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For years… nay… decades, film fans have been patiently awaiting another Indiana Jones film. Everything was quite until about 7 years ago when it came out that Lucas, Spielberg and Ford were indeed interested in brining the all time greatest action hero back to the silver screen… there was even talk once of Kevin Costner joining the series as Indy’s younger brother (don’t laugh… it’s actually something that I thought had some merit, but probably better that it never came to pass). As the years past, the feasibility of an aging Harrison Ford wearing the great hat again seemed to get less and less likely… to the point that some people (like myself) gave up all hope of it ever coming to pass.

Then word came out that an Indiana Jones 4 film was indeed in the works. Hope ran high. Joy once again returned to the nation and even the 65 year old Harrison Ford looked great. So does Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull live up to the great “Indiana Jones” name? Unfortunately… no.


The year is now 1957 and our intrepid hero, Indiana Jones has been kidnapped by Russian agents who need his help to find an important artifact hidden at the infamous Area 51. When the Russians get away with their prize, circumstances draw Indy and a young man (Shia LaBeouf) whose mother is being held by the same Russians into a race to uncover the mystery the Russians are trying to unravel that revolves around a strange crystal skull that legend says leads to a great city of gold. And so the adventure begins.


With Harrison Ford being 65 years old, one of my biggest fears was that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would just ignore the age issue and go on its merry way pretending like it just the same old Indy and asking us to suspend our belief about his age. Thankfully, the movie doesn’t do this. It not only acknowledges the age issue, there are a number of points throughout the film where they actually poke a lot of fun at it as well. I know it sounds strange, but just the fact that the movie often highlights the age issue sort of makes the action sequences seem more believable.

Let me talk about the action sequences here just a little bit. There are a couple of set pieces in this movie… including a car chase through the jungle and a motor cycle / car chase around the university campus, that really are spectacular. As a matter of fact, I’d go so far as to say that I think the jungle car chase scene actually surpasses that classic scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indy gets dragged behind the truck. They were exciting, thrilling and had me on the edge of my seat. Some really good stuff.

The movie does a nice job of subtly referring to a number of things from the previous movies. George Lucas, when left on his own, went way over board with this in the Star Wars prequels, so there was a little fear that they would do that, or go to the opposite extreme and not allude to the previous movies at all. I’m glad to say they found some very nice middle ground


Although I’m a fan of Shia LaBeouf, and despite the fact that there are a couple of pretty solid scenes with him in the movie… I’m sorry, but no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t get into his character in the movie at all. For the first 10 minutes we see him he annoys the hell out of me… and after that he’s a lot less annoying, but still kind of felt “in the way” more than anything else for the movie. In heidsight I think the film would have been much stronger had he not been in it (the character I mean)

Despite the references to the older films, and despite the fact that Harrison Ford was as charming as ever as Indiana Jones… the movie never really felt like an Indiana Jones movie to me. I watched all three of the originals again this weekend, and Crystal Skull just doesn’t fit in well with the other 3 at all in my opinion. The movie failed to capture that essence that the other films had… so although the characters were there, the lines were there and even some of the memories… the “flavor” just wasn’t there.

**POSSIBLE SPOILER** As many of you have guessed from the trailers and some of the early rumors, there is an Alien plot in the movie that never worked for me at all. As a matter of fact it made the whole movie feel like it belonged to another franchise all together. It was a bad idea in my opinion. **END OF SPOILERS**


I liked this movie. As a matter of fact, if this film had been called by another name, and the lead character was named “Edward Cummings” or something like that instead of Indiana Jones, I probably would have walked out of the theaters saying “You know what, that was a pretty damn good (not GREAT) movie”. But as an Indiana Jones film… one we’ve been waiting 20 years for, I can’t help but feel a little let down by it. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it was a pretty entertaining movie and well worth going to see… but it never felt like an Indy film to me, and it certainly wasn’t great enough to be worthy of the “Indiana Jones” name. So a good movie, that should have been better. Overall I give Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a 7 out of 10.

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146 thoughts on “Indiana Jones 4 Review

  1. Mr.Lucus,

    I wish to thank You, and all associated with the Indy films.. I’ve been an Indy fan since I was 12 years of age, now I’m 39, and I’ll continue to be so. There is a few questions that I would like to ask: What happened to Indys attitude? In Raiders, Indy seemed to have a serious attitude at times, like in these quotes/lines “I’m going after that truck!”, “If you wanna talk to God, lets go see him together, I’ve got nothing better to do”, and many other cool lines. These lines are what made Indy sound cool & tough.. I don’t want to hear, “It looks like you brought a knife to a gun fight”. Who hasn’t heard that line over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, Indys humor is a big part of his character and a part that I really enjoy, but please! Please! come up with some better lines. I can’t even think of a great line in the fourth movie, that will stick in my mind. Cool lines that you remember forever is what makes these type of movies Great! This is why most of the Clint Eastwood movies are so Great! Clint always has good,original,tough guy lines.. However, Mr. Lucas, I’m already sucked into this character, so I would probably go and see a 100 more Indy Sequels, even if they all sucked. As long as Harrison plays Indy, and nobody else, and Indys son goes off to the Korean War or somthing. I will be an Indy Fan to the day I die! Sincerely, E. Kidd

    P.S. Maybe useing the Korean war in episode five would be a good sequel. Having Indys son drafted to war, and Indy needs to go into battle, and rescue his stupid kid. The war could leave alot of room for alot of action! and get rid of any unwanted characters:) and since you made Indy out to be a war hero in episode four, why not???. Well gotta go.. Hurry up and make another Indy film!!! Would ya? Pleeease..

  2. ok this is soooooooooo annoying, for the people who hated it, actual watch the movie please don’t think its going to be bad just watch it STOP letting your bias for the first 3 films cloud your jugment for this one this film was brilliant, it reminded us why we fell in love with indiana jones in the first place

  3. People need to realize that they haven’t done a indy film for a while its been 19 years (Spielberg and Lucas where off doing different kinds of films)
    you can’t expect them to come back into a Jones film know insistently what to do and how to make it perfect
    In my opinion i thought it was the BEST indy film out there and people complain about the use of CGI,
    yes they used it, but is that a sin, no, its Spielberg’s movie its Lucas’s movie as the audience we really don’t have the biggest say in what they do or don’t do. Yes there where a lot of pulpy elements but to me that’s what makes it a indiana jones film. and people thought it was to ridicules and over the top, but to me it seemed like they (Lucas, Spielberg)where well aware that they where being over the top so over all I welcome it to the series

  4. Let me start by saying this is the first movie in years I was actually excited to watch a second time.

    Come on folks, enough with the anal criticism that would suggest this film somehow doesn’t live up to the Indiana Jones brand. The Indy wit, banter and cinematographical trademark are unforgetably present in this gem of a movie.

    Harrison Ford is as ageless as Karen Allen is delightful and I can’t wait for the next installment of this iconic film series that truly delivers the essence of what filmmaking is all about.

  5. I recently saw the latest installment of this epic series and all I have to say is that Cate Blanchett buthered an already murdered film. I could not tell if she was playing a Russian or English woman. Her accent was so bad, it served to diminish her pristine reputation. She has now become the modern equivalent of Jar Jar Binx from Star Wars. I honestly have no idea just how a team like George Lucas and Stephen Spielburg could have dropped the ball to this extent again. Hey guys…why don’t you go and take another story telling class and learn what makes an interesting story.

    This film had its good points, like the visual effects but the characters and storyline killed it and killed it bad. Like Mr. Lucas, if you insist that Cate be in this film, then get her playing an English MI6 double agent and make her use Indianna. I like the notion of dealing with the S.American Amazon myths but Crystal Aliens….wow….you really dropped the ball. The reason why Raiders and Last Crusade worked was because it was political, and quite frankly regurgitating the now really bad cliche of “oh no, the Russians are coming” is an old, tired and obscele way to tell a compelling story.

    What were you guys thinking? Next time give Indianna a light saber, get him fighting some droid and while your on set, whip out the old Millenium Falcon for good measure.

    I love ya buddy, but serious…if you can’t take the heat of criticizm, don’t produce something that can’t hold a candle, or in this case a crystal alien skull to the strength of what the franchise used to be.

    Harrison was of course timeless, the character of Marion at the end with the marriage scene was really spot on and it showed how much she loves him, but all in all…you really dropped the ball on this one sir. 20 years and the best you could come up with was an alien skull….here is a rule sir…don’t violate the laws of physics if you want to have some degree of credibility, especially in the electro magnetic arena.
    ….omg…I could go on and on.

    I am soooooo disapointed.
    Well at least you made it….but….come on…20 years? Time is running out for you to redeem yourself Mr. Lucas.

    1. But this film reminded us why we fell in love with Indiana Jones in the first place, its Hollywood and being a Director you have to shut out all realism for a film as big as Indiana Jones

  6. Over all, there was about fifty minutes of good Indy material where the movie began to slow down and take time enough to tell it’s own story. But by the time we’re discussing paturnity in that truck…. well, it all went down hill. The tree waterfalls were insulting to our intelligence. I’d rather watch a half believable struggle in African Queen, but even Temple of Dooms RAFT DIVE was somehow more believable….. Marion driving the DUCK down a c.g. tree, delivering a perfect c.g. dive took it a notch to far, and after 3 damn waterfalls…. well, I was just pretending it didn’t happen.
    I tried to go with the alien thing, much as I could… But by the end, compared to Last Crusade, or any of the other tree, I felt it was lacking. No real lesson was learned, it lacked intimacy, and the damn alien close up was too much…. as was the ancient city erupting as a ship.
    As far as new characters were concerned, Shia, to my suprise, pulled it off. But professor Ox was a nobody drag along, and Mac… well, mac should have died much, much earlier… or heres a idea, not been in the movies at all!

    C.G. gophers, C.G. monkeys, C.G. ants… why don’t we just do C.G. indy and keep him young forever. Maybe less interesting, but if your not going to have the decency to write a half decent story line…
    All in all, I know that Lucas and Spielburg love to say that Indy was just a throwback to dopy b-movies. But it was more then that, espeacially to me, and if it’s true what Spielburg said, that he was making the movie for us, well, I wish he’d given us credit for a little more story and poienecy.

  7. Well, even though in general I liked the movie, I couldn’t help to notice Indiana Jones 4 wasn’t well received in Perú, not only because of the plot but because, the arqueologist REALLY needs to read many history books.

    Hollywood movies make mistakes about Perú when they mention it. We are kind of used to it, but this time it really made people angry here. All the blogs only reviewed how little respect they show for american’s cultures. I don’t understand why if Lucas and Spielberg invest millions in the movie, they couldnt make a little research about the country, I mean they only had to look over Wikipedia, not even travel here.

  8. once again a good review but hearing of the disappointment in indy 4 now I’m worried that the mummy 3 will have the same problem eek I’m scared

  9. It’s sad to see all the vets involved in this film (performance- and production-wise) stoop to making an unnecessary sequel. The magic is gone, and this film should not be included with the original trilogy.

    Film, as a valid art form, has just about been beaten to death with sequel-itis and remake syndrome.

  10. ok the movie did not feel like an indiana jones movie but the movie was freakin awesome.It did a lot more for me than most indiana jones fans because i have been waiting for this movie for so long every since i saw the first movie iwanted more and i saw the last two and i have been waiting for this movie for so long so i loved it just because of that.But i must say that i hated shia in this movie he was anoying to me he does not belong in this movie i am the biggest fan of even stevens and i liked him in i-robot and he was pretty good in transformers but he just didnt belong in the movie.Steven spielberg says that shia might get his own movie continuing the franchise with out harrison ford its gonna suck.and lastly the alien didnt fit in the movie so yes it didnt feel like an indiana jones movie i agree with you but the movie is still very good.

  11. This film was a bit over the top….I was quite disappointed, it felt a lot worse than the other indiana jones movies. however, i have to admit that it was quite entertaining. I like the book better than the movie actually- i read it first. you can get it in ebook form at
    it’s a pretty good read.

  12. yea the aliens went way overboard, i mean the other Indiana Jones had the supernatural but this by far overtook them – and not for the best. even him getting married ticked me off. but hey chill, its Indiana Jones and its still above average

  13. I thought the movie could have been directed better, they should have hired in an up to date action director like Jon Woo or someone that has more of an edge than spielberg. The problem with him directing is that he has done way too many movies over the years. He could have produced it but not direct. I will admit the end scene is phenomenal visual effects wise as the ship leaves but thats about it.

  14. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)
    I did laugh at the absurd, but it was good fun. As a matter of fact, the distance from the amazon jungle to the waterfalls is about 5000 km.

  15. This movie was a complete waste of time and money! The absoulte worst movie (not just an Indiana Jones movie – but any movie) ever! The plot was non-exisitent, the characters were on auto-pilot, the special effects were unbelievably third rate for a Lucas-Speilberg creation, there were so many tangents that I never felt like the story ever got off the ground. Sad to say Lucas and Speilberg were more concerned about making money off a great character rather than making a great movie. Don’t go to this bomb.

  16. i thought the movie was bad. Spielberg went ET on Indiana. The small quirky Jokes were missing , lucas and his flying monkey was absurd. I was better of spending money on that stupid battleshitt t-shirt at than spending on the movie.
    Please make another one, a better one.

  17. I pretty much agree with Kyle, and half the people here… :)

    I went in, wanting to love the movie, but knowing that I might not. I forgave the nuclear-eksplosion – it was over the top, but fun in a way. I loved the first half an hour after that, until Indy and Mutt get’s captured. It had Indy solving clues and travelling the world. And I actually liked Shia more than I thought I would.

    But then it just got out of hand. I can’t forgive the infamous tarzan-scene. And when Marion drowe off the cliff I knew that I was out. The alien-idea could have worked, but there’s no need to try and explain it. The first movies had supernatural elements, but didn’t try to explain any of it. It might have been God but it might not have been. Why do we have to see aliens doing magic as the climaks?

    Well, I guess I’m just repeating everyone else – there’s no changing the movie now. I wish they had found som new talents and let them take a swing…

  18. Did I mention animal reaction shots? Yes, in an Indiana Jones films we got reaction shots of gophers.


  19. I really didn’t like the movie at all, i was able to overlook some outright ridiculous stuff, hoping to see the great mystery solved, with a bit of an extra(like in the ;last crusade we all knew he was going to find the cup, but to see the last of three brothers (the knight) whom was waiting for a couple of hundred years gave it that bit bit extra value).
    Although i liked the aliens founded the ancient world it wasn’t thoroughly worked out, so bad even i walked out of the cinema with an empty feeling as someone dear to me just have died, i was a bit num at first ….and yes it was that disappointing and i think people who actually loved(not liked) the movie are still in denial.
    To me Lucas destroyed another great franchise first starwars(don’t say episode 3 was great–itsucked) and now at last he killed Indy.
    I’ve seen a short storyline on a 3d website where the guy wrote a story line in a very short amount of time and actually looked better then what lucas could make up in like 20 years.
    Go look if you like

  20. I was under the impression that the visual effects shots in the movie were purposely toned down to be more in keeping with the 3 other movies, not to look perfect!!Yes there is alot of cg, but its supposed to be b movie stuff!!Perhaps the creative minds behind it have just misjudged slightly!

  21. I really thought this was a good film. Although I’ve only seen one of the originals, I still thought it lived up to its reputation. I honestly think that all of you bad-reviewers are on crack. Also, I believe that Shia LaBeouf was great for this film. Overall, this was a great movie, which, apparently, you crack heads can’t appreciate. But, keep in mind, I’m only in 6th grade.

  22. This movie is BAD. Don’t go see it. Why?

    **** SPOILER ALERT ******

    1. Aliens. Seriously, doesn’t anybody remotely believe in that anymore?
    2. Horrible CGI (prairie dogs and monkeys looked like cartoons and actually had a personality!)
    3. Tarzan Mutt Indiana swinging through the jungle to catch up with cars doing 30+ mph.
    4. Did I mention Aliens?!?
    5. Russians who can’t hit the broad side of a bard when aimed at Indy, but can mow down natives when they have to.
    6. Indiana surviving a nuclear blast in a fridge.
    7. Aliens.
    8. Way under developed characters
    9. Horrible script.
    10. Non-CGI effects were obviously done with stunt doubles or done moving at very slow speeds. The editing was so bad, the horrible effects were obvious.
    11. Aliens.

    **** END SPOILER ALERT ***

    Awful. Every minute was painful. Not even worth the rent. Do yourself a favor…forget this movie and remember Indiana Jones the way it was.

  23. Being a great fan of Indiana Jones movies, this one was one for the record books and, sadly, most likely an end to any further “Indy” movies. I liked the movie at its start with the college action scenes, lots of quick dialogue, which kept the action moving for awhile. While obviously aimed at baby-boomer generations (1957 time frame, atomic cafe sign, CCCP insignia on bad guys(OMG-the back of their shirts no less!), along with the past Speilberg movie themes (Close Encounters, ET) and some non-Speilberg ideas (aka Lord of the Rings sword fights, special effects, Mummy chase scenes), the movie does a decent job of finalizing the Indiana Jones adventures. The intial scenes were interesting until the action moved to the jungle where the plot started getting old, predictable and stodgy. The “Tarzan” vine swinging bit was an old schtick that didn’t work for me here, along with the alien spacecraft disguised as a pyramid. The final scenes of aliens merging into one before the craft left Earth was reminiscent of a Mars movie starring Gary Sinise. The references to Indiana Jone’s age factor made the movie quaint and acceptable. However, Shia Lebouef’s character was too accepting of the final revelation towards the end of the movie. A “tough” 50’s kid wouldn’t have reacted so non-chalantly as the movie portrays him doing when he finds out who his real father is. All in all, a good movie, but the ending was hurried and it left (as most ending sequels do) much to be desired.

  24. I was a fan of the first movies and was looking forward to this movie more than any other. I was very disappointed. The first half was great. I liked the idea of highlighting the 1950s with the atom bomb tests and the area51 scene in the warehouse where we even see the ark at one point.

    When it turned out the artefact was an alien body, I thought the movie might end up being quite interesting if the alien stuff was handled in a slightly retro 1950s way.

    I think the jungle chase in military vehicles was where they lost the plot. The old truck scene in the first movie was great, it was plausible(ish) and exciting, like the tank in the Last Crusade. But with Jones Junior doing the swordfighting scene after swinging through the trees with monkeys like tarzan it had turned into some kind of crazy CGI superhero movie. From there on it went badly downhill, more CGI, more ridiculousness (surviving three massive waterfall plunges, driving off a cliff and onto a branch etc).

    And I haven’t even covered the ridiculous predator 2 / close encounters / ET ending where the inter dimensional beings take off in their spaceship.

    It was pretty dreadful. Even more disappointing than the last 3 star wars movies.

    I just cannot believe Spielberg and Lucas looked at this ‘script’ and thought ‘this will be great’.

  25. the thing that killed it for me on this movie was the color tones. Since the previous movies were filmed on location, the movie caught the authentic earthy tones that match Indy’s character.

    In the first few moments of the movie when Indy first speaks the color contrast just felt not right for an Indy movie. The color of the sky, ground, skin, and clothes to me made it feel like they were on another planet. I kinda felt Charlie and the chocolate factory.

    If the scenes were filmed on location instead of mostly cgi I think this film would have had a better chance.

  26. Look John, maybe now would be a good time to implement a second rating into your review.

    The first rating would be how much you enjoyed a movie on a scale of 1 to 10.

    The second rating would be how GOOD you actually thought the movie was – how well made the movie turned out to be on the same scale.

    BTW, I should have put “poorly contrived ending” instead of “contrived ending”. But I’m a perfectionist, so ya know…

  27. BTW, I’m not the only one citing these reasons – so I’m hardly proclaiming myself to be the “sole judge” of determining whether a movie is bad or not.

    Just because a movie is enjoyable does not mean it’s good. And good, this movie, is most definitely not.

  28. John –

    Sorry dude, you may have enjoyed this movie and you’re correct in saying it’s not worthy of the name, but regardless of what you or anyone else says: it’s a bad movie. I stand by what I said and this will back me up – anyone NOT agreeing with me, please, refute me. I beg you.

    a) Bad script involving NO character development, unresolved storylines and convoluted plotline

    b) bad looking CGI

    c) a stunt that wouldn’t even pass in a Mummy movie (Shia-Tarzan)

    d) the over-reliance of CGI in this movie

    e) set pieces/action sequences that added NOTHING to the storyline or progressed the story in any way (the atomic bomb, the “living dead” or whatever they were, the car race in the beginning)

    f) wasted characters (why was Marion or Mac in this movie? Marion had, what, six lines?)

    g) contrived ending

    h) laaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzy soundscore – no new themes, just re-imagined versions of the old ones

    i) The refrigerator.

    j) the fact that this movie stepped out of bounds and didn’t follow the rules that the universe had in place (and John, you should know what I’m talking about, if I’m not mistaken you led a discussion on this a few months ago or something like that)

    k) Indy uses his whip one time, and never uses his gun except to show it in self defense one time

    I could go on and on about how bad this movie is. I stand by what I said – Spielberg and Lucas pissed on the franchise and the fans.

  29. I agree with most of these comments. As a die hard Indy fan I wanted to love this movie. Wow, was I let down!! The sad thing is they could have had a good story line but it was overshadowed by the absolute riduculas action scenes. In all the Indiana Jones movies he has always got himself into somewhat impossible situations to get out of and pulls it off. The way he gets out of them has always been far fetched but yet done in a way that you can believe it ie: jumping out of the plane in the inflatable boat in Temple. However this latest film was just over the top and intellegence insulting escaping death scenes. Comon!!, surviving the nuclear blast in a fridge then to watch the mushroom cloud to the distance. I found myself consentrationg on forgetting all the stupid scenes so much I lost track of the story line. Then Shia swinging from vines and Marion driving off the cliff to a perfectly placed waiting tree to lower them down to the water..I almost walked out!!!!…I honestly think that Sly Stallone totally succeded in his Rocky and Rambo return were Spielburg and Lucas failed BIGTIME!!!

  30. I saw the movie anticipating it like the little kid I was when the original 3 came out. I admit it was a good movie BUT as an Indiana Jones film, Not really.
    This movie felt rushed to me, and the storyline revolving around a 1957 time frame absolutely threw me off. I did like that the age issue was addressed but to have Indy hiding in a Refrigerator to avoid a Nuclear Bomb test!? Come on what the heck was that all about!? Indy was an agent in the war? Wait when was he ever an agent!? He was an archaeologist not James Bond 007. I will say it was an attempt to show the age gap, tell us a bit about what Indy did in the time frame between Last Crusade and now but really did the story have to play that heavily on it in the beginning? That in itself was alien to us all. Ok Russians to replace Nazi’s. Granted Indy is usually fighting the German Army who wanted whatever artifact it is for their own selfish needs (minus the Temple of Doom ), but Russians? The cold war was in full flux and the arms race was on at the time but it just doesnt work. Did anyone happen to notice though that the Russian Soldiers are all using GERMAN MP40’s. The Red Army of the time used SKS-45’s and PPSh-4’s not MP40’s.

    Marion returning was ok but here’s the bummer… this is the entry point to that rushed feeling. So they had a kid, havent seen each other in years, and all of a sudden, with no warning they are all lovey dovey again!? WHAT WHAT WHAT!? That did not sit well with me at all. Indy fighting with his “son” all of a sudden also felt out of place and rushed.

    The alien premise of the skulls I hate to admit does make sense. I felt it wasnt handled way too star wars-ish BUT that is one of the myths about the actual Crystal Skulls concerning their origins.

    The previous Indiana Jones Movies had a flow to them, a consistency if you will. This movie had patches of inconsistency that werent there in the first 3 films. Lucas and Spielberg were much more in tune with each others styles and visions 22 years ago. I cant believe its been 22 years.

    So Im not really sure what to say. In some respects the movie was good. Harrison Ford was great hands down, Its like he never hung up the Fedora and Bullwhip. The action sequences were undoubtedly Indiana Jones Movie esq, The subject matter Indy goes after was fitting of an Indy film ( I just think they took it too far into the unexplained IE: Aliens ).

    So it leaves me flat, wanting more of what I so fondly remember as a kid. I cant help but wonder if the original films captivated me the way they did because I was viewing them with the mind of a child whereas now I perceive things differently as an adult. NAH I dontt hink so because to this day I watch the originals with just as much excitement as I did as a kid.

    What can I say? In closing I truly feel that as nice as it was to see Indy again I think they waited 20 years too many to move forward with the franchise. I would have loved to see where they would have gone with this years ago, PRE Industrial Light and Magic’s 3d effects monopoly.


    Too bad they all but left out the chemistry between Indy and Marion. For people who “never seem to get a break” they did allright in Raiders. But here. Damn. And after such a pretty girl holds up damn well, for 53, you could see her hanging on to beautiful blue eyed irish spunk, I KNOW she could have delivered good dialouge, if they’d only GIVEN her a real part…. While quick sand and stadium lit jungles are interesting enough, I would have preferd even just a six minute scene of them taking a stroll in some peruvian village, talking about times had an times lost while seeing a young indian couple married in the background…. I mean, c’mon. I thought we were gonna watch Indy grow… not just go through the motions. And as far as dialouge gos, it even seemed a little forced. Not the actors fault.
    Over all, there was about fifty minutes of good Indy material where the movie began to slow down and take time enough to tell it’s own story. But by the time we’re discussing paturnity in that truck…. well, it all went down hill. The tree waterfalls were insulting to our intelligence. I’d rather watch a half believable struggle in African Queen, but even Temple of Dooms RAFT DIVE was somehow more believable….. Marion driving the DUCK down a c.g. tree, delivering a perfect c.g. dive took it a notch to far, and after 3 damn waterfalls…. well, I was just pretending it didn’t happen.
    I tried to go with the alien thing, much as I could… But by the end, compared to Last Crusade, or any of the other tree, I felt it was lacking. No real lesson was learned, it lacked intimacy, and the damn alien close up was too much…. as was the ancient city erupting as a ship.
    As far as new characters were concerned, Shia, to my suprise, pulled it off. But professor Ox was a nobody drag along, and Mac… well, mac should have died much, much earlier… or heres a idea, not been in the movies at all! C.G. gophers, C.G. monkeys, C.G. ants… why don’t we just do C.G. indy and keep him young forever. Maybe less interesting, but if your not going to have the decency to write a half decent story line…
    All in all, I know that Lucas and Spielburg love to say that Indy was just a throwback to dopy b-movies. But it was more then that, espeacially to me, and if it’s true what Spielburg said, that he was making the movie for us, well, I wish he’d given us credit for a little more story and poienecy.

  32. I thought the alien plot fit pretty well its not like he was hanging out with one. That would have killed it. The only thing I was really upset about was the CG… too much

  33. Can’t we all just get along? :)

    I find myself having to be an apologist for this movie, which is starting to feel kind of silly to me. It’s just amazing how emotionally invested people get. It’s a movie … based on a fictional character. Like it or don’t like it, but get over it people. Stop using the words “hated it” and “worst movie ever” because that’s just your disappointed expectations talking. George Lucas didn’t just hit your grandmother in the head with a shovel.

    I’m giving this one 8 out of 10, even though I agree it has some plot holes and some weak points, partly out of nostalgia for the character. It’s like an old friend you haven’t seen in 20 years, who may be 50 pounds heavier, drinks too much, and smells a little — but damned if you aren’t happy to see them. Also, I loved the bomb and ant scenes. And screw all of you, I liked the sci-fi (instead of spiritual) angle, and thought the flying saucer at the end wrapped things up nicely. This was a movie set in the Atomic Age, after all.

  34. Hey Sean,

    You’ve missed the point completely. As I said in the above comment… RT and IMDB don’t mean you can’t hate a film.

    All i said was that you can’t start proclaiming yourself judge of what is good or not.

    I hate Spider-Man 3. It was indeed the worst film of 2007 easy. BUT… if you like it I’m not about to say you don’t know “good movies from bad movies” or that you only like “horrid scripting”

    Film is subjective… which means just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t make you an idiot. It just means you have a different perspective.

  35. John, don’t start quoting Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB at people when Spiderman 3 when has 62% and 6.6 rating respectively, while you call it, and i quote you from the December 12, 2007 post, the worst film of 2007. The only thing that made Indy 4 better then Spiderman 3 was the fact that it was 15 minutes shorter.

  36. Sorry NBAKid,

    I do happend to know the difference between a good movie and a bad one, and I’m not a fan of horrid scripting, and I do like this movie. I wanted much better, but it was still fairly entertaining though not worthy of the Indy name.

    Sorry dude, just cause you say so, don’t make it so. Film is subjective. I’d be VERY careful about telling people they don’t know good movies just because their opinion doesn’t line up with yours.

    Right now Indy holds a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.3 from viewers on IMDB. That doesn’t mean you’re wrong to hate it at all, just that you ought to be careful about proclaiming yourself as the sole judge of what is good or not.

  37. This movie was an abortion of a franchise. I will pretend this thing doesn’t exist.

    If you like this movie, then you are obviously a fan of horrid scripting, (bad) CGI ridiculousness and have no idea between the difference of a good movie and a bad one.

    Lucas should commit himself, Spielberg should retire from making movies, and David Koepp (the screenwriter) should hang himself.

  38. Thank you Kamish. All these people wanted another Raiders, and got a better Temple of Doom. Now they’re pissed and all whiny. Indy is NOT supposed to be the same Indy as he was in the 30’s. He’s changed, the world has changed, and the situations have changed. People just aren’t open to change. The only thing I thought that was too much was Tarzan Mutt. The movie could’ve done without that. But this movie is in no way a horrible or even remotely bad movie. There’s just a lot of exaggerated bias going around because people were expecting this movie to be better than Raiders when nothing is going to be better than that.

  39. It seems that we have a case of the Benjamen Buttons Here….Where everyone who watched the old LucasFilms were adults, but now have regressed to children in watching the Prequels and this new Indy. Children listen up, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about, this Indy as is good if not better than last crusade and temple of doom, though it falls short of Raiders glory. Get off your high horses, and elitist BS pedistals…I wager 90% if not all of you will be buying Crystal Skulls when it arrives on DVD, for repeat viewings. What do you really know? I feel like all those who flunked out of film school or cant find a good paying job with a writing degree come here to trash other peoples work, simply because their own lives have not turned out as planned….If any of you can do better I’d like to see it, put up or shut up I say, and further more, Can’t Wait to see the next one…A.K.A. Mutt Williams and The Oracle Of Atlantis….morons one and all!!!!!!!!

  40. BTW – I thought THX1138, American Graffitti were masterpieces, and will continue to watch them over and over again. Lucas openly says the old SW trilogy doesn’t exist to him anymore, because of the SE SW 97 releases, with all the redo stuff. I can find way more people to agree with me, than Lucas on this. You can bag the new, and bring back the old!
    Heh! I’m going to the bathroom and puke now!

  41. Wow! What a piece of crap movie! Do not waste your money! I have been biting my tongue for the last 8 years on this, and I can’t take it anymore, so I am going to say this on behalf on most other Star Wars / Indy Fans. KILL ALL THE CG CRAP!!! GEORGE YOU HAVE RUINED WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN A PHENOMINAL FOLLOW UP TO THE BEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME! I almost walked out it was so bad. Let me say this… You will find no bigger Star Wars / Indy Fan than I, even traveling hundreds of miles for the celebrations, and yes you screwed on those too. You’re killing us! It’s almost like you should have let the fans finish’em. I can’t believe Speilberg tied his name to this junk. You should be ashamed of yourself. OK I will climb back under my rock, and appreciate movies that share a perfect balance of CG and reality, hmmm… IRONMAN and TRANSFORMERS ruled! (take a lesson George – Just cause you can, you shouldn’t! )

  42. Aliens! ALIENS! C’mon fellas. Speilberg and Lucas had 20 yrs to churn out a great script and they blew it, BIG TIME! The lighting was bad, the stunts uber-cheesy, the special effects obvious, the acting subpar, etc., etc. I think this is another example where Lucas wanted to make a film for children, e.g. Star Wars prequels, and totally trashed the franchise. They should have stuck with the Soviet theme and used it as a segue into some USSR locales where he battles KGB agents. Instead we get aliens. Sitting in the theater watching this film was one of those experiences where you feel embarrased for the person and in this case, Lucas and Spielberg. In a recent interview w/ Ford he was asked if he would do another and he answered yes. The reason he answered yes is b/c he desperately wants to atone and redeem for Kingdom of the Crystal Skullf*ckers. Thanks for ruining my childhood hero. I no longer believe in Jesus b/c of this movie. All hope is lost.

  43. Anyone miss all the suspense and booby traps that the other three had? This film was great in it’s own right, and I enjoyed it! I am a liffe long Indy fan. And while this one resembled the other three, it was no where near as entertaining as those were and left you without the sense of taking a grand journey when you left the theater.. The last five minutes were (for this series) just too much.. Could have left the Skulls jut doing a supernatural thing with out the green man and ship. That kind of deflated me. But i still enjoyed the film and would reccomend it. I SORELY MISSED all the booby traps and suspense.

  44. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)horrible movie and so much misinformation that its insulting!!!!….to talk about the Nazca lines and then go to Cuzco which is in a completely different part of the country… put mexican music when they are in Peru……to talk about the Mayan culture when they had to have talk about the Inca culture…..lots of bs and those predictable looking aliens pleaaaase!!!!! The plot ridicuolous and the reintroduction or Marian so pathetic so they can justify the young indy character……Very dissapointing……the wedding at the end…simply cheesy. Indy lost his appeal now and I looooove Harrison Ford but what a dissapointment

  45. Larry, you’re on point about the weak villains. Not only were they weak, but so were their demises. I thought for sure Mack was going to get something worse than being blown through the window or whatever. He was greedy (like Elsa, good call) plus he’s a 3-time traitor, so he deserved something worse than that. Maybe like Satipo in Raiders. Cate Blanchett seemed like she was going to get something really bad, and that build up felt really cool to me, but then, whatever, she turns into smoke and…blah. The fire ants swarming the dudes mouth ruled. They should have done that kind of thing once or twice more.

    Overall, though, the movie was good. First 30 minutes were awesome. Marion, Mutt, the whole family thing were extremely corny. Too much CGI for my taste. Harrison Ford is still great. The Alien thing was good for a bit, but oh, that last shot killed it for me. I purposefully lowered my expectations quite a bit before walking into the theater, so I could be pleasantly surprised, unless it was REALLY shitty. And it was definitely better than that.

  46. So, I went to go see this movie, me, my boyfriend, and my two best friends, (all of whom religiously watch indy) anyways, after about the first ten minutes we wanted to walk right back out the door. maybe i just had high hopes to relive my youth but i was so disappointed with the movie.


    plus i REALLLLLLLLLY don’t think that an indiana jones movie should EVER end with a wedding….maybe that’s just me!

    I agree with Jordan….fridges are NOT that safe! haha

  47. I wouldn’t be so harsh. The “Crystal Skull” was fine, I think the dialogue was too cheasy, and for pete sake, come up with something original. The problem with sequals are that they appear to much like the previous ones. The Indiana Jones movies, however, did not have that. The stunts were different, the personality was different. Enter the 4th installment and its a mish mash of the three. Lucas you had 19 years to figure this out.

    Let me add a few more things to my post…

    Villians. This is an important part to the movie, and here is where it bombed real bad. Raiders, which is the best movie had a great villians, the best being, Belloq. The French Archiologist. In fact he was so good, perhaps they could have dug up written in a key for him. The other great villians was Toht the psycho german SS figures. His lines were classic. When Allen says I can be reasonable he says that time has passed.

    In the second installment, that crazy human sacrfice guy was original, as were the Chinese villians at the opening of the movie. Perhaps this is why this was the worst of the three movies as the villians were not all that worthy.

    Allow me to digress, anyone else think Blanchet was going to do the “chungarang chungarang” stuff when she was caressing indiana jones then dig for his heart (true fans will know what I’m talking about).

    In the last cruscade, the villians were pretty good. Ella the blond Archelogist who slept with papa and son, was attractivel why they had to go out and copy her character with Mack (Did Mack’s death not remind you of Ella’s). Donavan the traitor (Also remind you of Mack) who’s death may be the best death scene in all the movies as he ages 1,000 years in 15 seconds. Lastly the German SS officer Colonel Vogel, was good.

    Yet as my point went, this movie dulplicated the villians, and then brought in Cate Blanchett.

    Come on, she sounded like Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle. Speilberg could have casted ivana humpalot from austin powers, and had a more successful villian. She was ridiculous.

    As I have watched these movies 1000 times, the villians play as much a role as the hero’s.

    Let me repeat, I disagree with not making more of these. The concept is fine. I actually like mutt (many don’t but I thought they developed his character well) he is a wise ass punk, with some smarts. Let him go on a few adventures with dad, this can work.

    But for it to work well we need better dialogue, better villians, and yes some original ideas!

  48. First let me say that I have been a die hard Indiana Jones fan for many years, however this RUINED the entire series for me, just as the Star Wars prequiles ended my longtime obsession with that George Lucas series. I’m not sure exactly how much acid Lucas and Spieldberg dropped before they decided on the plot for this travesty of a picture, but I will never waste another dime on one of their washed up remakes.

    I should have known where the movie was heading when they found the alien sarcophagus and made the references to Roswell. Instead I kept watching as an outragous sequence of paranormal events took place eliminating the need for a decent plot or screenwriters with any remote knowledge of history. The worst part of the movie was the quote Indiana makes to his son when they discover the true nature of the treasure. It must have been plagerized from a Magic School Bus episode. “Knowledge was their treasure”? I was waiting for him to start a lecture on the importance of college. And that rediculous biker episode Henry Jr. was wearing when he rides up was ripped off from Marlon Brandos character in “The Wild Ones”. It was replicated right down to the vintage springer motorcycle. Very Cheesy.

    Another aspect which really grinded me gears was the reintroduction of Marian from Raider of the Lost Ark. All that trouble so that she can have four lines and look like a smiling, half crazy soccer mom for the entire film. The marriage scene at the end was a nice way to end the series in case the film bombed with fans (which I believe it will).

    I imagine the exchange between Lucas and Spieldberg must have gone something like this. After getting way too old, and losing all their imagination they decided to ruin one of their old film franchises for a quick buck. Spieldberg wanted to remake E.T. and Lucas (having already murdered the Star Wars series) argued for Indiana Jones. Due to their overly inflated egos they finally decided that they would have to combine both films into one big waste of two hours and an insult to anyone who appreciated the original films.

    The bottom line is that C.G.I. effects and writers strikes have given these once great directors the idea that decent plots are no longer necessary in movies. They are content to release lowsy computer generated cartoons that bear little resemblence to the original films we had all come to love.

  49. I tend to agree with you. It wasn’t as good as the other three, but I’m quick to point out that time and memory do a funny thing. 20 years later, we’re much more critical of movies, whereas 20 years ago we accepted all the films’ flaws because we were young and dumb (speaking for myself : )

    Memory, because – I find that today, I still overlook the flaws in the first three Indy’s and check them off as positives under the “nostalgic” column. Indy surviving a nuclear test by hiding out in a fridge is probably just as plausible as surviving an airplane crash by inflating a raft in midair (Temple of Doom).

    With that said, I know Crystal Skull wasn’t great, but hey, it’s Indy.

    Me, I was trippin at *what I thought* were funky opening credits:


  50. I give the movie a C. I had low expectations to start with, and they were met.

    Unlike the key reviewer I actually liked Mutt. I thought that was one of the more realistic transitions. As a fan of all three movies,having seen all three in the theatre (yes I’m in my mid 30’s), I give this a tossp up against temple of doom (the worst of the three – ironically till I hit 20 TODoom was my favorite).

    Here is the problem. Dialogue & Repetition. Lucas is a genious in coming up with two major stories (Star Wars and Raiders), that being said his dialogue has gotten worse and worse. I just finished watching Raiders (after seeing this one), and the dialogue simply doesn’t compare. Then again, that might be do to the casting. In the first and 3rd you had Elliot, (and the actor who played Salah), and of course in the third movie you had Connery.

    Allen’s role was also disappointing. While age has done a number on her, I though they misused her terribly. They developed her poorly, she basically had a few goofy lines.

    Its been 19 years, couldn’t they do anything original? The argument with Allen about Indiana leaving her sounded early familiar to the seen where Indy meets up with his father in that castle in Austria (Remember Don’t Call me Junior). As the cliche goes it was funny the first time. Even the stunts, when Mutt had the sword fight with the Blanchett (who was a poor choice for a villian), the seen reminded me of the mine chase towards the end of temple of doom. There are a bunch of others, but I think those who are serious fans get my drift.

    Then there were the references to past movies. Fans love this, but they didn’t have to be so corny. An example of a good reference was when he was escaping form area 51 the broke the crate holding the arc. Subtle but effective. But that seen with the snake in the sand pit, very corny.

    All that being said, I think there is a future for Indiana Jones. I liked the kid, and think he could be a good Indiana Jones in the future. I heard a rumor that they may do another one with Indy being like Connery (wouldn’t suprise me given the gate revenues, and the propesity to copy) Perhaps if they spend more time with the script, maybe Lucas can bring someone in who can actually write dialogue. Quick witted jokes are fine, but limit and space them out a little more.

    Overall I didn’t expect much from the 65 year old Ford. He sounded different in this film (age will do that to a man), but other then that he was impressive. Allen was cheated bythe poor dialogue, to put someone on screen who has aged beyond her acting prime (how many films has she been in the lsat 15 years?), she deserved a better script.

    Like I said before I give it a C, some things went well, some didn’t. I do believe the movie could have been much better. I think the Lucas Magic is waining, I wish he could see that.

  51. Ok, so I like the movie. But I just have to say that I’ve been to Nazca and you can see the lines without having to get into a plane. I think thats where this movie goes a little wrong, and where raiders went right. The finding of the ark was something that could happen, Hitler sent archaeologist to find it. The fact that the end was a little B movie was also ok because the nazis were all killed and the hero lived, a sort of ww2 history leason. In this movie one is asked to suspend a lot of , “That couldn’t happen”, so they can enjoy the ride. However if one can do that then it is one good ride, Just not as believeable at the first movie. But hey we go to see Indy because we want him to be larger then life right? Real archaeology is’nt that exciting. And I think he kills a lot less people in this movie then he does in Crusade and a heck of a lot less then in Raiders. Its not that bloodly. A good family movie that is also action packed, just like I remember them. I think that it is worthy of the name Indy.

  52. Dude…you obviously don’t know Indiana Jones, the movie was not Indy worthy. To me the Indy movies remain a trilogy, Ill call the fourth one, that thing I threw out in the trash that looked like the rotten entrails of a moldering catfish that no person should ever lay eyes upon, no offense Lucas or Spielberg..

  53. Broke my fucking heart. I have never wanted to unsee a movie so much. That jungle chase you speak of? Too CGI, Marion disappeared half-way through, Marion also did nothing , or say anything to Irinia — she used to be feisty, she used to fight back — and Shia swang like fucking Tarzan across a CG jungle with a troupe of CG monkeys fast enough to catch speeding trucks — his Mom having gone AWOL.

    Just one example of hundreds why this movie is a goddamn waste. Indiana Jones will always be a trilogy to me, now more so than ever.

  54. Well I still think it was a good movie, but nowhere near the goodbye that Last crusade was. I was psyched whenever certain characters made appearances though, like Karen Allen, and of course Indy. But overall yeah the CGI in this film was too much in that the original trilogy was in some ways believable, but this movie was way out there. I still liked it though, I mean its freakin Indiana Jones! but I think it definitely could have been better. As a fan that grew up with Indiana Jones, and was greatly influenced from those movies, I still felt this was a good movie.

  55. just saw this and all i have to say is man, what a fucking disappointment. sure, the movie was entertaining but damn it! this is indy, it’s supposed to be memorable! hell i forgot about the movie the moment we left the theater and hit the mall and as soon as we got to the car everyone was like: it was fun but, that sucked ass, didn’t it? very forgettable and the aliens were crap. i don’t mind a storyline with aliens but you have to make them cool-looking otherwise it’s all just a “yeah right” moment that takes you out of the movie. but seriously, the kgb after some alien artifact that’ll give ’em psychic superpowers?! yeah

  56. “With all the other BRILLIANT Legends and Myths going around in this world. This one just isn’t Indy like…”

    So. I’m curious as to what remaining legends and myths anyone could have seen being better than one involving aliens. I’m not asking you to provide a story, but I’d love to know what premises everyone feels would have been an improvement over the one used.

    And on that topic, IF Lucas and Spielberg were to continue the franchise, what do you think is left to be used as fodder, given that we’d be entering the ’60s if Indy 5 were to be told.

  57. Ok, I am an avid Indiana Jones fan I was worried about this most recent film, and after watching this painful garbage I was horribly disappointed, people will tell you that the film was modified for current viewers but this shoot-em-up, thrill-ride, punch-fest was a disgrace to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and should have never been filmed, the plot is less like Indiana Jones and more like War of the Worlds, and riddled with action reminiscent of Rock-em Sock-em Robots, the first thing I looked for while exiting the theatre was the nearest flight of stairs to hurtle myself down to at least blot the memory from my cranium… and btw refrigerators are not that safe!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Well in your theatre they were silent, in mine they roared with applause. As for myself…eh…it was alright, could’ve been much better, I agree, but it was entertaining, none the less.

  59. By the way, when the movie was over the entire theatre sat in stunned silence. There was dead silence as everyone filed out of the movie and in the lobby people could not say enough that they were let down.

    This is obviously just Steven and George trying to make a little more money off this series. Although, I’d like to think they forgot that the fans of Indy really didn’t think that the Indy movies were that much of a farce. I never thought of it as though it was like “Mars Attacks”. I liked the Indy films because they were fast-paced and funny, but not stupid. This new movie is slow, predictable and full of computer-generated scenes. It is not smart or entertaining.

    Quite frankly, in all the action scenes Shia is the star, and as he is one of the most horrible actors ever, they are really hard to watch. Harry is pitiful hanging on to Shia on the motorcycle. On the car chase through the jungle, it’s Shia who takes center stage fighting the Russians. Half the time, I don’t even know what happened to Indy.

    And having computer generated monkeys, ants and prairie dogs is ridiculous. Why couldn’t they do less computer stuff? Also, the nuclear testing was silly.

    The plot gaps were weird. What happened to the the crystal skull that they found in Area 51? Also, Karen Allen says that Shia’s name is Henry Jones III. Then, in the jeep, she tells Shia that Indy is his father. He can’t believe it. However, I don’t understand how Shia didn’t know his own name. Why couldn’t he put it together that he and Professor Jones had the same name? Or has Karen Allen been lying to him all these years and never told him his name? It doesn’t make any sense.

    Also, I wish Hollywood would quit hitting us over our heads with their messages. Nuclear bombs are bad. Do not destroy the rainforest (see beginning of jungle car chase.) Teachers are good. Seriously, I am not a five year old. I do not need them to tell me what to think at all times.

  60. I believe that the critics are selling out. I also think that a lot of the people who are saying they liked it are just saying that because of the media hype or because they were determined to like this movie no matter what.

    I would rather watch “Temple of Doom” ten times over than ever watch “Crystal Skull” ever again.

    This movie was hokey and stupid. I didn’t like any of the characters and the movie had to force too many points down my throat. Maybe I’m completely ageist, but Harrison Ford is too old to play Indian Jones. Sean Connery did an amazing job in “Last Crusade”, but he never seemed as old and as tired as Harrison Ford. And because we couldn’t see Harry do the stunts, we had to watch Shia. Shia is UNWATCHABLE!

    Actually, I take that back. The whole movie is boring and unwatchable. I want my money back.

  61. I just got done seeing this movie, and it might have been mildly entertaining had it not been an Indiana Jones movie, but it is an Indiana Jones movie, and as such it failed horribly.

    The first hour is amazing, very Indiana Jones, then right after the Motorcycle chase, it becomes a cheesy 60’s sci-fi movie, which could be entertaining in a different setting, but really does not fit the Indiana Jones motif. I also didn’t care for them taking everyone’s favorite archiologist, and turn him into a war hero and super spy during World War II.

    Some of the action scenes are fun, but I agree with John in that this was not really an Indiana Jones movie, and would have played better being called pulp-sci-fi movie.

    I cannot really recommend this movie, even though I did enjoy it.

    I would give it a generous 6 out of 10…

  62. I forgot to mention that Winstone’s character is a huge disappointment, the worst in the series. It’s nothing to do with the way it’s performed, but the way it’s written. You’ll see what I mean.

  63. I was disappointed. I was fine with the sci fi 50’s plot with the skull, it was just the way it ended. People who have seen it know what I mean. We don’t need to see things come alive and burst out of mountains and temples. Give us a myth and let us make up our own minds about what happens when crystal skulls all come together. Show us their power but don’t turn a skull into a … We never saw the full power of the Ark in Raiders, we got a hint of what would happen if only a small group of people witnessed it. We don’t know what caused its reaction, only that the reaction happened. The CGI was awful too. Why, oh why, did they do this? After the CGI atomic bomb and prairie dogs were out of the way I was glad to have classic Indy back. For a while they do away with computers and do real action. The scene with Indy on the back of Mutt’s bike was the only action sequence that felt like an Indy action sequence. Once we get to Star Wars jungle land the film felt off. What’s with the Revenge of the Sith saber duel, complete with full CGI surroundings. Why should the creepy crawly this time be CGI (though that is a great sequence)? We make the movie more tame. I can’t remember one person getting shot (except for in the foot) or any blood. Indy takes some of his worst beatings ever and never has a scrape on his face. It’s not a terrible film, though easily the weakest of the series. While fans cheered when the old Paramount logo appeared, they gave only a subdued applause at the end (though on the radio I man called the film, “The worst movie I’ve ever seen!” and said people actually booed when the credits rolled). While this was a disappointment I still think it deserves a 7 out of 10. It may not have been the Indy I wanted, but moments have his brilliance can be found and that’s one of the greatest treasures. Harrison Ford still has what it takes!

  64. 19 years I have been waiting for this sequel. The story is ridiculous an compltely incredible (as in no cridibility). Nobody walks away from a nuclear explosion (Mr. Jones, the professor of archeology, called it “NUKELAR” – apparently, he’s not a professor of English, although he can read and speak Mayan language freely).
    No wonder Harrison Ford stayed away from this movie for almost 20 years. That egomanic Lucas bollocksed up the last 3 Star Wars and now yet another favorite childhood character.

  65. I am with you gutpucnh exactly. Its strange that my personal belief system in no way believes in any religion and I definitely believe in aliens yet I hated that this film was alien based.

    I just didn’t want a sci fi indiana jones films. I get what they doing….I get that in the 50’s sci fi really exploded in the nuclear age etc I just hated that they went with that.


  66. the film is awful. indiana jones films may have always been far fetched but they were never goofy or silly like this film gets.

    It is full of weird choices and decisions that I cannot get my head around.

    the beginning is good…I love the shot of him watching the mushroom cloud …..but it descends into silliness that would be considered to dumb for the mummy series.

    So disappointed.

  67. Instead of looking for the “crystal skull”, Indy and his less than amusing entourage should have been looking for a script. 19 years for this? There are some fun chase sequences in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” but the story is a confusing mess and there is no chemistry between characters who really weren’t all that interesting to begin with. I am also one who believes that Indy works better alone or maybe even with one sidekick. Not three. There are moments in this movie that are so bad, it looks as if a high school drama team is doing their version of “Indiana Jones”. I will leave you with a couple of positives. There is enough action and a few of the sets are amazing enough to keep your brain active throughout the whole picture but after 19 years, I was expecting a lot more than I received.

  68. I am a huge Indiana Jones fan. I had been waiting for years for this movie to come out. There were very few good parts.

    WIth that said the entire time I kept thinking about Fonzie jumping the shark in Happy Days.

    This plot was really poorly chosen.

    I expect much much more from geniuses like Speilberg, Lucas and Ford.

    I had planned on seeing the movie several times but once is enough.

    I only hope that this will not taint my view of the other films.

  69. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)’

    I loved Indy 4. I thought it held true to the themes of the 50’s – Cold War, Red Scare, Nuclear threat and the Saturday matnee Sci-Fi/Alien films of the 50’s. I loved the action. I enjoyed it.

  70. i had a great time watching this movie. to me it felt like indiana jones.

    john i kinda get what you are saying, and my guess is the cinematographer is different on this flick. i’m probably wrong, but wasn’t douglas slocombe the photographer on the first three?

    anyhow, i also think the different feeling comes from the alien aspect and the lack of a religious slant. which all three original movies had. aliens, for some reason feel more ‘real’ than religion. the answers to religion always seem ‘unknowable’ and these movies always seemed to peak into that world. aliens feel like a scientific plausibility which is completely different than the spiritual realm.

    just my thoughts.

  71. Ok John, I have to disagree with the jungle car chase being entertaining. I am usually not one to pick apart the reality of movies but that scene was just ridiculous. Shia LeBouf sword fighting while straddling two jeeps and getting nailed in the nuts time and again by plants? Are you serious Spielberg? Good thing young Indy had taken those fencing lessons at prep school eh? That was just one of many disappointments in this movie. I am still not over the botch of Star Wars and now I have to live with the botch of Indy. Oh, and if they try to make Shia LeBouf the star of the Young Indy Chronicles (which I’m sure is in the works already) I will vomit.

  72. ————— SPOILERS AHEAD —————

    I agree with John, this film really didn’t feel like an Indiana Jones movie. For me it was partly to do with the alien. Now don’t get me wrong, I LIKED the alien plot and I think it fit well with the 50s setting but actually seeing the alien corpses and the alien at the end felt kinda out of place.

    In Raiders we see the ark but not God, in the Last Crusade we saw the holy grail but not Jesus and I think Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would have been a better film had we seen the spaceship but not the aliens.

    Had the crystal skull activated somekind of alien technology rather than resurrected an actual alien, I think it would have been much more in keeping with the rest of the Indiana Jones series.

  73. WOW, where does one begin. I truly can’t fathom anyone being all jazzed about this new adventure.

    Granted it was great to see Indy and Ford did a great job playing the 65 yr old mans man.

    But the rest of it was such a let down. I was crushed. The story was tossed together, characters were not properly thought out, and the ending was to over the top and out of place for Indy.

    Also why did they have to call Indy Henry all the time. What the F!!!

    Maryian was pointless and I think they should have kept her out.

    The decorated spy angle was fine but unused.

    Nucular testing and a fridge – come on!

    Shia should have been one of his students or something.

    I just expected more, and I don’t think its wrong for me to feel that way. It didn’t need to be the best, I feel it could have been more solid.

    I will see it again, and I will learn to like it better. But if there is to be a follow up film; I swear to god if Shia puts that hat on I’ll track down Lucas and Steve and posin them with bad dates.

  74. I saw Indy Last night and it was the biggest pile of rubbish i have ever seen. by far the worst movie of the decade. Lucas / Speilberg need to retire as i don’t want anymore of my childhood spoilt.

    Poor script, poor acting, and that STUPID ENDING!

  75. I know it’s silly but for some reason aliens in an Indy film seem out of place and too far out. Even after the first and the third film basically said God exists and everything in the Bible is true. Yet aliens, which are more plausible than God existing IMO, made one go “Oh come on! That’s going too far.”

    I think it would have worked better if they had hinted at aliens existing but not shoved it in our face with a giant spaceship tearing up large chunks of the area.

  76. think you head the nail on the head there steven C.

    the star wars prequels were almost better… or kinda the same crap…

  77. This movie was a giant piece of shit, and almost unwatchable. I can’t believe Lucas and Speilberg took 20 fucking years to come up with this pathetic movie. Neither one of them should ever even think about making another movie ever again after completely fucking up a great trilogy.

    It was so bad, that it even made the Star Wars prequels look great!!!

  78. Just saw it. I didn’t care for it much. It had its moments, and I liked it better than Temple of Doom, but it felt like they took The X-Files movie, the first Mummy film and Book of Secrets and mashed them together and put a fedora on it. Shia wasn’t as distracting as I thought he would be. The Russians were a poor choice for the “bad guys”, imo. The whole alien thing was a bit silly. My favorite part was the glimpse of the Ark, and that’s because Raiders is my all time favorite movie. I think it’s brilliant. I thought Mac sounded just like the rat in Flushed Away, and I couldn’t get that out of my head. I thought is was “okay”.

  79. I was watching American Idol last night and I saw a movie trailer that I thought was produced by Ford, did anyone see that trailer? Do you know the movie website?

  80. I have to agree on the above written revieuw.

    The Alien plot is totally out of place… especially the final part with the space ship and all… I just got back from the Premiere (I went through all the trouble to go there fully dressed as Indy and drag my friends into this)
    But after the Aliens and the Space Ship… I felt the urge to cry… Where as in ROTLA the fiery beam was okay but just a tad over the edge and TOD had too much darkness in it and gore, and as LC was a very succesfull recuperation of ROTLA (btw LC IS my favorite) but a similar
    movie alltogether… This one is WAY over the edge…

    Don’ get me wrong great entertainment… But In my honest opinion the
    MAIN STORY LINE is NOT worth of the name of Indiana Jones… all the rest is… Just not the Alien storyline… With all the other BRILLIANT Legends and Myths going around in this world. This one just isn’t Indy like…


  81. Sorry guys, but the muppet man fucking loved it.

    It looked, sounded, and felt just like more of the same… which is exactly what I wanted!

    A solid 8.5 out of ten for me.

  82. Not just an overload of cg but an overload of BAD cg. Sorry but I think this is ILM’s worst work in years. If the effects had been great I wouldn’t mind so much but most of the effects are really bad and way to distracting.

  83. I’ve got an answer for johns review on why this indy film didnt feel like it belonged with the other 3, and the answer is THE FUCKING OVERLOADING OF THE CGI. I was hoping Lucas would settle down with his new love for animation and CGI after he did the 3 new star wars movies, but apparently he didnt feel it was appropriate.

    The cgi doesn’t make the movie seem real, everything seems to perfect. With the older Indy movies, the special effects at times seemed cheesy, but at least it was putting a real actor against a green screen with a real background. In this movie, its just actors and a bunch of CGI feeling in everything else. I want to punch Lucas in the face.

  84. Jalanc
    The alien corpse that Kate Blanchet shows Indy is the one they took from Area 51, don’t know why they needed it but I guess it got the ball rolling. The Aliens in the ruins were it’s ancestors, more powerful or something.

    I also wondered why these creatures would collect all those artifacts only to destroy them when they leave earth. And why do ancient temples always have to collapse in movies like this?

  85. We agree with reviewer. We saw this Tuesday night and felt the same way. We felt it was missing “something” worthy of being called Indiana Jones. It didn’t flow like the other movies in the series, and seemed to be a lazy production.It was like a step lower than Temple of Doom.
    The ending puzzled me. The real treasure is “knowledge”?

    Never felt the correlation or connection to the movie. This movie was a mess. We did like it, but definately NOT Indiana Jones material.

  86. We agree with reviewer. We saw this Tuesday night and felt the same way. We felt it was missing “something” worthy of being called Indiana Jones. It didn’t flow like the other movies in the series, and seemed to be a lazy production.It was like a step lower than Temple of Doom.
    The ending puzzled me. The real treasure is “knowledge”?

    Never felt the correlation or connection to the movie. This movie was a mess. We did like it, but definately Indiana Jones material.

  87. Just saw the movie and John’s review was spot on. A lot of plot holes though.
    What the hell happened to the crystal skull they found in Area 51? So apart from the 13 aliens who originally arrived, there were more? Meaning these aliens were regular visitors to Earth?

    What exactly did Ox do in the city of gold? went there, decided not to return the skull to the body, then returned the skull to the tomb?


    I expected a lot more from Spielberg and Lucas… I can accept something like this from the Mummy franchise, but dammit this is a Henry Jones Jr. movie that we waited almost 20 years for!!

    and when did Indy win all those medals? i hope they explore this in an Indiana Jones tv series…

  88. Ok, i just got back from seeing it. I am one of the few peeps that have barely seen the previous Indy films, so unlike a lot of reviewers/posters my assesement isn’t tainted by any sentiment I have towards the franchise.

    Basically, it sucked. It had a few great moments, like right at the start when he got pulled out of the car boot and you saw the hat and the shadow against the car and then he put his hat on, that was some great cinematography. However for every 1 moment like that there was 5 other moments of absolute idiocy. Apparently in order to survive an Atomic Bomb you just need to hide inside a fridge, as long as it’s made of lead. Whatever.

    The plot was a joke. I felt like I was watching an X-Files episode featuring Indiana Jones. Pathetic. The main prop for the film, the crystal skull, looked like something that you get in a showbag.

    I am stunned that so many people on here thought it was good.

  89. Roger Ebert gives the movie 3 1/2 star out of four.
    This movie was soo good and it really felt like the old Indy set in the 50’s.
    And the alien plot was so very nicely done, that they even had a little line saying “Saucer Men From Mars” Some of you will know what I mean.
    I liked that.
    Somewhere along I think a lot of the internet generation has just turned into whiney little brats. Whining and moaning about how their favorite movie franchises are being ruined. Get of your God Damn high horse.
    This movie felt and looked like an Indy movie.
    And those Prairie Dogs had me laughing for a full 5 minutes.

    If you thought you could do any better, why am I not seing your masterpices in the movie theaters?

    Enough ranting :)

    Seriously this movie kicked ass!

  90. I loved it.
    ** Comments on spoilers**
    What I can’t get a grip on is that almost the entire fan base of this flick has seen Spielberg do aliens, a lot, and Lucas do aliens, a lot. But in the movie about a guy who goes after an ark filled with ghosts, magical stones and cups o’ immortality, aliens are ridiculous?

    So, what other myths are off limits to Indiana Jones? Why are aliens wrong, and Jesus’ accessories are okay? Where is that line, and why do you draw it there?

  91. the was horrible i just got back from the theatre never done this and i just had to tell the internet world DONT SEE IT(Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

  92. first of all
    @@spoil [email protected]@
    shia lacrap killed it. instead of playing the role of indys abortion that got away, he is playing a role of a greaser who has a gang of monkeys who got his back when it comes to tarzan swingin across the amazon to kick some alien head stealing russians ass. second for those who think this is a indy film ur wrong its really scolly and molder in indy cosplay running around trying 2 make extra cash before x files2 comes out. awsome movie lightning in a tolietbowl. raiders looks like temple of doom now, thanks shia love, george lucas, fuc you steven spielberger

  93. Well, I just saw it, midnight screening here in the UK, and – I really enjoyed it. Now, just because I ENJOYED it doesn’t necessarily mean it was a GOOD film. But it was enjoyable. I still have no idea where I’d rank it – I’d need to watch his film about half a dozen more times to be comfortable comparing it with the other films which I’ve seen countless times.
    Let me get down to the details. I thought the best things that worked really well in this film were a) The action and b) the humour. The action sequences were fantastic. Many easily rivalled those in the previous Indy films and lasted justt he correct length, never too short or stupidly overlong. There were 3 main action sequences I can remember and they were all great, the last one being the one John mentioned as better than the classic car chase in Raiders, and I may be inclined to agree.
    There is certainly more humour in this film than I expected, and in fact, it could be said that this film is the second most humour-driven of the Indy franchise (after Last Crusade). Many of these jokes come from Indy’s age, but many also are to do with references and nods to the previous films. I can’t think of a single moment in the film where they tried to make it funny but it didn’t work – each humorous moment got at least a giggle, if not a full belly laugh from me. Speaking of nods to the previous films, there’s quite a few of them and they help to connect this film with the franchise as a whole, in fact it’s quite fun seeing how many of them you can spot. There’s even a nice Han Solo/Star Wars reference at one point (but subtle enough not to be cheesey).
    The cast was great, Indy is on form as usual, Mutt was not the Short Round annoying sidekick I thought he’d be, it was nice to see Marion back and Ray Winstone was a delightful supporting character. John Hurt, while he played the role well, was somewhat wasted, and I think Cate Blanchett as the main Russian villain should have been given more screen time, as she played the role very well.
    As to whether this “feels” like an Indy film – yes and no. I agree with John that the Alien component of the film did not fit with the franchise; it would have been much better had they left it out. Also, making Blanchett have psychic powers (apparently) and then never using or explaining them was a very stupid plot point/hole. I did not like the revelation of the Skull so early on and its discovery had none of the wonder that, say, the Golden Idol had in Raiders. Indy just rummages around and hey presto! he has the Skull. Also, I feel Indy’s opening adventure should have been, like in the other films, not connected with the main adventure.
    OVERALL: A very enjoyable film with great action and humour. As an Indy film – well it’s a bit out-of-place, but then in my opinion so was Temple of Doom when I first saw it compared to Raiders and Last Crusade, but multiple viewings have led me to accept it as an Indy film. I am sure that multiple viewings of this film shall do the same.

  94. Just came back from watching the movie, long time Indiana Jones fan here.
    This movie was all kinds of awesome….

    This feels and acts like an indiana film if you account for the time gap.. remember this takes place in the 50’s so it makes sense that the movie will feel a tad different.

    Don’t listen to the naysayers and go see this movie, with the gleeful hopefulness of your former 10 year old self.

  95. Just saw it as well and I simply don’t know what to make of it. Now I went in there with no expectations simply because outside of Raiders, Indy movies do nothing for me and irritate me more than anything. This stepped so faaaaaaaaar over the line it wasn’t even funny, the monkey scene? The refrigerator? Was that an homage to Road Runner or something? Everything was by the book here and you knew exactly how it was going to turn out.
    The acting for the most part was poor, Harrison Ford was terrible most of the time, muttering lines that were obviously made to have people cheer in the theater but fell completely flat.
    I chuckled a few times and I think most did but there was only one, count them, one guy in the whole theater that laughed out loud, but he came dressed in a leather jacked and a fedora so…
    It seems that they were trying too hard, so hard in fact that you sort of felt sorry for them and wanted to pat them on the head and smile. Tunnels for tunnels sakes and flood of insects just because all the other films had them. The snake scene was just stupid and was clearly crammed in there so we could laugh at Indy because he’s afraid of snakes.
    It took all logic and threw it out the window for sakes of cheap laughs and giant set pieces.
    Raiders captured the feel of the pulp novel and adventure serials perfectly without making every scene a computer game fodder or an amusement ride attraction. It never went too overboard with the supernatural elements but when we get silly monkey swinging action and the alien from Close Encounters I think they need to step back and take a good look at what they’ve done with a great character. Bah! Humbug!

    But I did get a kick out of seeing Andrew Divoff as one of the Russian thugs in the beginning and Pavel Lychnikoff, Blazanov on Deadwood, as one of the last surviving russians.

  96. Although from the review it sounds like it will be a good movie i really think there should have not been another Indiana Jones Movie. Harrison Ford seems too old to still be running around on treasure hunting. For example, I’ve never seen a 65 man move as fast as he does in the trailer. Also, the stunts seem bigger and more grand then they did in the original trilogy making the age issue even more relevent because how could someone believe that Indian Jones was able to do even more physically demanding stunts as an old man then he did when he was in his prime.

  97. A fitting review that matches my expectation. I also had the same perception that this would be a decent adventure-actioner and not having the ‘Indy’ vibe. I’m skipping this till DVD release.

  98. IRON MAN has set the bar so high that all movies are gonna look not so cool.

    Action wise some may surpass IRON MAN but overall none of the big blockbuster movies will match it.

  99. I ain’t seeing this, I’ve finalized it in my mind. And it’s not because of the review. As I have said, I ain’t all that excited about this movie. Iron Man and Prince Caspian both fufilled their purpose, in fact they both are down so far as the best films of 2008, at least of the summer. But that’s my opinion. The Dark Knight and Incredible Hulk are probably the films I wanna see this summer. Maybe Wall-E instead of Hulk.

  100. Maybe it never got the essence because it had too much CGI? Or maybe because Denholm Elliott (R.I.P.) or John Rhys-Davies isn’t in it?

    Hopefully, this movie doesn’t have too much CGI because the lack of CGI made the prior 3 feel real.

  101. Hey Jake,

    I never said it would be the movie of the year.

    @ Everyone asking if I only gave it a 7 because my expectations were so high

    My expectations were never actually all that high. My HOPES were high. But as I said right in my review…. if it were any other movie I would have said “That was a really good… but not great movie”. Crystal Skull would have got a 7 from me regardless.

    It’s a good movie… but not great. But that’s just MY opinion.

  102. I hate when when somebody says it was good but not as good as the orginals, like with Star Wars or Indy. You sperm burpers have to realize that your not 10 years old anymore. Movies are much different seen the the eyes of a kid than that of an adult.

  103. I’m glad you weren’t completely disappointed, John. That would have been a shame.

    Myself, I’m not expecting a masterpiece, but a good bit of fun. From your reivew it seems like it will deliver that much. I never have felt cozy with Shia’s character, especially from the trailers and feared it would turn out like you said in your review. Oh well. The kiddo really likes him, so that’ll be part of her enjoyment during the flick. LoL

  104. John,

    Was it a good-not-great movie because your anticipation level was so high (like you said 20 years in the making) or was it really just an OK movie? I think there’s a difference. I know I build up movies so much in my mind that they are inevitably bound to disappoint even if it was a solid movie. Do you get what I’m saying?

  105. This is good news for me. I tend to lean towards the side of liking movies such as this more than most people (for instance I absolutely loved the Star Wars prequels and do not think Lucas messed anything up with them).

    So it bodes well for me that I will get a good amount of enjoyment out of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

    Very nice, now I am even more excited!

  106. **********VERY MINOR POSSIBLE SPOILER**********

    Apparently a lot of plot points don’t get sorted/ended out either.


    John, how as the CGI usage in this thing? More than the 30% (for “background elements”) we were promised? Did they lie about that?

  107. I should really stop reading reviews/discussion boards, I’ve already learned too much information about this film that I shouldn’t know. Damn. But I’m a sucker for discussion.

    Anyway, I’ve heard good things about this and I’ve heard bad things about this…


    Apparently people don’t like the use of CGI in this film (I said they were going to CGI the crap out of this thing regardless of what they told you, and apparently, according to some reviews I’m right), Shia swinging around with a monkey army (a CGI monkey army), and the fact that Indy never seems in any real peril through the action sequences, and the film is very talky. And a lot of the people have mentioned the characters other than Indy are poorly used and also, the third act of the film basically involves Indy and Co. standing around.


    I just hope they’re all wrong and I have a blast at this thing. If this sucks, you can blame Lucas, Spielberg and David Koepp for ruining a good thing.

  108. Good review.

    I will go see the movie….hopefully it will be worth the time?

    Mark Salinas, MN

  109. James:

    Exactly! I keep seeing the same basic trend with the reviews I’m reading… Those who are walking away either hating it or slightly disappointed seem to be going in expecting an oscar caliber film or forgetting just how much of a goofy B-movie serial the original films really were. Those who are coming away loving it are the people who went in only expecting to see another fun as hell installment in a kick ass pulpy B-movie serial.

    You’re also right in another aspect… there is no way in hell this film could ever be another Raiders, that would just be impossible! Anyone who goes in expecting that is bound to be disappointed, no matter how much fun the movie is.

    Now, John… I’m not knocking you for your opinion of the film. I just wonder if your expectations are the reason you came away slightly disappointed.

  110. it does kinda suck that the movie didn’t deliver as much as was expected but i don’t think that the points you’ve mentioned will affect my enjoyment of the movie anyways. i guess because i didn’t grow up with the films and am not attached to the mythos it won’t really seem like such a problem to me. probably won’t even notice. man Thursday can’t come any sooner

  111. Not sure what reviews you are reading Phil, but Blanchett has been getting most of the raves, outside of Ford. The Irina Spalko character is more in line with the pulp sensibilities of the 50’s, so it lends itself to being a scene stealing role. Ebert is practically waxing romantic over her character in his review. *LOL*

    If there are any criticisms about the characters, it’s in how they are used (or underused)…..and not in how they are portrayed by the actors per se.

  112. Wow, the Indy reviews have certainly been flooding in the past 24 hours. If the action is as good as you say John then that will be enough to put a smile on my face (after the limited action of Iron Man and the incomprehensible action of Speed Racer). Nevertheless, i will be there Thursday with zero expectations hoping to have a good time.

    John, would you mind telling us what you thought of the performances by the other newcomers to the film, Ray Winstone, John Hurt and particularly Cate Blanchett? I figured she’d be a slam dunk in the film but a lot of critics are saying she’s not that good. Also, is John Williams music as good as ever?

  113. I thought Indy 1-3 were just good…didn’t blow me away, maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with them like most people have. But it does sadden me knowing Indy 4 is letting some people down this early on.

  114. Overall reaction is mixed with a leaning to the positive side. A better outcome than what was feared so there is a quantum of solace to be taken.

  115. Jordanic, you are a madman, slagging of Ray Winstone like that. That guy will kill your monster, be sure of it.
    He was also absolutely awesome in SEXY BEAST.

  116. Oh man, I feel a little bad that it didn’t rock you harder, John. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays. Do you still think it’ll be the top-grosser of the year now?

  117. One thing that drives me crazy about many good films (The Departed, Indiana Jones 4) is that they have that fat sack of shit Ray Winston. He’s a talentless shrek-man who can’t seem to get ANY accent right, and you always feel that the movie would be much better without him, and even any character he plays.

    Why do they KEEP casting him? He’s garbage, and he damaged this film I thought.

  118. DarthMuppet…

    You’re right. People seem to be forgetting the spirit in which this series was made: fun, pulpy B-movie action flicks, dressed up with A-movie trimmings.

    If I hear another reviewer lament how Kingdom is not Raiders, I will scream.

    NOTHING will ever be Raiders. Raiders was a freak of film..a once in a lifetime merging of talent and timing that was truly catching the proverbial lightning in a bottle.

  119. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… as long as this provides me with a good dash of goofy fun as it follows the adventures of (a now much older)Henry Jones Jr…. then I’ll be happy.

    Really, that’s all the original films were… nice, goofy, pulpy fun.

    I’m not expecting a cinematic masterpiece here, God knows that this series was never meant to be taken that way. Don’t get me wrong, Raiders is a classic, but at its heart it is nothing more than throwback pulp fun.

    I’m not sure, but I think the whole “looking at the past with rose tinted glasses” thing may be coming into play here with some people. I’ve watched all three of the previous films on a regular basis since the day that they came out, and I’ve never really seen them as anything more than highly entertaining summer popcorn movies. With the exception of Raiders, all the films have had their share of cringe worthy moments… so I’m not going to let things like that put me off.

    I do have one gripe with something you said John. I haven’t seen Crystal Skull yet, but… I’ve always thought that out of the three previous films, it was Temple of Doom that felt drastically out of place. I think it’s an enjoyable flick and all, I’ve just never felt that it gelled all that well with the other two.

  120. Ok, after reading John’s spoiler, I think he knocked some points off because he falls into the camp that thinks it’s ok for Indy films to deal with invisible men in the sky but not invisible GREEN men in the sky?

    This is not a shot, but an observation: some people are having a hard time with the Indy/sci-fi blend.

    To each their own. I just don’t see the difference myself. It’s all otherworldly to me.

    Nice review though. I have been surprised by all the good reviews. Ebert even gave it 3 1/2 stars…so, it looks to be, at the very least, a fun pulpy summer ride, which was the point all along.

  121. Wow, that is exactly what I expected from this movie, some good action scenes, but let down a lot by Shia LaBeouf. I’m still pretty excited for this movie, but there are a lot of movies this summer that I would much rather see. Good review John.

  122. The Crystal Skulls are thought to have a alien origin. Which is probably where the alien plot comes from. So if it was to stick true to the legends. I wouldn’t see any other way to do it.

  123. Now was this pre or post Waterworld Kevin Costner?

    Just the sort of review I thought this was going to get.

  124. good review John.

    Personally I am not excited about indy 4.

    I am looking forward to mummy 3 more than this.

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