The Spirit Character Pics

We have 2 character shots from the Spirit for you guys today. They have been made available to us thanks to the good people over at cinematical:



I have enjoyed the Spirit pictures swirling round the net. The costuming looks fantastic and my interest in this project is starting to grow with each news release. I am anxious to see a trailer for this; I want to take a peek at the world they have created for this film. Most of the film will be in front of a green screen, which would normally bother me; but the quality of the CG backgrounds have been getting so good I find myself worrying less and less. We have come along way since Judge Dred, this is for certain.

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3 thoughts on “The Spirit Character Pics

  1. Posters for this have been popping up all over L.A. I’m starting to get excited for this. If this is a hit, we may see more comic book types moving into Hollywood.

  2. Well this is Frank Millers Directing debut. I know he helped out with Frank Miller but you know he just watched Rodgruiez direct taking notes.

    From the plot line I read about I got confused is he a ghost or more like the crow, where he is whole but invincible.

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