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We have a new poster for the upcoming film Wanted starring Angelena Jolie. We get the hookup thanks to our good friends over at movies online:

Poster Wanted-Jolie-1

This poster doesn’t have a high pull factor for me. It isn’t that exciting and I would have preferred if it was a painted poster. Angelena’s arms hardly look like the arms of a trained killer – she looks deathly thin. If this was a caption contest I would enter “I wish this gun was made of food.”

What do you guys think – do you like the poster, or would you prefer something else?

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16 thoughts on “Wanted Poster

  1. Oh…crap….her arm just looks like a piece of zombie meat slashed from a horror movie and shoved under her face.

  2. I’m wondering how much air-brushing they did to the already too-skinny Jolie. Really, it doesn’t matter. This movie looks like crap and is one I’m avoiding wasting my money on.

  3. Strange i didnt really like it, but then i saw that scottish actor that played in all those british romance movies…gotta say he looks bad ass and he’s a pretty good actor, havent seen a movie i havent liked with him in it

  4. I never thought Angelina was that hot, she was always too skinny, and now she just looks gross. I can’t believe they would put her disgusting sketeton arm in a poster like that. She seriously needs to eat.

  5. How is it humanly possible for that scrawny arm to hold that massive pistol? If she fires that thing, her arm’s gonna break.

  6. Screw little Jimmy McAvoy, I want full view of Angie, why do I have to look at his photoshopped-in figure at the top?

  7. All I could think was that Angelina needs to get something to eat. The poster doesn’t do it for me at all – all I see is that boney arm.

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