Uma Thurman Was Offered Eowyn In Lord Of The Rings

Uma-Thurman-Eowyn.jpgThings start to get crazy when you look over how things may have been different in some of the all time great movies if different people had gotten the roles now made immortal by others who eventually took the parts. For example, it seems that Uma Thurman was originally offered the role of Eowyn in Lord of the Rings (She’s the niece of the King of Rohan and the one who kills the Witch King and then yells out “I AM NO MAN!”). The role instead ended up going to Miranda Otto who I thought was wonderful in the role.

Thurman says she didn’t take the role because she just had a baby an couldn’t spend a year overseas filming. That’s as good a reason as any… but she says she regrets not doing it and wishes she could have been a part of it.

But it’s not just Uma Thurman. This makes three big roles that were originally offered to A-List actors:

– Uma Thurman (Eowyn)
– Sean Connery (Gandalf)
– Nicolas Cage (Aragorn)

Imagine that cast in Lord of the Rings. It might have been better, it might have been worse… but either way it certainly would have been different to say the least. (Source: MTV)

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21 thoughts on “Uma Thurman Was Offered Eowyn In Lord Of The Rings

  1. JRR Tolkien clearly was watching over the movie trilogy because if those 3 A-listers had accepted the offers, it would have been disastrous. Sean Connery would overwhelm the Gandalf role with his distinctive Scottish accent. Uma Thurman would be too strong to convey the vulnerabilities of Eowyn. And Nicolas Cage as Aragorn? Simply too horrible to imagine.

    Happily, the right actors were cast in each and every role. I cannot imagine anyone else but Miranda Otto as Eowyn. Otto is Eowyn, forever.

  2. Uma Thurman (Eowyn)
    – Sean Connery (Gandalf)
    – Nicolas Cage (Aragorn)

    I liked the actors that played the lord of the rings as is; but must say it would of been interesting with these three playing the roles as well. I can imagine sean connery being gandolf; but in a different away; but stiill good,,.and i’ hate to say it ‘but maybe even better. Cage as Aragorn, i dont know… he would of been different thats for sure. Uma Thrurman would of been interesting as Aragon would of different because i think the script developed over time to favor the actors play on the charactor…which is a good thing in my opinion; but different actors means different direction in the script…personally, i thought the script was ‘real weak with regard to the love affair of aragon…even at the end…it just seemed weak….for some reason i ‘thought there should of been a fight for love at the end…but some how this was missed.

    Personally, i always thought the arogon/

  3. For a book as popular as LOTR, having that many A-list actors would’ve detracted from the whole movie.

    Would you really be able to believe Sean Connery were Gandalf? I think his voice alone is so distinctive you would never truly let yourself believe you were listening to Gandalf and not Mr. Connery.

    Uma (excluding whether you think she’s good looking or not) could’ve done well as Eowyn, it wasn’t a particularly huge role.

    Cage…that would have been so bad.

    With already established franchises being turned into movies my opinion is that it is usually best to cast the main characters as relative unknown actors since I think having super popular A-listers tends to distract from the overall story itself and make it more about the star power than the actual characters.

    In the end the actors who ended up being in the film were great and I definitely can’t imagine any other actors doing those roles.

  4. spence

    yeah he looks like peter parker alright- thats true

    i think that even if it was another actor they would have made him act like a pussy though- i mean he looks perfect but he doesnt act it- i think that it was the writer/directors fault that he was a bad spiderman.
    i think that tobey has the potential to be a good spiderman if the writer gives him good lines and makes him cry less.
    if they do that hed be perfect but the story didnt give him anything they concentrated too much on mary jane

  5. Uma may have worked, and maybe even Mister Connery, but Nic Cage as Aragon. God in Heaven that would have sucked. Not every hair plug in the Mines of Moria could have helped make that casting right.

  6. @Jamie

    yeah i agree, i guess i was just going by looks of the charcters they play. Samuel Jackson/Nick Fury, Robert Downy Jr./Tony Stark, Patrick Stewart/Professor Xavier…..not neccesaily how good of job they act as the charcters. With Ian as Gandalf we get both (IMO) great acting and the look of Gandalf….

  7. @SPENCE

    dude i agree with everything u sayd- untill i read that you sayd “tobey mcwire is a perfect peter parker as hugh jackman is to wolverene” (correct me if im mistaken)

    but i think hes too boring for spiderman and not once in all 3 movies did he taunt an enemy and make me laugh like the comic books did often

    and really- thats like the best thing about spiderman- the fact that hes hilarious when he fights (specially in ultimate spiderman)
    something mcwire CANNOT do (maybe its the writer who knows but- still)

  8. OMFG. I like nic cage, I like Sean Connery but it makes me sick, seriously to even think of anyone else playing Gandalf. Tobey Maguire = Peter Parker, Hugh Jackman = Wolverine, there are two example of actors meant to play a character, simply going by looks and personality, Ian McKellen was meant to play Gandalf. I would not want anyone else playing him. Nic Cage as Aragorn, do I even need to say anything. That would have been horrible. I think the casting for LOTR was perfect, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.any other way.

  9. I’ve also read somewhere that eowyn could have been Naomi Watts:she would have been stunning(and Aragorn would have chose her…)
    Cage as Aragorn:horrible

  10. o dear god, I think we are all very lucky those people said no.

    Uma, far to strong for that role, I cant imagine her playing the puffy eyed love struck lady offering aragon some aweful stew.

    Nic cage, while I enjoy his films dosent have the capacity for a role of that magnitude, hewould have been terrible in the slow drawn out flashbacks and love scenes.

    And while connery is a living legend, I think they got Gandolf spot on perfect, couldnt see anyone else in the role.

  11. Yea did not like that character or that actress she has a strange smile and was just annoying to me Uma kicks ass would have liked her as that character maybe.

  12. Cage as Aragorn…I share the above stated gratitudes that he didn’t get the role. Thank the heavens…

    As for the others, I think they’d definitely had some differing flavours, but it still would’ve come out as well as it did. Can’t say better, but then again, I’m not a huge fan of this trilogy.

  13. nic cage as aragorn – oh dear

    uma thruman – maybe she would have been more suited to liv tyler’s role (a bit of a more girl kicks ass role) dye her hair black??? gd idea !!

    Sean Connery as Gandalf – would have been iconic/perfect… Maybe 5-10 years younger and he would have done it.

    I think shooting for a long time in new zealand probably put a lot more hollywood A-listers off the role – Come on A-listers – own up! Did you turn down LOTR! I bet they regret it now!!!

    It was hard work shooting this film and i reckon a lot of top stars could pick up films with far shorter contract periods.

    If it was shot in usa in 3 separate installments it may have been ruined by loads of A-lister jumping aboards…Nic Cage as Aragorn – laughable

    Best Casting decision – Sean Bean…legend……no a lister would have been better than Bean.


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