Transformers Bot Lineup Announced

Michael Bay released a statement to the press late last night announcing the lineup for Transformers 2!

Paramount Pictures says:

The official cast has been announced, though voice actors for each have yet to be signed. In addition to many of the returning cast, the following are the Transformers you can expect to see in Transformers 2:

Grimlock – A military grade Hummer
SkyLynx – Formerly a Space Shuttle, now a DC10
HotRod – Concept Corvette
Blaster – Pimped out Van with small team of minibots
Wheelie – SmartCar (Fourtwo) with the personality of a child – talks in rhyme

Galvatron – A rebuilt Megatron, post Allspark incident
Soundwave – Pimped out Compact sports car with small team of minibots
Laserbeak – Galvatron’s parrot
Devastator – A rebuilt version that breaks down into four separate bots.

Some scenes we can look forward to include a showdown between Blaster and Soundwave with their minibots in a big brawl.

So what do you think?

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79 thoughts on “Transformers Bot Lineup Announced

  1. well basically hot rod(shot) was a old transformer, so was devastator, only difference is he doesn’t break into 4 robots its 5 he was made up of 5 minicons, his primary paint was purple and green, galvatron is optimus’s brother aswell as megatrons, lazerbeak was a minicon under the control of soundwave, also agreed wth if grimlock is in the movie then if he isnt a dino bot im gonna b pi**ed in the fact he was one of the only dino’s i actually liked!! :@ peace to everyone :D and enjoy it wen it comes out, aslong as it dont bomb like my fave (dragonball) F*** it :P :D

    1. Poe, I don’t know what you are smoking but Galvatron and Megatron are the same person, not brothers.

      Optimus Prime was NOT Megatron’s brother. Transformers do not have family groups. Never have.

      Devastator was made up of 5 Transformers, NOT Minicons. Clearly you are confused about what a minicon is. Devastator is a combiner.

      And you might want to read the DATE of this post. It is an April Fools joke from over a year ago.

      1. lol, some of the bots on the list are in them, even if grimlock was in it, he would be a t-rex, he always has been, also that has to be the weirdest april fools day

  2. Galvatron is the rebuilt verison of megatron not his brother. if you go back to the orginal cartoon, megatron was found by unicron after starscream shot him and he gave him life again as galvatron.

    also if the rumours are true and Optimus Prime dies that should open the way of Hot Rodimus Prime.

    also grimock is a dinobot and soundwave is a stereo, i can see what they have done with this and try and take a new take on things, cause how can a 20ft robot turn in to a stereo that a human can carry around, but that was all the part of the fun and imagination of the cartoon.

  3. aint there gonna be a lambo in this movie? come on man they had a soda machine transformer in the 1st movie and a smart car in the 2nd one but not a lambo?WTF!??!

  4. lol its funny wheelie grimlock laserbeak and galvatron are all still in it its no april fools joke i saw the previews and i saw a smartcar behind optimus in the desert watch the previews closely and to freeze it look it up on youtube and devastator is the big sand eating robot that you should run from in the previews lol and im not sure but he is also made up of all the decepticons which is something to piss yourself about

  5. im a massive transformers fan, but from the 80’s animated series, which was the best of any transformers, i like the fact that in the original cartoon they were rebuilt by teletran and had to be what they were given not just change into whatever they want, anyway i would like to see more of the original characters and concepts i think more fans of the films are gonna be the die hard fans of the 80’s anyway, plus the stories were good apart from the odd 1’s lol like kremjeek.

  6. lazerbeak should have been a hawk or a raven
    should have had buzzsaw also: hawk or raven
    I hope they have rumble and will Frenzy be with soundwave.
    If they bring Jazzy back it could be with the piece of the cube that Prime took out of Megatron.
    In T-fomrers 3 they should bring the Elite 1 team, Beta, Chromia, moonracer, Firestar, Minerva (Special Forces type team), Arcee will already be there.

    Last Powerglide should have been introduced

  7. I understand that what you posted is a joke. but i heard rumers that there will be Sideswipe, Arcee, Jetfire, Baricade, and a few others as well as the seekers.

  8. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)I think they are going to redo the animated movie they said leonard nimoy is goin to be the voice af unicron I hope judd nelson is hot rod again transform and roll out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. There are tons of robots missing from the movie. But too many characters always ruins a movie.

    Especially when any one of those could end the opposition in one punch.

    I hope they never put the city scale bots in the movie.

  10. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) Where is Omega Supreme, Metroplex, Fortress Maximus, the really big robots?

  11. Pssst… for all of you still commenting on this post, keep in mind none of it has any value aside from perhaps co-incidence.

    This was an April Fools gag pulled from the recesses of my cruel mind.

  12. First of all, any Autobot/Decepticon will do. All of them are great. WHEELIE is cool. If yall watched Transformers: The Movie you would appreciate bots like them. I can’t wait for the movie! Hotrod is a silver Corvette? Man I was thinkin some sorta red racing car with flames…Galvatron? Wasn’t he supposed to appear after Unicron changed him? Well…Many classic transformer fans might go against the Galvatron thing. I can’t wait to see Devastator. Imagine! He is 10x the height of Optimus Prime…then again 3/4 of Prime when not together…

  13. What about the classics???? Sideswipe & Sunstreaker??? Wheeljack?? as minimum, adding Blaster its ok and Hot Rod, Smokescreen, Bluestreak, we want to see super cars on that, not crap like wheelie, and decepticons i think are ok, but need to add some others like the “seekers” that supposed will come with Starscream, or is something like I listed, or will sucksssss!!

  14. I am repeatedly surprised to hear people actually thinking if Grimlock is involved that he would actually be a dino?

    The whole point of the disguise is to blend in. Grimlock couldnt blend in either form, so that makes no sense.

    Mark my words, if they bring in Grimlock it will be because if his “Me Grimlock Strongest Leader” mentality, not because he is a dino. They will make him into a car or truck and he will transform into a bot – not a dino.

  15. OOOOO……burn….Good April fools. You had me at Grimlock…I was gonna be really mad if Grimlock wasn’t a dino bot…..laserbeak..good one…

  16. I call april fools… Grimlock a hummer? wtf?! Besides didnt michael bay say he would leak faulty news about the transformer in the film?

  17. Yeah I refuse to believe they would get Wheelie. He was honestly one of the worst Transformers around. Still, Grimlock, Hot Rod, Soundwave, and Laserbeak would all be very awesome.

  18. Oh man, i feel like a total boob. I can’t believe i fell for this (up until i read the word ‘parrot’). I was so excited that Galvatron and Hot Rod were going to be in it. You…….you……motherfuckers:p

    1. if i remember right didnt hotrod become rodimus prime after primes death and he infused the autobot matrix of leadership to his spark or was that ultra magnus?

  19. LoL, I got suspicous when Lazerbeak showed up on the list. A Wheelie type character would be a believable creation of Bay.
    Though I will say I did get pretty excited with the thought of mini bots! LoL damn it.

  20. Panda, Blaster (not soundblaster – thats a computer soundcard) was an Autobot. He was the cooler hip version to oppose Soundwave, the Decepticon Walkman.

    But he was cool.

  21. Thats a great idea when i think about it. Sound Blaster as a Pimped Out Van with Huge speakers…. gets the idea across of a music playing decepticon like the original but updated.. can also have a huge sat built in like a tv news van for communications etc.

  22. oh god i shat my pants while i was reading it..thank god its a joke i was so scared i thought it was the real thing!
    yooouuu asshole!!!

    oh god….uncool…

  23. I agree w/ VOLKODLAK. Even though some of us would hate Wheelie, i could easily see Bay doing it. Although, other than Wheelie, i was fucking jazzed (pun intended) to see this line up. It would be a great line up. I like the “rebuilt” aspect of a few of the characters. Transformers will NEVER be repected by all or win any Oscars so the best you can hope for is that those involved treat it with as much respect as possible and have some great fun while doing it. I have a laundry list of ‘little issues’ with the first film, but that being said i freakin loved the movie and havent had that much fun in a theater for a long time.

    Ah, but alas, as all have pointed out, our debate is meaningless due to we being the April fools. D’oh!

  24. With the exception of Wheelie, I think this would be pretty awesome.

    But I dont think they would announce something like Galvatron being that it would potentially blow the plot of the story.

    If its true, cool. If not, cool.

    I would LOVE to see Laserbeak though!!!

  25. laserbeak………… galvatrons PARROT THAT GIVES IT AWAY as an april fools!! tho i wouldnt put it past bay!!lol


    1. i agree gakvatrons parrot lol. i believe he belongs to soundwave. but u know with all the directions transformers have taken throughout the years its a paradox…..cause grimlock for instance happens to be one of the toughest bots in the trformers universe he even makes megatron think twice. but it would be kind of silly to use grimlocks original form of a t-rex in this movie

      1. If YOU knew anything about the Transformers series you would know that Laserbeak was devoted to Megatron like an affectionate pet and quite often could be seen perched on his arm. Interesting that I had to delete your post about you cussing out and bashing some other commenter for doing exactly what you just did.

        This post was an April Fools Joke from over a year ago. Seriously kids.

  26. Well it could be an April Fools by Rodney or by Michel Bay but in anycase it sounds fake. Notice how some of the characters are from the 86 anime movie. Many fans and ppl hated that because Hasbro was axing the old toyline just to introduce the new one. To me Im sure bay want to introduce new characters but Wheelie was annoying so im sure he would stay away from any character thats child-like. Also the fact its been posted on April fools is big note right there. But the tought of April fools, fools did occur to me. Maybe this is all true and Bay had the idea to post this so that ppl would think its fake.

  27. wait and see how pathetically true to reality that list becomes. just throw in some more jail bate teen age morons to guide another ‘plot’ and you’re all set.

  28. Thank goodness this is an April Fools joke. Wheelie? I would refuse to see this movie if they actually had a smart car autobot. It would get stepped on by optimus prime every other scene.

  29. oh how i pray this is all a joke….”pimped out van” and fuckin wheelie!!
    if this is true it might be as bad as the “wassup bitches” line from jazz….and that really happened

  30. great now that i think about it, it could be a april fools joke, but i’m going to wait till this friday to see when everything is cleared up.
    in all fairness the lineup for the robots sounds pretty nice but we shall see.

  31. I don’t get how this was supposed to be a funny April Fool’s joke. Or how it was supposed to be a joke.

  32. Ahhh…crap…i have to say that you got me. I was super pumped, until I read the comments on this post.

    You suck Rondney!! :oP


      1. ok first of all optimus prime said “you left me no choice brother.” not in the sense that they we’re related, but in the sense that before the war on cybertron megatron controlled the decepticons which he still does but before the war they were the army of transformers. While Optimus Prime was the leader of the autobots which he still is who were like a sort of government of cybertron. They both were part of a “Brotherhood.” Second of all Galvetron was a rebuilt version of megatron as they show’d in “Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Movie.” After Optimus and Megatron battle if out bot Megatron and Optimus are damaged beyond repair, Optimus does not make it and gives the “Matrix Of Leadership” to Ultra Magnus. While on the wat back to Cybertron Starscream kicks Megatron out the ship into space, Megatron would not have survived if he had not run into Unicron who makes a deal with him he basically says retrieve the Matrix Of Leadership and destroy it and he can have the universe to fix megatron Unicron supplies Megatron with a new body as he finishes the new body he says “Behold… Galvetron.” He also supplies him with new followers by giving them new bodies as well. For those of you who don’t know Unicron is a planet eater, and he battles Primus who is the planet Cybertron. This battle happenes millions and millions of years after the planet supposedly died. The legend for the transformers is that Primus will rise in a time of darkness and great sorrow. Primus/Cybertron is the creator of the transformers. Ok I’m done explaining how Galvetron in Transformers 3 is Megatron. Good-bye!!!

    2. quoting dc 6inch “HotRod WHO IS ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE HOT-SHOT A.K.A. BUMBLEE,” hot rod is not bumble bee he is a character from the old animated transformer series

      1. ok if i remember correctly after optimus prime dies in the more than meets the eye movie he passes the matrix to ultra magnus who i think before he can become primed before the council of the primes dies as well he then passes it to Hot-Rod who is never in the more than meets the eye series or movie refered to as “Hot-Shot” he becomes the next prime until optimus is ressurected in the time when Primus/Cybertron rises to fight Unicron.

    3. OH MY GOD DC 6INCH!!!!

      It was an april fools day joke from over a year ago.

      And clearly you know nothing about transformers if you think Hotshot/HotRod is supposed to be Bumblebee.

      In no variation of the franchise is that the fact. EVER.

      Get yer shit straight.

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