Hellboy 2 Big Baby Poster

This may have been out for a while already, but I just got my hands on this now, so I’m sharing it with yall. Studio sent me this post I personally haven’t seen before for Hellboy 2, and I freaking love it. Love or hate Hellboy (I love him) you gotta admit the art department responsible for the various posters we’ve been seeing for this flick have done an AMAZING job. Posters don’t indicate ANYTHING good or bad about the movie… but that doesn’t mean they can’t just be appreciated for what they are… and I love this poster. “Big Baby”!!!! Yeah!


8 thoughts on “Hellboy 2 Big Baby Poster

  1. All the promo stuff coming out for Hellboy 2 has been pretty solid. I think this poster is no different you gotta love HB brandishing his “Big Baby” as if to say “Do You Feel Lucky Punk?” I am very excited to see this film everything I seen and read thus far has given me high hopes for it. With the visionary that is GDT at the helm and all the interesting new characters that will be introduced in this film. Along with having all of our old favorites coming back this shaping up to what could be one of the best films of the summer.

  2. Gotta comment on how awesome that poster is. Haven’t seen one that looks that sweet in awhile. Just simply put a really well photo/photoshopped character on the poster and you have gold.

    …that kinda sounds like sarcasm but I’m being serious when I say this poster is awesome. The colors just work really well.

  3. Love this one.

    As for the one Liam posted…would be a little better if HB was actually looking straight ahead and aiming that gun right at me rather than looking away and a bit on the stoned side, but I’d still hang it in my room.

  4. Why oh why is every piece of advertising for this movie so insanely awesome? To whom did Del Toro sell his soul to get this?

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