Eagle Eye Trailer

We have the new trailer for Eagle Eye to show you today! Check it out.

This film wasn’t on my radar at all, but the trailer is great. Cliff hanger trailers are the best, and this one is a fantastic lead off to all the advertising that will follow.

International Friends – what are your thoughts on the clip?

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14 thoughts on “Eagle Eye Trailer

  1. @Bret

    Dude getting set up for crime(Smith/Beefy), government conspiracy involving old white man(Voight/Bad Santa), dude runs for his life=Enemy of the State.

  2. Shia kicks ass at acting. I will definitely see this if it has good reviews, just because I like him so much.

  3. I might be going out on a limb here rob, but i believe it said 9 26 08

    and how this is anything like enemy of the state? Did will smith get phone calls from a creepy female almost computer processed voice telling him every move to make until he jumps from a building and plummets to his death?

    trailer looks great, shia is leading material

  4. This looks pretty sweet indeed! Never heard about though, but that just makes it better.

    Thx for the heads up!!!

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