Brad Pitt as Thor?

Back a few days when the rumour hit that Matthew McConaughey was rumoured to be playing Captain America I made an observation that I thought he might be better suited for the character of Thor, also planned for release by Marvel Studios.

But then the rumour mill churned out a nice tidbit this morning as we find out that Brad Pitt is being considered for Thor instead!

MovieHole says:

Are Marvel trying to one up themselves by casting an even bigger name than Robert Downey Jr (“Iron Man”) for their next super-jaunt? Sounds like it.

According to Latino Review, Brad Pitt is the favourite to play the Thunder God “Thor” in the upcoming superhero flick of the same name.

I know it is still terribly early in the game to be calling this out yet and it could change at the drop of a hat.

But just like Brooke Sheild’s eyebrows, now that I see this character in my head with Brad Pitt (picture him as above) in the role, I just can’t see anything else.

Pitt is a wonderful actor and can play the cold and stoic noble Norse warrior god. He has the physique, he has the ability to do action, and he has the jaw.

What do you think about this casting rumour?