Uwe Boll Responds To Online Petition

Yesterday we posted a story about Uwe Boll claiming that he will stop making movies if one million people sign a petition. Today he has responded to the petition with a video! Thanks to slashfilm for the heads up!

YOU WILL SEE MY REAL GENIUS! Uwe throws insults and champions himself like a champ! This guy is either titanically oblivious or down right diabolical in his ability to generate free internet buzz. Either way we will continue to post news about the man because it is entertaining as hell!

38 thoughts on “Uwe Boll Responds To Online Petition

  1. Genius director? i dont think so, hes a lot of things (tax evasor, bored rich guy, narcisit) but not a genius.
    Its clear that hes at the level of a cinematography student if not even lower meaby a “noobie student”, with the little difference that he gots a lot of money to spend in actors and effects.
    The worst thing its all the videogame fans that suffers for his works, far away from the expetactions. That response video doesnt mean hes cool or awesome, only that hes a shameless guy.

  2. You know, just cause a lot of people think this guy’s movies suck, doesn’t mean everyone does. Obviously there is a fan base for this guy’s work. So you know what, bravo to this guy for continuing to do what he loves to do. Fuck it. However, I personally don’t think this guy should even consider retiring just cause of some people that don’t like his movies. I think obviously this battle can’t be won. There are more people that don’t like this guy and are probably will to sign some stupid petition, but there are probably still enough people that like this guy’s movies to keep him in business. Again bravo.

    I was so happy this guy mentioned Michael Bay. I’m happy to know someone can actually talk to shit directly to him for the kind of shit he actually makes. Sorry to anyone who is in love with Michael Bay.

  3. Also, I plan to see Postal instead of Indiana Jones opening weekend. Why? Jones will be a PACKED theater and will be hell trying to get in, not to mention trying to get a ticket. I’ll wait on Indiana Jones 4’s hooplah to die down before I go see it.

  4. “anyone who says that this guy is genius because of an online video needs help.”

    It’s not JUST the video, it’s a combination of a lot of things. The reason he’s a genius, is cause he’s not taking any of this seriously. He KNOWS he’s a bad filmmaker and he’s having FUN with it, and it’s causing everyone to get their panties in a bunch while he’s sitting in his mansion, laughing his ass off. THAT’S why he’s a genius.

  5. ive been unfortunate enough to see 3 of his movies/ bloodrayne, house of the dead, and alone in the dark. god damn those movies were garbage. anyone who says that this guy is genius because of an online video needs help.

    michael bay may not be the best director but his shit is better than boll’s shit. “oooo he called michael bay a retard…AWESOME” lol u guys really cant be serious. this guy is a clown and a pathetic director. jeez the internet community cant be this dumb

  6. Swarez: Guilty as charged, (to a degree), I’ve seen portions of other Boll flicks (Alone in the Dark) but not the entire film. I have seen IN THE NAME OF THE KING thought, and it is a minor form of genius in just how inept the direction of the film is….And how he can get such bad performances out of his actors…And the atrocious dialogue, and the obvious attempts at stealing from other (better) films…

    Still, I have a soft spot for Bolls Shameless Self-promotion, and will go see POSTAL in those empty theatres on opening night, while everyone else is watching and aged-Harrison Ford…

    Will Boll go down in History in the same degree of inept-earnestness as Ed Wood? Time will tell. The internet in generally seems to get a kick out of kicking him.

  7. I haven’t seen most of his movies but I am willing to bet money that they are shit.

    I feel bad that Jason Statham ended up in one of his movies, I love this guy.

    The video was hilarious though. I just hope people are laughing because he’s such a jackass instead of thinking he’s a genius.

  8. Here here, Swarez. Michael Bay probably has the same amount of talent as Boll, he’s just shit in a different (less entertaining) way.

  9. Raise Your hands. Who here has actually seen some or any of his films?

    Me personally, I’ve only seen one, House of the Dead. It was a piece of shit and managed to make me stay away from every other film the guy has done. But I’m actually excited to see Postal and look forward to see Tunnel rats as well.

    My guess is that the vast majority of Boll haters have not seen any of his films and are just regurgitating stuff they’ve read online somewhere. Or they are like me, having only seen one or two and have been so outraged by what they’ve seen that they make an effort to slam the guy at any given opportunity.

    I can’t say I hate his films because I’ve only seen one, I can only say I hate his first film. And I’m sure the VAST majority of haters out there have either seen just one or two or not even one.

    I say anyone that calls Michael Bay a “fucking retard” on a public forum gets a thumbs up from me.

  10. how can you not love this guy? he’s got balls and I certainly hope he doesn’t get one million votes. No-one has mentioned when this vote has to end though, it would seem proper and fair to give it a timeframe/cut-off-point.

  11. ‘Oh, and if you’d read more about him, you’d realise he’s not a guy with great personality and charisma. He gets the actors because he PAYS them A LOT, not because he’s a jolly good fellow.’

    Actually, according to those actor’s he is a funny guy and well liked on the movie set. Plus, paying them a lot, is better than not paying them.

  12. God Damn. I’ve watched this about ten times and want it for my answering machine message. UWE ROCKS. Doug, I want him on The Macho Movie Review. I don’t care if he even saw any of the movies. He could talk about Thor smashing Michael Bay with his mighty Mjolnir for a half hour. Fuck. Uwe should make a Thor movie with him AS THOR, beating the shit out of hollywood, movie critics, drunk Michael Madson, sea creatures and anything else that moves.

  13. CIB3K your words are like music to my ears…my thoughts exactly! im just not that good with words…to you sir….touche.

  14. Joking or not, the man entertained me for a few seconds. If his movies were so horrible, nobody would watch them, and he wouldn’t make them, so obviously there is some portion of the population out there that likes it (that portion of the gene pool may need a little chlorine, but that’s beside the point). He thinks postal is genius, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, either way, the pretentious fools that made the petition caused me to know about it. Now I will probably rent it when it comes out, and Uwe get’s a few more sheckles. Keep screaming, keep the flame wars going, he’ll just make more, and next time…. it could be Halo!

    (in other words, ignore him, he’ll go away)

  15. He’s hilaroius…I’ll give him that. But no…he can’t make even a decent movie. Just give him a reality show that follows him making a shitty movie…air that on TV….and then put the crap movie straight to dvd.

  16. The reason he’s hilarious is BECAUSE of his idiocy.

    I don’t like half the people on television, not sure I like myself, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get some media nookie.

  17. Wow. What a bunch of idiots mistakening stupidity for brilliance. And charisma? Yeah, right. The guy is full of something all right, but as sure as hell it ain’t charisma. Too bad he’s getting free publicity out of this – even if I don’t think it will serve him in anything.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with the guy if he would direct his own crappy movies based on his own original material – NOT on existing franchises. If he wants to play filmmaker that’s all right with me – but he’s shitting all over existing videogames that some people love. Also, because he bought the rights, nobody else is able to make movies based on those videogames. I would have loved to see even an average Bloodrayne movie – this isn’t possible anymore.

    And now, idiots are calling him a hero – for what, exactly? For standing up against the people that say he should quit the business? He SHOULD stop, for the reasons above. For bashing Michael Bay and Eli Roth? As much as I dislike them, their movies are brilliant compared to the shit he makes.

    Oh, and if you’d read more about him, you’d realise he’s not a guy with great personality and charisma. He gets the actors because he PAYS them A LOT, not because he’s a jolly good fellow.

  18. asshole…funny vid but non-directing hack….its a shame he uses nazi gold to fund his movies…lol. if hes serious he needs to get punched in the balls if its a joke i wanna shake his hand…

  19. Uwe Bol is brilliant without a doubt, his personality and charisma explains how he keeps getting decent actors to be in the train wreck movies he makes.

    It is just a shame he cannot make a good movie…

    Well, he cannot make a good movie that is longer than a couple minute rants about how brilliant he is.

  20. Wow. What an asshole. Are you serious, Boll? A genius? ROFLMFAO! That is just too funny. No, Mr. Boll, you are not a genius, you’re just a pretentious asshole who thinks he’s a good director. Either stop making movies, or stop being a bigger jerk than Tom Cruise!

  21. oh come on….sure let’s all suck his happy stick. For the love of god dont you see he actually believes he’s a genius and not actually joking. All of you are hypocrites…your all ready to slam other bad directors and curse their mothers but oh no! here come uwe boll destroying the videogame industry’s reputation…and you all think its great….shame on you just you all wait till he rapes games like bioshock, fallout, metal gear solid (he actually said he was interested in directing one actually)..and other precious video games.

  22. Not that there needs to be a third, but John, get him on Movie Blog! Get him on, now. This guy is like Gandhi, if Gandhi had wielded an AK or Moltov Cocktails.

  23. I second the motion Mr Kinger. I’m sure he’d love to come on TMB live because we appreciate him.

    Oh man, this is about the funniest thing i’ve seen all year. He’s just like i imagine Doctor Doom would be if he were a frustrated filmmaker. He even addressed himself in the third person.

  24. That is the most hilarious thing ever! That right there is the reason that the world would be a much worse place without Uwe Boll. His movies are awful but the man is completely genius. “I am not a fucking retard like Michael Bay!” HAHAHA This is just amazing.

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