Transformers Bot Lineup Announced

Michael Bay released a statement to the press late last night announcing the lineup for Transformers 2!

Paramount Pictures says:

The official cast has been announced, though voice actors for each have yet to be signed. In addition to many of the returning cast, the following are the Transformers you can expect to see in Transformers 2:

Grimlock – A military grade Hummer
SkyLynx – Formerly a Space Shuttle, now a DC10
HotRod – Concept Corvette
Blaster – Pimped out Van with small team of minibots
Wheelie – SmartCar (Fourtwo) with the personality of a child – talks in rhyme

Galvatron – A rebuilt Megatron, post Allspark incident
Soundwave – Pimped out Compact sports car with small team of minibots
Laserbeak – Galvatron’s parrot
Devastator – A rebuilt version that breaks down into four separate bots.

Some scenes we can look forward to include a showdown between Blaster and Soundwave with their minibots in a big brawl.

So what do you think?

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