Captain America Shield In Iron Man

Cap-ShieldOne of the things the folks at Marvel have been doing a very good job of is tying their universe of heroes together. Everyone already knows that Samuel L Jackson makes an appearance as Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man, and the word is he’ll do the same in Hulk at some point paving the way for the Avengers.

But another tie in seems to be in Iron Man. The good folks over at FirstShowing have made a great catch by picking out, what appears to be the Captain America Shield on Tony Stark’s work bench.

Apparently Captain America was actually given his shield from the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, which could make sense in this universe. Maybe Tony Stark has been building a shield, for whatever reasons, and eventually S.H.I.E.L.D., who was revealed at the end of the movie, will find out about it at a future point and suggest they give it to Captain America for his use. And this means maybe it will involve some sort of awesome Tony Stark technology instead of just being a metal object he throws around. How about that for a concept?

Good thinking.

Did any of you guys pick out any more easter eggs in the film?

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  1. It could be that Tony simply made the shield while he was running tests on the metal. Once he found the mixture with the right qualities then he could start the ¨making of¨ montage.

    I can´t think of a good reason as to why he would paint it up except that maybe he was bored or it was on a whim.

  2. I’ve been reading your post and you all are missing something.

    If you have read the first books of captain america you all have seen that it wasn’t the round shield he uses now. It’s was a triangle shield. Then the cap was frosen when they found him they give a new shield made by adamatium (like wolverine claws).

    Later then when cap leaves being captain america and Tony Stark made and give him a new shield.

    So if you link all together the easter egg in the movie is not that wrong.

  3. given the future movies and stuff….
    i’d say this means that tony was working on this “un-replicable” metal that the shield is built of….
    once they revive cap,his old one will be missing so they’ll issue this one to him and he’ll go on leading the avengers or what-not

  4. I know this is late but, Marvel comfirmed that that is caps shield, just as an easter egg, nothing more, it does not tie into anything. there is also a captain america movie coming in 2012 and it is set in WW2 and ends with him being frozen as it will tie in with iron man 2, thor and incerdible hulk movies to make the avengers movie

  5. According to Marvel, wiki style…..

    When Rogers returns from suspended animation, Tony Stark “improves” the shield by incorporating electronic and magnetic components in it so that Rogers could even control it in flight. However, Rogers soon discards the additional components because he finds that it upsets the balance of the shield when thrown, which is Rogers’ ultimate preference.

  6. If they are tying in the world of superheroes then Tony must know about Captain America and what his shield could do given the time frames of Captain America & Iron Man. Maybe Tony was contracted to replicate the shield for the military or something along that lines. Also, they spoke of the super soldier serum in The Incredible Hulk. Most likely they will make the new Captain America to be a product of a super soldier serum that was around back in the WWII days. Which means he may not age or ages very slowly, not that he was frozen in ice and revived in Tony’s time.

  7. Wow… some ppl are so ***serious*** about there ***opinions*** without really knowing anything at all.

    Personally, after a bit of pause and frame by frame – it’s definitely the shield with ‘maybe’ some blue car headlight etc stuff being reflected ‘off’ the shield. Either way, there could be any number of reasons why Tony has the shield that will NOT blow huge holes in the marvel mythos of Cap. Maybe the shield was recovered at some point by somebody ‘other’ than S.H.I.E.L.D. and Tony had been analyzing it for years because of the unusual properties its always been commented to have due to its unique composition. Tony is a geek and in the movie an apparent collector of rare cool stuff. If he presents it back to Cap in an eventual Avengers movie, it won’t ~break~ any continuity that matters… ALL of the latest generation of marvel movie adaptations have altered some of the ‘details’ behind things like origins… many of which were the way they were in the original comics as “signs of the times”. The thing that many comics fans have appreciated about many of the latest crop of movies is that much of the “spirit” is intact in the film adaptations…

    Who gives a flying rats arse if Cap hasnt been entombed in ice WITH his shield for decades… LONG LIVE THE EASTER EGGS!

  8. Again through retroactive continuity, it is established that the shield was presented to Rogers by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[1] The shield is created by a fictional American metallurgist named Dr. Myron MacLain, who had been commissioned by the US government to create an indestructible armor material to aid the war effort. MacLain experiments with vibranium, an alien metal found only in Wakanda that has unique vibration absorption properties.
    The vibranium-iron alloy mix is then poured into a mold for a tank’s upper hatch to create the disc shape and painted to become Captain America’s symbol.

    Dr. Maclain did this independently and never worked for Stark Industries. He did later work for s.h.i.e.l.d. Tony Stark never developed Cap’s Shield, So all this would be is another gross screw up of yet another comic book storyline.

    I’m not saying that there shouldn’t been tie ins in movies what I am saying is, Captain America first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). Ironman first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963),the same year The Avengers Team was put together in The Avengers #1 (Sept. 1963). Cap came first, Tony did not make the sheild (He did however upgrade it before Cap was unthawed) The guy that wrote the article didn’t know that and if they don’t do Captain America next and do some type of a tie in at that point to Ironman, it will screw everything up. Captain America movie should have come first.

  9. I just purchased the Blu-Ray of Iron Man and it clearly shows the Captian America shield. No car, no reflection, nada!! Obviously, Marvel is somewhat following the Ultimate universe time-line. If so, I don’t see a problem with Tony Stark having this. He is a weapons manufacturer and Cap’s shield is a weapon!! Also, for those who keep arguing about time-line and what-not, did you ever stop to consider the fact that Tony Stark does NOT live in California!!?? Marvel is taking many liberties with their movies in these are pretty HUGE in my book.

  10. Well think of it this way, the writers can go any way they want with it, they could make the world in war and have Captain America come to help Stark save the day. Nothing would stop them. They just have to put Tony in over his head and then comes along Captain America to save the day. It is that simple

  11. Yeah, maybe Tony Stark made the sheild…except Captain America was a WORLD WAR II HERO!!! Tony Stark was born decades after…Maybe the director just put in there to look cool. It’s not a “sign of things to come” cause then the things to come wouldn’t make sense at all.

  12. Cap. america is coming out 2011 3 months before avengers movie. it will have the WW2 setting only so they can leave everyone hanging for the avengers movie. this info was leaked out to everyone who matters. so fan boys be prepared to see the good fight, fight! Thor has not been in production for that long it was rumored in 1998, given thought about in 2003, and finally advised in the plan in 2005 when the project started. we can only say that you were wrong to even think that was true. The cap. america movie was done in 1979 and that was based off the general idea of Cap. america. the movie was bad. but so was the flash and fantastic four and they are going to reappear in a future plan. Flash is going to be in DC’s retaliation to Avengers, The justice league. and fantastic four(although bad in my opinion) had already implented their plan in motion. so get your facts straight. the project was thought of 2004. Marvel wasn’t known as marvel in the movie industry. and DC had gave them no room to produce anything with their multiple batman series, and not because they were good; cause they were bad.

  13. Here’s the problem for the many fans such as I. The Marvel company has decided to push back any production of Thor to 2010 and Cap. to 2011. leaving us to watch “Terminator: salvation” and “Street Fighter: Legend of Chung -Li” for 09 and any other “big hit” produciton movie. Now they have decided on directors, but no leak on what the movies are based on; for example whether Cap. america is going to be in WW2-which might be unlikely, only cause the WW2 phase is dying and our current movie goers relate to current time frames such as middle east war; But that’s only based on survey done in 07.- now for the Thor movie there was no leaks out on what is going to be done for that movie but Cap. America is coming before Thor only cause true movie fanatics will never forget the abomination that was created in the 80’s with red skull(horrible, go rent if you want to have a reason to miss anything) and Thor has had been in “production” for a decade, although they have never chosen a script or director but the movie was supposed to be done. The same year of Cap. america is going to be “The Avengers”. but for some history for your guys out there, the hulk movie was supposed to be done in the late 90’s but Marvel did not want to risk it. Since they failed with Cap. america they new they had to lay low for several years. This year was the expected time for both Thor and Cap. america but since our fist hulk got bad reviews they refused to continue the project until they can fix the problem hence our recent hulk. And Thor has been put down by so many actors and directors, Marvel had to pause the production and wait for some results. Who turned down this movie?

    Micheal bay
    Martin Scorsese
    and some others who don’t matter

    Actors considered:
    Dolph Lundgren
    Arnold schwarzenegger
    Marc Walburg
    and a couple other good choices except for Ben “Afflac”

    Anyway the movies were to be produce earlier and now they are going to come out in their designated time frame hopefully their good.

  14. What they need to do is make a Captain America movie, set it in WWII, have him fall into the ocean, and get fished out years later and melted out of the iceberg by Tony Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D. at the end.

  15. Omg, how can people be so dumb. 1) The Original Shield was given by the president FDR during WW2, but that was the triangular shaped shield, not the round one. The new round shield was build by Stark Industries using the same allow that was used on wolverine. Which is adamantium, If you think right, that would mean that the Cap.’s resurrection project must of been going on DURING the events of IRON MAN and S.H.I.E.L.D. Must of hired Stark Industries to build the shield for Cap. But when, at the end, Tony stark reveals that he is Iron Man, Nick Fury returns to him and tells him about the Avengers.
    They then go to ask General Ross to locate Bruce Banner for him, since they need him as the Avenger’s personal Scientist, and if his researches go correctly, he might be able to reproduce the seru,m that made Cap the super soldier he is now. Which is the same serum which was injected in Blonsky and mixed with Hulk’s Blood to become the Abomination.
    Finally, if Banner gets his hands on the super serum, which would make him a super soldier (super soliders are not only stronger, but has very high rates of accuracy and concentration.) He might be able to concentrate enough to control the HULK.
    It all ties in. It’s genius. I think all they still need is a movie to explain what goes on with Cap. while the events of the Iron Man movie and a Thor movie which explains his backgorund and origin. After the that, the rest of the Avengers Crew can be introduced in the Avengers Movie.

  16. Guys watch the freakin avengers cartoon on youtube.
    It explains where and how they find Captain America and where he gets the new shield from …

    The shield in the cartoon is apparently made of some alien type metal that blast proof etc. Made by starks or shield i cant remember.
    Anyway watch it .. Caps still in the arctic … to be found in 2011

  17. Guys…..the shield is just freakin advertisement. Just like when Thomas Jane (Punisher) was in Spiderman 2, and the refrences to other marvel characters in other current movies. The shield has nothing to do with story element or continuity….it is just one of those things that they threw in just for the hell of it. Everyone was saying it was not his shield, but here are the makers of the movie that just confirmed it. Iron man rocked, and Incredible Hulk was awesome……can’t wait for the next marvel movie. And….keep in mind, the Avengers didn’t come into play until AFTER Captain America was found!!!….so it is possible that while the events of Iron Man was unfolding, that Cap’s discovery was happening….and not to tell too much of the hulk movie, refrences to the super soldier serum was made….repeatedly.

  18. No, think of like this, Cap is in the Artic with his original shield. The Hulk already gave us the Super serem so maybe the shield wasn’t meant for the Original Cap but the new Soldier they hope to create. We all have THREE FRICKIN YEARS to argue and dispute this. The Avengers movie comes out in 2011, and so does The First Avenger: Captain America. Go to for further info on it. Wolverine should make an appearance too, seeing as how where the hulk is hiding is where the two of them first fought! Oh and for those of you wondering who the bad guy will be in the Avengers, hulk is what the story line reads so far. Manderin will probably not show up since he is a villian way to far out with today’s society. Look to the manderin being someone lame if he shows up. Oh and just a little question, “Does anyone know who the dumbass is that was pissed that Cap was using a gun in comics?” He shot Nazis with it all the time when he was first introduced FUCKTARDS. Marvel took it from him after the war was over so as not to glamorize guns. Later days!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Just because Cap isn’t found until later doesn’t mean that his shield was found at an earlier date. In the Ultimates universe, Bruce Banner held onto Cap’s shield for quite awhile before finding and thawing out Cap.

  20. Pretty sure Tony cross-checks the suit’s first flight test against the Blackbird jet, which is the plane the X-Men use.

    And John Favreau confirms in an interview on (posted this week) that indeed, that is Cap’s shield in Tony’s lab.


    Oh, and just saw Incredible Hulk, few hints dropped there as well (no scene after credits, don’t waste your time)- LEADER, baby….

  21. Captain americas sheild wasnt round back then , this is a new shield made by Stark industries laced with adamantium that will be given to him by S>H>I>E>L>D.

  22. boy u guys that is his shield and yes he had a shield in ww2 but its not even a circle one its like an knights old shield id u want proff look up the movie ultament avengers its a cartoon and it show his old shield and how he got his knew one

  23. Another easter egg in Iron Man, a cameo by GhostFace Killah, Hip Hop’s own Tony Starks appears in the music video when Starks and Rhodes are drunk in the jet.

  24. actually if u are a reader of the resent comic books captain america replaces his shield and there is another younger super hero who uses his old one =D

  25. it is possible that we will be seeing some Cap.America on the 2nd installment, probably just a snap something like how nick fury showed up in the first iron man… Manderin will definitely be showin up ang alongside stark will be War Machine. The storyline will be Iron Man being the typical superhero saving the day but eventually got depressed by Stark Corp. closing down and some beating by the Manderin. Soon, Stark becoming a drunkard and War Machine wanted him to save us but Stark simply wont so he decided to suit up using the Mark III prototype and fights the Manderin. War Machine being a newbie superhero was defeated by the powerful Manderin wearing the Ten Rings (from an alien place). After this, Stark went back to wear the golden red titanium suit and teamed up with the, hungry for revenge, War Machine. Once, the Manderin was stopped a new breed of villain rises (we dont know who) and Iron Man will soon find out about the frozen Captain America which he recognized from the shield he got from his father… There, this is just a theory :)

  26. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) yeah it’s cpt americas shield, i just read the interview with ironman’s director on ign, they where talking how cpt’s shield is in ironman and that in the new hulk movie the have the super soldier serum

  27. Diurng the Movie Tony stark tells a reporter that His father helped during WWII. So its possible that is caps shield. And its been passed on to Tony from his father. Who maybe helped create it back in WWII.

  28. Re: Rhodes as Warmachine in Iron Man 2

    Not necessarily, yes, James Rhodes (aka Rhodey) becomes Warmachine down the line, but don’t forget that he was “Iron Man” for a time being, when there needed to be two Iron Men, and then I believe he took over when Tony was going through his drunkard stage.

    look at issue 215 and 216 at this link

    One is Tony, the other is Rhodey

  29. Cap would be part of history and Tony could admire him for his values and couage after his life changing expience. Tony decides to improve on the shield since it was lost. Cap still has to be thawed outand revived.

  30. Remember, that the cap has been displayed with two different types of shields, the more modern, round shield, but he has also been shown as having a a medieval type shield (in comic books). cap is seen to have the medieval shield in the ww2 era… it could be said that the cap gets a new more advanced sheild from stark, that stark was working on. perfectly logical.

  31. Maybe Captain America lost his shield in WW2, and since it has been in the hands of the United States Goverment and apparently they contact Tony Stark to study the shield, that would be a good reason for the shield to be in Stark`s Workbench

  32. Personally, I think Cap’s shield is there because Tony was studying it to help him create his own armor. After Cap gets thawed out from ice, then I think Tony will have modified it to give back to him. Just my opinion.
    BTW… I will be staying in the movie until after the Hulk credits just to see if Stark shows up.

  33. i dont know if theyll tie this particular easter egg in with the avengers flick, they could play it off as the original ww2 shield, and that tony was a fan or becomes obsessed with Cap when Iron Man the hero is born, kind of like bruce banner in the Ultimates storylines.
    either way, really freakin cool to see it.

  34. This IS Captain America’s shield. It was placed there by Tom Martinek of ILM, as an Easter Egg. He explains it in detail on the podcast Comic Geek Speak, Episode 445.

  35. In the credits when its whizzing around real fast showing iron man tech am i the only one who saw war machines right shoulder mounted gatling gun and left shoulder mounted rockets cause if i did then maybes rhodes’s “next time baby” means war machine might show up in iron man two what do ya think

  36. HEY! For all you non-geeks out there: Captain America had a shield during WW2 that was a badge-shaped shield. The DISC-form shield was an upgrade. According to the brilliant comic THE ULTIMATES (vol. 1-2) the disc-shield is a 21st Century state-of-the -art gift and Tony Strark actually collected memorabilia of the legendary WW2 Hero “Captain America” He even gave Steve Rogers’ “A” war-helmet back to him as a gift.
    Chances are we will see that same scene in theaters soon.

  37. Who is to say that Tony Stark wasn’t making a shield for himself that was a homage to Captain America’s original? Superheroes are not something new in this universe. It could have been something he was creating for himself that improved on the original Cap’s shield. Afterall, Tony did think that becoming a superhero was “cool”. I bet he was making it for himself!

  38. In the comics, Capt. America is around in WWII and as a contemporary hero. He was created in WWII with a soldier super serum. He was frozen for a time, but this serum likely also extended his average life span.

    In the Iron Man movie, it’s said that Stark’s father created weapons for the military. So there could be a few reasons why Tony would have the shield… either his father made it and Cap is still frozen; or Cap is around (they just haven’t met yet), and it’s one of Tony’s projects. Might we even learn that Tony’s dad created the soldier serum…?

  39. I agree that it is the car and probably a reflection in the window, but it has been confirmed by the studio that it IS Cap’s Shield.. Like previously mentioned, he is a government contractor that could be working on a Shield and not knowing what it is for. The Shield used in the comics during ww2 was triangular, NOT round… he didn’t get a round shield until he was thawed from the ice… Not to mention that they are supposedly tying all the movies together for the Avengers one and will continue to do so… SPOILER WARNING: Robert Downey Jr. is making an appearance as Tony Stark in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie in a scene where he is meeting with General Ross… END SPOILER…. yes I am a dork, just don’t tell my wife!

  40. … I don’t seem to be noticing anyone mentioning Cap’s WWII shield, which was, for lack of a better description, triangular.

    Pretty neat if they’re laying the groundwork that thoroughly!
    Aren’t early rumors pointing toward the Cap movie having an Avenger sub-title? It’d be great if they could establish the history, and use the Avengers return somehow.


  41. @Venom. Captain America (Steve Rogers) was never the U.S. Agent, he was actually “The Captain” using a costume that John Walker (the man who replaced Rogers as Captain America uses as his U.S. Agent costume). Steve Rogers has been Captain America, Nomad, The Captain, but never the U.S. Agent. Going on Wizard’s website, they have confirmed that it is indeed Captain America’s Shield. They can still make the movie WW2 based, as he used the original shield for much of WW2, then give him the one Stark is making for him when he is found in the current time. Lets just hope that all the upcoming movies (Thor, Cap and the Avengers movie) are all as high quality as the Iron Man movie was. If that’s the case, we are all in for a great future with comic based movies.

  42. It’s plainly a shield, maybe not the shield Cap first had.
    Let’s not nerd it out too much and start freaking out about how it has to be this way because it was written some way ages ago.
    He’s been doing government work so why can’t he have some knowledge, or at least a project concerning Cap before S.H.I.E.L.D. ever comes along?

  43. True Cap’s shield was in the TRAILER…BUT the shield is in the MOVIE. So, why would they add the shield later in post production for Iron Man and not in the trailer??…..hmmmmm….ponder that.

  44. It was totally a photoshop job. If you watch the trailer, when it gets to that sceen, whatever is on the bench behind him looks nothing like that. It is BOGUS!

  45. That does resemble Cap’s Shield. And if you remember when Captain America became the US Agent, Tony Stark was the one who gave him his new shield. I think that the Captain America movie will feature Cap in his 1940’s duds with probably the Triangle Shield his first used. If not then Cap might of lost his round shield when S.H.I.E.L.D found him and comissioned Tony Stark to develop this one for him.

  46. wow. whoever keeps using my display name and wrote my last comment needs to be burned, hanged and die for lack of life. i pitty you. hope you dont have kids buddy.

  47. fluffyrob

    i am sorry fo wat i said u r absolutly right i am a stupid retard and i think that the shield is captain americas. lol

  48. Fluffyrob

    ooooooo dude were not counting the ultimates. we need the actuall thing, and that shield is hideous. just like the patriots shield.
    but yeah i was wrong- thats like the ONLY time that stark ever did that but then that would fuck up the WW2 thing.

  49. Stark did develop a electronically controlled shield that cap used briefly after being thawed out of the ice. This doesn’t explain the timeline but could be what Stark is doing with the shield.

    His shield is made from a vibranium-iron alloy. Adamantium was created while trying to reverse engineer the shield’s composition.

  50. Stark did develop a electronically controlled shield that cap used briefly after being thawed out of the ice. This doesn’t explain the timeline but could be what start is doing.

    This shield is made from a vibranium-iron alloy. Adamantium was created while trying to reverse engineer the shield’s composition.

  51. I can see this working. To those who say that Cap was given his shield during WW2, then that’s right. But I reckon this movie is following the ‘Ultimates’ series from Marvel. This would stick with Samuel L Jackson being Fury. In that series, the shield that Cap was given was in a proper ‘shield shape with vertical stripes and several stars at the top of it. Then after he was thawed out, he was given a round shield developed by Tony Stark which was made out of an alloy of Adamantium and Vibranium. Sorry for being a geek there.

  52. stark never had the shield, the only time he ever had it was when steve rogers died. thats it.

    but like john sayd. the studios will take liberties

    hopefully they wont feel too free or else theyll completely make it different from the comics and thatll piss the fans off…like me. remember daredevil?

  53. if thats his shield it would make absolutely no sense. unless, like john sayd, this was the year 1967.the only way stark could give him a shield is if he was around when caop first used it. in the 60s. stark wasnt around then IN THE MOVIE. therefore this picture doesnt show the shield unless they gave it to starks dad after cap was frozen and now tony has it. but very unlikely and doesnty follow the comics.

    john and sir jig a lot are both partly right and wrong. they werent terrorists but they were still bad guys (whats the difference) and the shield was given to him by the president not tony stark. the shield never came from stark in any way. but it would be lame if it is done that way in the movie, maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. can give it to him, or the president, but not stark. i personaly hope Darren J Seeley is right. btw Darren thanx for the link.

  54. @ Kenn:

    In the 300 extended trailer, there is early test footage from Synder’s upcoming film Watchmen. Rorschach (or someone that could be Rorschach) can be seen in a frame.

    On a related note, I left something out of my previous comment. More evidence that it is, in fact, Stark’s blue car. You can see the front driver’s side tire and the front driver’s side headlight.

    Still, it could very well be “a happy accident”

  55. i don’t think that’s cap’s shield, yes shitty picture, there’s light reflection on it. person who thought that i had good imagination or was smoking something really good.

  56. Maybe the Captain America film will be set in WW2 with Cap using a old shield and the film will finish with him becoming incased in ice only to be thawed out in the avengers movie. Tony Stark could have been asked to design a prototype shield not knowing what it was for exactly.

  57. I think i saw Thor’s rabbit pelt loincloth on the nightstand next to Starks bed along with a note that simply said, “breakfast burritos in the microwave…love…T.” Anyone else spot that?

  58. Maybe I missed something, but I thought there was going to be a scene that works with The Hulk. Did I miss that?

  59. Okay, time to throw down a gauntlet.

    It should be said that in the film, Stark was *not working* with SHIELD at this time. In the coda with Fury, he had yet to accept the offer. Even if we know he (eventually) will, he isn’t working with SHIELD yet.

    If that was Cap’s (or US Agent’s) shield, why just in that shot? It would be more noticeable laying around Stark’s *garage* in other varied shots. Also, Stark is more into building better armor for himself. He’s got no time for a (prototype?) shield unless “Captain America” (movie wise) existed in WW2 and disappeared (frozen in ice) and the only thing recovered *was* his shield, and Stark was in the process of restoring it and/or kept it as a rich dude’s memento.

    Okay, maybe I’ll buy that. But…

    It is *only* an easter egg for the fans, the “first avengers” shield is *not* really there and Stark *is not* working on it. It is nothing more than a camera angle with some lights and a slight CGI tweak for the inside joke. Nothing more.

    And before the lynch mob hunts me down to chinatown, take a ***closer*** look and recall where was what in the film. What is behind Stark is his blue car. That is where it is in the film (and) you can see the upper part of the roof of the car in the screen cap.

    Think of it…like the Watchman sight gag in 300.

  60. I don’t know if it is or isn’t Cap’s shield but I think it cool that they place little joke/ allusion to marvel universeI don’t know if it is or isn’t Cap’s shield but I think it cool that they place little joke/ allusion to marvel universe in their films. To JAMIE I think it’s going to be the other way around Robert Downey Jr. is going to appear as Tony Stark in the Incredible Hulk movie. To JamieM he is shown after the credits.

  61. Hey Sir Jig A Lot

    haha.. ok dude, I’m not going to get into an arguement with you about who was a terrorist and who was not…

    essentially you just made my point for me. They update the story to fit the modern time. I think it’s safe (or close to it anyway) to assume they’ll do the same for Cap.

  62. uh John, sorry to correct you, but Stark was captured by terrorists. it just happened to be the Viet Cong instead of Afghanistani-based ones in the 60s. obviously they just updated it for the here & now. he still built his first bulky armor in cptivity to escape his captors.

  63. that doesnt bode well for a cap ww2 flick which is the only cap flick i want to see.

    i hope thats just fauvres idea of a mindfuck for the geekoids.

    but about the shield, caps glove had some kind of a remote control thing in it that controled the shield in flight.

  64. Gerry Alanguilan- thats War Machine you’re talking about, which will probally be in Ironman 2 since they made a point of pointing it out

  65. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)Hey there Sir Jig A Lot

    You said:

    “i don’t believe that was Cap’s shield either. unless they are totally planning to cut out the fact that the shield was given to him by President FDR during WWII”

    I totally see what you’re saying… but keep in mind that according to the comics, Tony Stark built the Iron Man armor in 1963 and he was never kidnapped by terrorists. The studios will take liberties.

  66. i don’t believe that was Cap’s shield either. unless they are totally planning to cut out the fact that the shield was given to him by President FDR during WWII.

  67. I may be missing something obvious but I don’t recall seeing Sam Jackson in Iron Man. Was it too fast for me? Or did they cut it at the last minute? Or am I dumb?
    Or was it after the credits? Which would be more of a preview than a cameo.

  68. A bit if a spoiler!

    Not sure if it’s really an easter egg, but Marvel nuts would have picked up on this that the non comic book reader probably wouldn’t… and it’s when Jim Rhodes (Terence Howard) saw the second armor in Tony’s lab, he said something like “Next Time, Baby!” it references a time in the comics when his character puts on the armor himself for a period of time.

  69. i think i sawll tigras thong and a dr strange customized dildoe….


    hey wasnt the hulk supposed to be in the movie? weh..w.e.

    thanx for the post though john

  70. wow, dude, thats crazy! but doesnt really make sense. i mean, doesnt Captain America already have his shield back in WW2 b4 he met Tony? or mayb Tonys been working on the shield as like, a side project. but that wuld imply that Tony Stark is already immersed in the superhero world and/or S.H.I.E.L.D. pre Iron Man

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