. a must have if you are a blu ray fanatic. led/lcd tv recomended for optimal

  3. “I believe the real difference between success and failure in a corporation can be very often traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people.”— Thomas J. Watson, Jr.A Business and its Beliefs (1963)

  4. I was a fan of Back to the future since I was in primary school and I miss Marty and Doc. I wrote a script for Part 4. I especially love seeing the future portrayed in movies even if it’s wrong. It might be nice to see how the characters have developed over the decades since we last seen them…

  5. Why dont we learn from the lessons of the up coming tron legacy movie… marty could have a son or daughter by 2015 or earlier. hmmm, it makes you think

  6. One last thing, we want more, more, more, more and even more I mean, for life, keep on making more Back to the future movies for life, so that we will know what the future will look like in the near future, I mean for example the year 2015 which is 5 years time. I want Loyed and Fox to star in Back to the future part 4 and make bttf4 happen. Back to the future part part 4 is a must.

  7. The only way they can make a Back to the future part 4 is, I know he is not in good shape, I wish god from the sky gives him a cure, so that he will be normal and ready to do bttf4 as his Hollywood comeback. They should wait for Michael J Fox to recover and when he is normal and found the cure, then make Back to the future part 4 with Michael J Fox. I don’t think fans all over the world would see a bttf4 without Michael J Fox and I will not see it if he not init and nobody wants to rule him out and fans don’t either. The fans and me want Back to the future part 4 with Michael J Fox and the only way he can do that is, Michael J Fox (Marty Mcfly) can play the parents of the movie, Marty as the father and Jennifer as the mother and they have got kids. Marty Mcfly as a father in the movie and also the delorean cars gets fixed again and he does the time travel just like the doc brown. You have two time travellers and they are Marty Mcfly and doc brown. Why not the old casts play the parents in the movie and get Marty and doc kids do the time travel. I would say the year 2030, 2055 and the year 3046.

    1. Ahh hell, just make M.J.Fox the parent this time around and have his kid (Shia Lebouff?) go thru the motions (kid does have a MJ Fox ressemblance)Doc Brown returns to assist Jr. and chaos ensues. DONE.

      add a little CGI tron style if you want flashback scenes were Marty is young and whammo we got something. if you ask me it would work with the gentle care of the original creators and get Steven to direct!

      nuff said

  8. Ok Micheal J Fox will always be the only Marty McFly I Always Wish Him Well…but I Dont think it’s over…Back To The Future 2015 Marty McFly is in his mid 40’s and his kids are in there mid to late teens well why not Go Further in time EG Story Line Back To The Future 4 Starts Off 2040 or so…Micheal J Fox as Senior Marty receives a secret map where Doc Brown has re-built another Time Machine Marty using today DMC then hands over the time machine to his grandchild thats in his mid teens…..story gose from there and the Back To The Future is rebourne 456 movies are then releast…just dont go far from the original Back To The Future Films….Anythings Possible Ive Got A Time Machine…..

  9. It’s obvious to me everyone here really likes good time travel movies.

    Maybe we really just need a new franchise, which somehow incorporates our most beloved Delorean, that makes thoughful cinematic references to BTTF?

    I think I would be happy with that. But I aso think the real problem here, is there has not been enough “real time” elapsed…(let me try to explain my thoughts)

    Where are we going back to?
    The 70’s? Boring.
    The 80’s? VH1 does that every day.
    The 90’s? Just not nostalgic enough.
    The Naughts? Obviously not.

    I think part of what makes BTTF so awesome is the irony in the way the world had changed….

    I also think most of what has taken place in my liftime—(41 years) is just not interesting enough to revist. (from a point-counterpoint sort of way)

    Will we really be seriously entertained watching a gen x’r attempting to fit into the modern world? (or vice versa?)

    As much as I would love to see it reconstituted—-I just dont think it can stand on its own. I also dont think most younger people would really get the paradox.

    It took 30 years from 1955 to 1985 to create enough change in the world to allow BTTF to make sense. Sorry but 1980 to 2010 just doesn’t seem to carry the same weight.

    Even though some movies can be remade, (or re-tooled) I think certain time periods (to scale) cant be recreated.

    Dear HOLLYWOOD—give me something new! If you could get Sacha Barron Cohen to use the Ali G charactor to go back to the 50’s (or 60’s)….you might have a good place to start.

    —just my two cents worth—

  10. Love BTTF. The first movie originally didn’t end with the “To Be Continued…” Tag. That was added later in the video release. So it doesn’t matter that the third ended with “The End”. And who cares if the DeLorean was destroyed or if there was a train. Sequels are always possible. Albeit…not probable.

    Unless they have a good reason to retread the space time continuum, then what’s the point? We already know the past can be changed, that people use modern famous names as aliases in the past, that we are carbon copies of our ancestors, and that in the future, everyone will be a ‘junior’.

    Don’t know how they could show us something we’ve never seen before, something that makes our pulse pound like a lightning bolt about to strike, or so much hinging on one kiss. If they can’t do that, then leave the trilogy be.

  11. I like what they did with star trek…

    Why can’t someone just buy the rights of the “Flux Capacitor” and make a movie about time travel. with just that slight connection with BTTF.

  12. I’m on Gale’s side here. And come on, recreating M.J. Fox through cgi might be a little too much. Besides, it would have been cool to see a grown up Marty being caught in the adventures again, as an adult, sort of like what happened with Indiana jones being older on part 4.

    BUT… It would be great and most welcome by millions (box office hit!) if they could produce an animated film… something with the class, style and genius of the films. Involving Gale and Zemeckis of course. But *please* not that “motion capture” crap that Zemeckis is obsessed with. Just plain old animated cartoon, with good artists and production. A great script is taken for granted given the talent of the creators and the endless source of stories that a time machine provides.

  13. why can“t you make a fourth our fifth or etc the car was destroyed doc can make a new one and you have a time train and chris floyd is not dead we don`t care if they are old we just want a fourth or fifth or etc sixth seventh back to the future!

  14. Hello! Hello McFly! Anybody home? there’s still hope on having a 4th sequal!
    GREAT SCOTT! don’t you even remember the old “TRAIN” made by Doc back in the western years?

    And hell i think i have a great plot to tell you…. i don’t know if it’s good but i’ll tell you anyways…

    Doc returns to let Marty help him about something bad that will happen in the future (THE END OF THE WORLD “2012”) and they need to stop the accident made by this military commander (maybe the future BIFF) who will accidentally RE-Targed the missile and then pushed the launch button that will launch a high tech missile that was suppose to vaporize the giant asteroid that is about to hit earth into dust but accidentaly targeted it to the Pacific ocean (still earth) because of his coffee that spilled into the launch button and made it malfunctioned and destroys the whole planet.

    1. Its not about a plot. Any good writer can provide one.

      Michael J Fox is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and is retired from feature films. He does guest spots on TV when he feels up to the task, but he can’t do a whole movie.

      The only hope for Back to the Future is a reboot or remake and no one is that eager to try to fill those big shoes.

  15. I think that plot is a good one.
    I also do not believe you can make this without most of the originals. Obviously Marty, Doc.

    I however do not think the directors of today can make this good. You’d need a fan whose an amateur directors at-best to do something even with a good script. Films are too slick now and people get lost in making them graphically interesting rather than just simply telling the story.

    1. @ me

      Thanks for the comment. :) That being said, I would highly recommend Zac Efron (High School Musical, 17 Again) for the role of Jules Brown. He will be the main character of the movie. I also heard in one website that he is a big fan of the Back to the Future trilogy and even has his own Delorian in their house. Also, I would really like to see Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly again (no need for makeup because in my plot, he is CEO of McFly Energy Corp). I also would really like to see Christopher Lloyd reprise his role as Dr. Emmett Brown.

      I agree w you that some filmmakers nowadays get lost in making a film CGI intensive and not focus on the storyline. But in my plot, set in the year 2030, I think it should have really good CGI effects to recreate a futuristic high tech scenario. :)


    The first scene in the movie will be set in the year 2030. In the year 2030, Marty McFly, CEO of McFly Energy Corporation (MEC), is about to unveil in Hill Valley their latest research project, the Antimatter Generator. Dr. Emmett Brown is the head scientist of MEC in the Research Division. Jules Brown and Verne Brown also works as Dr. Emmett Brown’s assistant scientists. But a competing company, Tannen Enterprises, wants to make sure that MEC’s latest project fails. In the unveiling ceremony, everyone working in MEC is there except Jules Brown. Dr. Emmett Brown is always wondering why his son Jules always works overtime. But what he and everyone didn’t know was that Jules found his father’s layouts for the Delorian and has been reconstructing it. In the day of the ceremony, Jules finally completes the Delorian … but later when he arrives at MEC, everyone is dead. He mourns and finds out that there had been an explosion. Afterwards, he finds a way to save everyone from the disaster. He travels back in time to the year 2010 in the Delorian and persuades Marty McFly to help him investigate what was the cause of the incident in the future. Marty agrees to help and so they travel to the year 2030.

    In the year 2030, the scenario will be a cross between Minority Report and I, Robot. There will be lots of futuristic nanotechnology applications that will be featured – ex. Microsoft Surface computers and gadgets, stem cell regenerative medicine, holographic storage devices and 3D displays, androids, cyborgs, robots that passes Turing’s test, antigravity vehicles / devices, augmented reality, virtual reality rooms like the holodeck, virtual reality simulations like in the Matrix, etc.

    Also, Marty McFly of the year 2030 will look younger from the Marty McFly of 2015 in Back to the Futre part II because of rejuvenation from advanced cellular and genetic research. It will be the same like what happenned in Back to the Future Part II where Dr. Emmett Brown removes his facial mask except that nanorobots rejuvenates aging cells in the year 2030.

    I hope you like my idea. :)

  17. I think there should be a Back to the Future 4, where Biff steals the Delorian and kills the Doc in 1955. It’s up to Marty to save the day, but… He AND the Delorian are vanishing…

  18. God, I’m glad that there will be no Back to the Future 4! It’s my all time favorite series of movies. It’s finished! 3 is the last. I don’t want anymore because it was nice and neat! People need to leave old movies alone. Make something original for once instead of butchering the classics!

    Sure, people may not agree with me, but geez! Terminator needed to finish with 2…Indy with Last Crusade. I’d lose all faith in the movie industry if they made a 4th BTTF. No one should touch that series!

  19. It would be soo cool, if there would do another Back to the future, even without michael j. fox….
    he could do a short guest role…
    they could take another actor like christian bale or someone else.. and they begin in the year 2000 for example….
    there are so many good ideas, u could even make 3,4,5 or 6 other films. because that idea is the best i ever saw and heared….
    So go and make another one, maybe with new actors?
    a new doc,who invetned also a time mashine ore something else

  20. You know i wouldn’t be surprised if their was another BTTF in the works somewhere. Minds are surely thinking it up, in a smoke filled room their are whispers. Why else would they be playing it as much as they do on Encore and all the movie channels. They are getting good responses from the viewers i mean i have seen this movie after the past year more then any movie on tv. And every time i see it, I love it more. Truly a series of masterpieces from a time in american cinema long forgotten. When they bring it back, they better do it justice or not bring it back at all…

  21. why there is no sequel many people around the world really misses the movie i think there should be a sequel. the sequel story must be about the “Back To The Future:The Ride,about Biff stole the de Lorean and marty & doc used the “train time machine” they used in part in BTTF:part III.. i think you should agree with that you can send a message at my email if you need something story that i think you should be interested for.

    Depositar,Manila Philippines

  22. It’s about Doc’s kids. Jules and Verne. Jules is the smart, uptight one. Vern is the goof-off and the pair get into wacky hijinx with their strongly differing personalities!

    Hey, it’s exactly as good as anything they would have written. No more sequels, please.

  23. I don´t understand. Michael J.Fox is not well enough to play that role, so let him be old and sig in the 4th movie and doc comes back from the future to save his son, who could be played by zac effron? Zhat would work, wouldn´t it?

    Greetings from germany

  24. Hey all, I thought it might be of note, that about 2-3 weeks ago my mom was on a road trip to visit my uncle in Nevada, and at one of the gas stations, the owner of THE DeLorean that was used in the first three movies was driving it through to cali, according to him for the filming of BTTF 4 mom got some images on her camera phone though I don’t have copies yet. so it sounds like a 4th is on the way

  25. I Think They Should Make A 4th One Fur Sure And They Should Use Shia LaBeouf As The New Marty Mcfly He Is Funny And Very Serious When He Needs To Be And A Exelent Actor So Make Another One Fur Sure And I Think Most Of You Would Agree He Would Be A Great Marty Mcfly Fur Sure

  26. what is our compulsion to get more and more of something until we finally get too much? we drink til we puke… we eat until we are morbidly obese… we smoke tie we die of lung disease… we go on and on and no matter how much we get of something we continue to want MORE… we’ve turned the art of film making into another addiction that has to be fed… so now we’re all like “that indiana jones 4 left a bad taste in my mouth… somebody pass the back to the future” no thanks. please stop asking for this wonderful set of films to be whored out just because everyone else is doing it.

  27. Back to the Future was a great triolgy fact one the main triolgy that staed true to chater and story line.

    Micheal J Fox is a best and well known actor and he did an awesome job is the back to the future series.

    Fact he was doing growing pains and Bak to the future at the same time. How many of you can do that to do the poor guy barely had any sleep and he still done an awesome job.

    I think the younger generation who spoke on here owe him aplogy. There where alot of actors that done incridible movies and tvs shows from the mid 70’s and 80’s and to me I think they still better than the retads that play to day…

    Besids CSI and a few other good shows TV just junk and retarted to watch.

    You half to watch a lot of things that Michale J Fox has done in the pass he is a great guy and good actor. I belive no one could fill in his shoes.

    Fact the first who was playing mart was bumped out mostly because Michale J Fox just had that talent. I belive no one to day can fill in his shoes.

    I belive A bact to future 4 and others would be great. However with out the two main chaters the movie a no go.

    The Back to the futue logo righfuly belong to Michale and Louyd.

    Also What Michale J Fox has is serious you guys also should aplogise to him for that. Is nost easy for actor do acting and life when there going through a pain or uncriable diease.

    You guys should be suport of him and many other who go through this.

    You guys a just hight school punks or people who have no life and just talk big. What goes around comes around hope comes back at you.

    I belive they should put the skpit into a book because its still imagnable and aewsome to read nothing been change about them and the legend still can live on. I think thats the only great way to still enjoy the Back to the Future triolgy.

    It be great to deadicate the book to the foundation what Michal J Fox is going through so that way when people by the book most of the proceeds can go to the foundation plus maybe even well Michale J Fox could autograph it him self if he agreed to it.

  28. ive been in love with all 3 back to the future movies since i was 3 years old im twelve now and im sorry to say this to who ever posted that skrew u. u know every one would want to see another back to the future . and i would not even care if micheal j fox isnt in it even though he said he would like to do a sequel but he would want to be doc .WE WANT BACK TO THE FUTURE 4

  29. Has anyone heard of CGI – I think this is one franchise it would work beautifully. Zemeckis go ahead, pioneer some special effects beauty & take me away, I don’t mind, just promise me –

    I’ll get back in time!!!

  30. No Way! With Michael J. Fox and his Parkison’s there’s no way they could make him ride a skayeboard1 However, Marty Mcfly Jr. should go back in time and Doc’s sons should rebuild the delorian. They should make it to where Marty Mcfly (Michael) just plays as the dad and he does something that completly ruins his life and it’s up to his son to fix it. There’s an idea! Speildburg needs to think the possibility’s before he can just go off telling everybody no! Just imagine what they could make it look like now, compared to how they made it back then! The new movie should be called “Return to the Future”. All they need to do is find a young kid about 14/15 and have him play Marty Mcfly Jr. and you got yourself a #1 box office hit!!!

  31. Whew!
    I’m really glad there not planning any sort of remake or “tune up” on this franchise.

    I haven’t seen the full trilogy since about 1990 when I was a kid.
    And the other day I bought the dvd box set.
    I have to say, that movie has stood the test of time.

    I was on the edge of my seat for all 3 movies watching how Marty and the Doc solved there frequent problems with time travel.

    After watching the trilogy again, it made me feel happy, the way a movie series has not done in a long time. (at least not any of these new movies that hit the theaters today.)

    The series was, smart, witty, and heartwarming.
    And totally 80’s wich was for most people the BEST part! The writing and acting was wonderful! You really cared about the characters.

    And I’m not just saying this fully based on nostalgia factors, being 21 I was not born until 2 years after the original was made.
    I just know an amazing movie when I see it.

    Unlike these movies put together for a quick buck and a week of fame that are released all the time now.

    So, a 4th, I say no way.
    If you want to enjoy the trilogy, pull out your old VHS or that DVD box set you paid 24$ for and go BACK TO THE FUTURE!

  32. i recon the best bttf is number III in the old west i recon biff is so dum because in bttf 1,2,3 what marty does to him is pretty much the same so sholdnt biff learn the secdond time around.

    ps. marty is awsome

  33. In reality it would be impossible to make a 4th movie what with Fox with Parkinson and the original set of BTTF burnt to a crisp (even though I have never seen it in person, though it may rest in peace), there’s no way for them to make it without these two pieces. I can’t really say how BTTF 4 would have turned out. I mean sure you want to know where Doc went and stuff, but it is certainly good for the fans to use their imagination to where he went. It is better off letting things go, and not ruining the trilogy.

  34. P.S.

    Doc does not travel back to anytime before Marty’s death because of a pact the two of them made while Marty was on his death bed (Marty does not want anything to change his last days thus making Doc Brown promise to never travel back if he traveled beyond Marty’s years, which he does to see the destiny of his legacy.)

    oh, this all starts out with Doc in the early 2200’s watching the old video of the Delorean’s first appereance (in its original form on the VHS playing through the cam corder) and then him coming to the conclusion to destroy the train and explaning to his boys and Claira the reasons for doing so at that point in the future (his resent time travels may have caused a sequince of events that could alter the time space continuum) and he feels he should not travel through time any more… but something he knows about Marty’s great grandkids causes him to go through the events i posted in my last post

  35. the only thing i could see to make a fairly good BTTF 4 movie (that doesn’t include Micheal J Fox) is have Doc go into the future way beyond Marty’s years, to live with his 2 boys and Claira, so far infact that he meets up with say Marty’s great grandkids and has to have them revisit the old video Marty filmed of the cars first appearence to help Doc rebuild it to the fit of the time they are in say the early 2200’s (all this because of a terrible fate that Doc Brown knows is to become of them due to his past time travel) using parts of the now destroyed train they used in part 3, the train was destroyed in these early 23rd century years because of the chain of events that are happening due to Doc’s resent time travel trips, adding a twist were Doc’s 2 boys, Jules and Verns end up “testing out” the car and messing up Doc’s past shortly after Marty dies changing everything about were they are in the early 2200’s sending Doc, Claira and Marty’s Great Grandkids on a mission to reset the future while running into future family of past characters from the trilogy like Biffs great grandkids, Mayor Goldie Wilsons Future family (still holding on to the Mayor seat of Hill Valley) and a Bald headed man (future great nephew of the Mr. Strickland) and a future family member with similar likeness to Douglas J. Needles “Needles”. The parts of the old Delorean were scraped up and hidden away by Marty and Jennifer and only told of there where abouts to Doc and Claira thus giving Doc a place to go to to get the necessary parts to reconstruct it also Doc makes an up to date version of the Flux Compassitor in the up to date version but still requiring the car to reach 88 mph to travel through time (of course).

    If you want to add anything to this feel free, also i i am looking for a site where i might be able to submitt this as a possible movie, if you know of one please let me know

  36. i wish Doctor restart fix to micheal j fox ‘s brain is back star movie back to the future :(. they people argee vote me. christopher lloyed has disppointed wants know peoples yells vote want more movie bttf . dawn it. bob gale make mess up life ruin from rules movie. i feel peoples wishes doctor fix to micheal j fox’s brain has cells. i argee it. thank you. i pray for micheal j fox back more learn restart study movie bttf. i hope it.

  37. Woooooo not true! Think end of BTTF part 2 1955 to 1885 for a minute..

    The time circuits and flying circuits were damaged on the Delorean when Doc was struck by lightning. Assuming upon being being struck by lightning, Doc landed and the time machine didnt blow up, they technically could have refit Docs “lightning struck” Delorean with the 1955 circuitry “1955Doc” had just fit to the Dolrean Marty just drove to go save DOC

    Following me? They didn’t need a train, or horses, or fuel.

    THERE WERE TWO* Deloreans in 1885. I cat imagine a storyline where they could revive the Delorean other than going back on the train time machine to get the DELOREAN or simply saying Doc buried the lightning damaged Delorean “again” and they recover it in 1985 or 2010???

    Its waiting. :) Im watching the sequal now. my nightly sleeping pill.. the heck with Lunesta dope pills.

    I got u you mutated son-Bitch! You Space Bastard! You killed my Pine!!! lol

  38. Look, Back to the Future ended well. The third movie started to push it for me with the setting, but overall the series was complete. Force a part 4 in there and you start going too far. I agree that if one were to come naturally it would be fine. But you can’t cram something into a series just because alot of people think it should be there.
    Look at Star Wars. If my 3 year old didn’t happen to like the idea of wielding his lightsaber around i couldnt stomach any of the 6 movies after episodes 1 thru 3 came out. GARBAGE!!!

    At least Back to the Future is a trilogy. Let’s remaster it, slap it on Blu-Ray and move on.

    A reboot that pays tribute to the series, that perhaps follow Doc Brown through his early years of discovering time travel would be interesting but if they screw it up by not staying true to the originality of the first 3 it will suck… like STAR WARS!

    na screw it. leave it alone as one of the few untainted series.

    remake bill and ted or something.

  39. might seem sick but certainly not meant that way.maybe a good script could involve m.j fox starring in movie but in certain scenes.his screen son-marti jnr take lead role.possibly including a side effect on marti time travelling contracts depleting genetic marti jnr and doc use pieces of original delorian and put it in a futuristic speedboat(88mph!!)to try stop marti snr travelling in first place so thus stopping his altering genetic illness/only to be thwarted by biff/biff jnr,who in turn steal delorian in parallell universe right back at start in carpark before terrorists shoot doc.thus the end again starting at the that??? end of the day with time travel,parrellel universes anthing possible;unlike a really poor indiana4/rocky6. impossible2 reverse ageing process.

  40. I love to see another BttF movie, along as they keep to the same theme but a different story.

    I’ll say have a prequel about the young Emmeitt and his adventures…we can see how he is then and find out how he became the Doc we all know and love.

  41. After seeing BTTF 3 again today(thanks to the multiple re-runs on the movie channels) I’m back in the mood. Every time I see either one of the movies, I’m always in full tune. So I think if they were to bring out more BTTF’s I would welcome them.

    However, I am taking into consideration Fox’s condition, so that does leave a problem. I agree, a BTTF 4 (or more) wouldn’t work without him or Doc for that matter. They would have to come up with an explanation in the movie on why we won’t see them anymore. (I sense a Forrest Gump, bench sitting story from Fox!!! just kidding)

    The one thing that I am grateful for is that they DID NOT make a television series or cartoon from the movies(unless I just never heard of them)

    I do believe that leaving us all with the last view of the train flying leaves a slight hint of..”What now?”.

    So, come on and light up our futures and bring us what we all want deep inside, which is some more Great Scott’s and Heavy’s.

    1. They did make a cartoon. It was for kids. It was heartfelt Chris Lloyd himself appeared in every episode. They did a good job. It also launched Bill Nye’s career I believe.

  42. A last detail for those who say here that at the end of the 3rd we see The End ans the time macine is destroyed…. How could you saw The End without seeing the Flying Time Train????

  43. Just a little thing very funny to add here. We nearly approach 2015 and the cars still don’t fly. We cannot regenerated people like Doc was in the second movie. We have a very very short time to make Jaws 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 to make the 19th in 2015. We’re our Hoverboard? But the most funny, in the movie, the little Tv at the 80’s coffee is not a flat screen LCD Tv. Many other details like that will make the 2nd movie totally wrong in 2015. It’s really bad, cause I want to show this trilogy to my kids one day.

  44. Making a sequel without Fox or Loyd is like making a Star Wars Episode 7 without some one else than Mark Hamil for Luke. For me, there’s absolutly no way to make a 4th without destroying the 3 first. At the end of the 1st we see : To be continued. At the end of the 2nd we see : To be conclued. And at the end of the 3rd we see : The End. From the beginning of the first, it was writted as a trilogy, nothing can be added. For my part, I can say I’m one of the greatest fan of this serie. You know why? Because I cannot stay more than a month without reviewing the trilogy. I saw the first when I was 9 years old (the release VHS date was in 1989). After that I saw the 2nd and the 3rd in 1991. No I didn’t saw them in a theater, and that’s a thing that haunt me some nights. If only I had this Dolorean, the first thing I would make is to return in the 80’s to see this trilogy in a theater. And even after reviewing them all these times, I’m not tired and the next month I’ll watch them another time. But if one day there’s a 4th, I don’t even want to know it, because the 3 first are not 3 movies, it’s one movie splited in 3. It’s only one story, writted at once. And that’s what make great series in cinema.

    PS: For those who say that the 2 first are good but that the 3rd is not very great, I said that to in the first time I saw them, but you know? The more you watch the trilogy, the more you understand and the more you see details. I know some details about this story that so many people don’t know, even after they saw the trilogy even more than one time. Some details like the name of the ravine at the end of the 3rd (Eastwood Ravine). The whole trilogy is full of detail that many of you don’t even know.

  45. Hey, howzabout a truely temporally twisted flick in which Doc and Mcfly have to partner up with multiples of each other (where everyone has to avoid eye contact, comedy) to keep a runaway time loop paradox from destroying the entire continuum (drama, gotta have a good mix…)?

  46. i think they should make a back to the future 4 if micheal j fox will do it we know micheal is going threw tuff times right now but i would love for them to come back out with another movie of that also they need to bring back the back to the future ride back into orlando and get rid of the stupid simpsons ride

  47. Back to the future was, is and will always be my favourite movie of all time. Not just because of a brilliantly written and twisted story. Not just because of the magnificent characters, but because the movie captured the precise moment in time perfectly (1985).

    When you hear the song “Eye if the Tiger” you are instantly reminded of ROCKY. The music and movie go hand in hand. Not only had you just watched the movie but, you were also listening to the music that was in the most dynamic part of the movie being played on the radio.

    But what about back to the future? Not only content with having a soundtrack also simultaneously played on the radio. It gave the recording artists, (Huey Lewis and The News and ZZ Top) characters to play in the movie. The art of incorporating popular music artists with catchy songs and great movie story lines is one which few movie makers fail to achieve when making sequels.

    Would another sequel to BTTF really do the movie justice?
    The only way there could ever be a perfect “back to the future part 4” is if they actually made the move directly after “back to the future part 3 and placed it in a vault for 23 years. Movie makers should look to the future regarding these types of things.

    But what if the movie WAS remade?
    It would probably end up like “Speed Racer” or that mess they made of “Star Wars” with so much CGI to mask the failed attempt of capturing brilliance. We all know what a computer can do, and i think movie makers fail to remember that it was our Imagination that was captured with the original movies. Somewhere movie makers looked towards computers to make things look so believably real and we lost one of our thought processes. Would it work with a change of cast? a different voice? a different face? a different car? sounds like a different movie to me. Or they could go down the route of Indiana Jones and create a blue printed carbon copy of the formula for the original movie styles but again fail to inject “The Moment” into the movie as in the original BTTF with current music and radio airtime a great story line, believable characters.

    If the movie makers want to make a sequel and the first thing people say when they hear about it is “I can’t believe they are making a sequel” then the movie makers need to think bloody hard about how they are going to make it believable cause CGI just won’t cut it.

  48. I think personally, if for example Back to the future part 4 came out in the cinema and Michael J Fox did not star in the Bttf4 movie, I will not see it, you know why I won’t see it, because Michael J Fox did not star in the 4th installment of the movie. Do you know what will happen?, Back to the future part 4 might be rubbish and the movie will get messed up and could be a flop, you never know what can happen with the 4th part without Michael J Fox. Look at Sylvester Stallone, he’s done all six Rocky movies and four Rambo movies and he did not say that I am not going to do another Rocky or another Rambo, he just got on with it. Same with Harrison Ford he did all four Indiana Jones movies as well. The same should apply with Back to the Future part 4, it has to be the same cast as he is Michael J Fox in Back to the future part 4.

    If Michael J Fox was in Back to the future part 4, I will see it and I will be very happy, not just me personally, the fans all over the world will be very happy as well.

    It’s better for Michael J Fox to play not the young Marty Mcfly which he was in part1,2,3, in the 4th bttf4, he should play the old Marty Mcfly. They also need a younger cast to do the Hoverboard chase and the running around.

    What Gale should do is wait for Michael J Fox to recover.

    One last thing, Michael J Fox said that he wants to do more back to the future movies in the near future.

  49. pues a fecha de hoy jueves 10 de julio de 2008 hay colgado un trailer de la caurta parte en youtube y si no te lo cres pon la pagina web lo siguente Back to the Future Part 4 trailer

  50. Why not have a back to the future 2, with Marty’s Kids, and Doc’s Kids going foward in time to the year 3000.

    Doc said in the last one that no one’s future has been written. His kids don’t have to look like they did in part 2!!

    The script could include Doc and Marty trying to save the kid from the future.

    There are a milion possible ideas, and if Gale ever wants to contact me, I could give him a script that would make all fans happy!

  51. They could make three Back 2 the future movies without both Doc and Marty where the three movies are set in the future (long pass what we saw in part 2) and someone got the delorian (which is now in some futuristic musuem) and get it working and everything about Doc and Marty will be seen historically. So thereby creating a backdrop for a brand new story with the Dolorian and going back to the pass (1990s-2000s).

    Now with that idea in mind there could be one character who is both scientist and young. He would remind us of Marty but also he would remind us of Doc. He would be (or she would be) all about the history of the Dolorian and the time travelers who made time travel possible in the first place.

    I do not agree that there couldn’t be good ideas, good treatments and good scripts for not 1 but 3 movies set way in the future. For some reason I’m thinking 2088, or 2055. They could even explain how the Dolorian was recovered to even be in the museum because in part 3 a train destroyed it. And the Train that the Doc made that was powered by steam could also be in the museum just to show that this was the way the Dolorian was recovered.

    Just my thoughts.

  52. i get that shitfloating feeling quite often,Bruce. though it makes that feeling worth it when something of quality like Iron Man blasts out of this dungheap called Pop Culture.

  53. Does anyone around hear get sick of talking about remakes, comic book movies or video game films? Its like we are all floating in shit. Know one is evolving, studio and cooperation have basically learned that there is so much money in an idea thats part of pop culture and that nothing new ever really has to be created. we still watching the same show, movies, playing the same games, seeing the same toy characters in shops! Do people actually like talking about all this stuff, we only do it because they tell us to and that is all there is, when will people demand change, the people should control what movies we see, and to a point they do, thats why we see who much shit because people are so dumb and we are all forced to there level to become as dumb as them and talk about who plays captain america or if there will be another back to the future. soon we will forget that film used to be an art and not just a sticker on a lunch box.

  54. people who ask for sequels to old big entertaining flicks are idiots.

    Those who asked for Indy 4 were idiots. They got it and it turned out to be total shit. Well atleast for me. Indy 4 was worse than speed racer in my opinion and that is something.

  55. I can see it now Marty’s got the park and he’s telling the story of the fourth BTTF from his hospital bed. It’s a story of Doc Brown’s nephew who picks up the slack where Marty left off.

  56. good news…they dont need to do anything else after the perfection of the first 2….and dont even mention the 3rd….decent enough but not up to par….

  57. With all the remake news going on latley, I almost died when I saw the picture of BTTF on this page, without reading the title. And not a good “die” either. I was like oh no, it’s either a sequel, or their remaking it. Thank god thats not the case. A franchise that finally won’t get fucked. And no, their will never be another Fox or Llyod

    1. wel i think the move`s were good and they should mack a part 4 or a remake but more detal. the actor`s u say wele holeywood now how good and right for the part.

  58. This really pisses me off…WHY oh why do people call out for a film that would just be out of place (and excuse the pun) out of time?

    The problem is there are thousands (or millions or whatever) people that need their nostalgic fix. They’re not satisfied so they decide YES it would be a good idea to take something that was so classic and so ‘of its time’ and remake it for today’s audience.

    Just go out…pick up a copy of the original trilogy and jerk off to your heart’s content. I’m so tired of fucking remakes. Leave the goddamn past in the past.

    1. It’s not back to the past – It’s BACK TO THE FUTURE! The Future is here, man, and the world needs another romp through time. Will we ever see you again (BTTF) – I guarantee it!

  59. No Back to the Future 4 is fine with me. The original three stand up well and the two sequels flow naturally from the first (although I wasn’t that keen on the 3rd one but that’s only because I’m not into the western genre)

    But really, is there anything else new to add to this story? I don’t think so. The 3rd movie closed out the series nicely.

  60. I’ll disagree on which should have come first to be honest John. Whether the “Decision” Or “Great Script” came first is irrelevant. A great script is a great script, regardless when it comes…the trick is to identify which is a great script.

    Did George, who’s decision making has been rather suspect over the last 10 years, make the right choice jettisoning Darabont’s script? Making him write several rewrites before making the decision about going in another direction? I’ll never know but I would love to get my hands on it.

    Granted This Indy was the weakest of the bunch even though I enjoyed it. But the movie’s weakness was indeed based on decision, a decision to use a weak script with a weak story. And probably a rushed effort to get something to screen while Ford was still able to walk without a cane.

    As for Back to the Future, yeah I would love them to make a 4, but considering Fox’s current state of health unlikely and unwise.

    I can see someone else playing Indy (Even though Ford will always be the best), and I’ve grown so used to seeing the multiple incarnations of Bond, but seeing someone else play Marty is unthinkable to me for some reason. Fox will always be Marty and Lloyd will always be Doc. Not having them would be a huge mistake!

  61. I’m glad SOMEONE in Hollywood is showing a modicum of appropriate restraint when it comes to the sequels-for-the-sake-of-sequels trend. There are those like George Lucas who just can’t leave a good thing alone until they cheapen it, but this news restores my faith in the good sense of at least part of the filmmaking community.

    On the other hand, I would TOTALLY go see a Back to the Future IV if it ever came out…but I’m just a mindless consumer, lol.

  62. Wasn’t to keen on the BTTF series anyway, the 1st one was ok for most part.

    The only thing I liked was MJ Fox/Christopher Lloyd’s performance and the car.

    1. The Future is Back . . . and it’s time for some movie magic. CGI is advancing rapidly. How young do you need Michael J. Fox? It can be done. The first two movies were pioneers in special effects at the time – why not continue the tradition?

      7 Good Reasons to make another BACK TO THE FUTURE

      1. A good script from HEAVEN is just ONE STEP AWAY

      2. If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. And with a little help from above (you’ll once again) feel THE POWER OF LOV.

      3. Chris Lloyd said it was his favorite character to play.

      4. Michael J. Fox has a voice. Industrial Light & Magic has a face & body.

      5. Does anyone remember a particular “train”?

      6. Hello, is anyone home? Zemeckis worked with Crispin Glover (George McFly) in BEOWULF.

      7. With God all things are possible. Oh yeah, and did I hear somebody just say Jules & Verne?

      1. I agree! why can’t they use scenes from other movies. Isaw this one video on youtube where Biff steals the time machine and goes to 3 million B.c and every scene it wasn’t even from te triligy, but fron different. Like they could use the time Micheal J. Fox acidently said Doc in the frightening. Plus there was scences from Back to the future the animated series.(which weren’t the scenes that were animated)

    2. The only way that therecould possibly be a good bttf4 is if God wrote it, sent it down from heaven and gave it to Zemeckis(Thetrain would be pretty awesome to see though)

    3. Just because Fox is unavailable, doesnt mean its over. The options for this movie are endless! Have some kid snooping around find the DeLorean in the cave in 1954, and really cause havoc. Play with the time/space continuum (Spelling?) just like they did with Star Trek. I admit, a premium, well written script is essential for this to work though!

    4. Ok don’t tell me that they can’t do it because of Fox’s condition. With the technology today we can make it work. Look at the latest Terminator movie, they were able to bring back Arnold computer generated and it looked great. Have Fox do voice overs for a computer generated Marty. I’m sure that Zemeckis has a bunch of possible ideas that he has thought about since the end of the trilogy. If not, hey Bob I have a lot. And I’m just throwing this out there…wouldn’t it be cool to bring the trilogy back to theaters in 3D??? any takers?

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