Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li Website Up

Street-Fighter-KreukAs some of you may know, and as hard as it is to believe, there is a new Street Fighter movie on the way called Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li and to the sadness of millions around the world, Jean-Claude Van Damme will not be reprising his legendary role of Colonel William F. Guile. A moment of silence please.

Having said that the official Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li website is up and is listing the cast that includes:

Kristin Kreuk

Neal McDonough

Chris Klein

Michael Clarke Duncan

Moon Bloodgood

Edmund Chen

Josie Ho


Pei Pei Cheng

Now, if you’re sitting there reading that cast list and thinking “my dear sweet lord, this this is going to be horrible”, let your mind be at peace. The good news is that the man who directed such classics as Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds and Cradle 2 the Grave, Mr. Andrzej Bartkowiak is directing so there’s nothing to worry about. Oh wait a second… all those movies SUCKED.

Yeah, not a lot of hope for this disaster in the making. Who knows though, stranger things have happened. But someone help me out here… when did Chun Li become the lead character in the Street Fighter frianchise?

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39 thoughts on “Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li Website Up

  1. worst SF movie ever , the energy ball look so 1980 CG the fight scens were short and weak , and in waht worl does chun li even stand a chance in a fight with M.Bison let alone kill him are crazy CAPCOM IM ASHAMED THAT YOU WOULD APPROVE SUCH CRAP TO BE MADE, VEGA WAS BEAT WAY TO EASY NASH LOOKED LIKE A FAKE KEANU REEVES WHO EVER THAT GUY WAS HE IS THE WORST ACTOR EVER NEVER CAT HIM IN ANYTHING SERIOUS AGIN,IM GONG AS FAR TO SAY THE FIRST ONE WAS BETTER AND THATS A SAD THING TO HAVE TO SAY.

  2. I for one look forward to the movie. I was a dedicated fan of the video game when it first came out and chun li was and is my all time faverite character. I have always felt that she should recieve more attention then she has recieved. But fans have tried to make her a support charater. She has a more intimate and troubled history with the bison then any other street fighter. If anyone should take him down it should by her. And no, street fighter is not ken and ryu, it had always been chun li first, ken and ryu second and guile third. That my opinion anyway!!! LOL

  3. I agree with Kate 137098972348% that Ken and Ryu ARE STREET FIGHTER!!! but I am open minded about this approach with chun li I mean come on people she is the first female to rise up and play with the big boys in street fighter so you got to give the character some props and a lil respect for that I really hope they do the whole Batman Begins and the dark knight kind of thing because we all know the first street fighter movie suck just as bad if not worse than Batman and Robin back in ’97 now look at the Batman franchise its better than ever Plus with Street Fighter 4 comin out this is a perfect oppertunity for Capcom to blow up Street Fighter bigger than it already is

    I would have been a little more pleased if they would have focused more on Ken and Ryu how they grew up together training under Goken watching Akuma fight and kill their master then go their seprate ways Ken whoopin everyone and anyone in the US and Ryu givin Sagat his infamous scar on his chest you know shit like that!! =D then they should have done a second one that focus on chun li guile and charlie takin on bison and shadowloo and so forth but like I said I am open minded and I’ll take one for the team and pay to see it

  4. I dont think its going to be that good of a movie, mainly because the depiction of the charactors just dont do it for the movie….helllooo movies producers/directors/casting crew….chun li from china, granted Kristin Kreuk does look a tad bit oriental but for the love of god has anyone seen how thick chun li is, she’ll choke the life out of MC Duncan with those things, im sorry Kristin Kreuk regardless of how much i love to see her in smallville doesnt work out for that charactor, look wise or martial arts wise.
    I hope they do better with the sequels, if anybody bothers to see em after this one

  5. Chik yeung tin si should have been Chung Li instead! Kay Kay is not as experienced and lacks the look of a Chinese women, even though she is half. I can agree that this movie is going to suck. I want Ryu , Ken , and Sakura!!!

  6. Chun li has huge thighs, tis actress needs do some serious excersise because she’s a waif.
    Or will they just CG in her mighty legs?

  7. Guys, just outta curiosity, Is Balrog ( played by Michael Clarke Duncan) a bad guy ( one of the Villians in the movie) ? If so, imagine a delicate short Kristin Kreuk fighting a 7 foot huge muscular baddie !!! Silly isn’t it !

  8. Bruce Darren Acosta , your logic is terrifying. Please stop.

    And Questionable, do yourself a favor and dont follow the new tripe thats considered the street fighter origin which is being put out today just to cheaply explain why Sagat had that scar. In the ORIGINAL story, Ryu never lost to Sagat. He beat him right before he gave out, using his famous dragon punch move. Since then, Sagat has been fuled by rage with revenge. That whole new Akuma crap was just a last minute fill in by some young writers who thought they were clever.

    Rant over :)

  9. I don’t even understand why theyre trying to reboot this old and tired franchise. And making Kristen Kreuk as Chun Li??? That just doesnt fit.
    Sure she’s cute. But thats the problem. This reminds me of that very poor flick called Electra where they casted that skinny dipstick actress to play the role of what was supposed to be a tough to the teeth, tall and strong ninja babe.
    Chun Li has thunder thighs. Kristen as toothpick tighs.
    Chun Li is TOUGH! Kristen cries a lot in Smallville.
    This movie is going to suck. I guarantee it. Street Fighter fans (from the 90s) will have a field day ripping this one apart while casual movie goers will be avoiding this trainwreck due to the last SF film which no one has forgotten because it was just that BAD. lol…

  10. Chun Li’s storyline in the game is this –

    …..Bison, you killed my dad…now im going shopping!!yay!!

    the first Street Fighter followed Ryu (who was invited to the 1st world warrior tournament by its host, Sagat, Ryu was defeated by Sagat at the end of the tourny and when Sagat went to help him up, he “gave into his Dark Intent” and gave Sagat a cheap dragon uppercut, scarring his chest. This gave rise to Gouki/ Akuma storyline…
    …which is very long and i dont want to get into it, but…
    Ryu is the only character to appear in every single Street Fighter game (including the Capcom vs. Marvel and so on.)

    BAD MOVE not centering this movie on the games main character….
    ….similarly, I heard there are making a Super Mario Bros movie starring Samuel L Jackson as Yoshi.

  11. no ryu no ken, pretty much no other characters that are main focal points of the game, this movie is going to suck just like the dead or alive movie, man street fighter is my favorite game series of all time and this is pissing me off, the anime movies werent that great, the first movie was garbage, and this is shaping up to be garbage also, stop comerciallizing(sp*) good series, like street fighter and x-men, like making juggernaut a mutant, hes not a mutant, make movies for the actual fans instead of trying to make money

  12. I was on this film as an extra so got a few peeks onset.
    speaking to the sfx guy who worked on the hadoken, he says its worked out well and will look good.
    I also sneaked a read of half of the script….sorry no spoilers…HAHA but I can tell you its a lil bit gory and I hope that the end result is dark and no g.

    also spoke to the writer, He seemed to have his finger on the pulse.

  13. I have to admit, I am aprehensive about this movie, simply because the track record with game to movie adaptations have never been exactly stellar. However, I am happy to see that they chose Chun-Li. Yes, everyone knows that Ryu and Ken are the main male characters. And maybe that is the point of choosing Chun-Li instead. They’d have to tread super lightly, having more rules to try and adhere to because there are even more expectations. Chun-Li has a good storyline that most gamers bypass because they didn’t care about playing the girl. Unlike a lot of us lady gamers that chose to use Chun-Li to kick much derriere. Either way, no one is going to know what to expect until they see it. I hope it does well.

    Side Note: Kristin K. and Taboo are both martial artists. It amuses me how others can asume things just because they haven’t seen them elsewhere.

  14. I thought a movie about one of the less central characters sounded good at first.. (being a girl, I always chose to fight with Chun-Li!) and thought her background story could be interesting. But when I found out who they’d cast I was really dissapointed! It’s 2008, we don’t need another ditzy hollywood remake.. I’m expecting, Electra but worse?

  15. That’s why is I said “somewhat”

    Do you what the hell that means?
    Try to find it in an American English Dictionary,

    Somewhat = To some extent or degree

    Latinos are ancestors of Spanish Europeans (Spain), so that means he will “SOMEWHAT” fit the part. Beside race he has a similar ripped built and great acrobatic skills.

    Before bashing someone, try to understand what that person is saying .

    P.S. your question should be stated “Do you know where Spain is?!”

    Sorry for posting this B.S. post I just hate ignorant people.

  16. Norrawit J. said:
    “Jordan C. Taboo is Latin and native American so he fits Vega’s nationality somewhat.”

    I have to say… Vega was Spanish…
    Do you know where the hell is Spain?
    Try to find it in a world map, mate…

    Spain = Europe.


    If this does well in the box office next year then the filmmakers will work on the Street Fighter sequel as the film will have Ryu and Ken as the main characters and I hope Justin Marks will work on the script to follow the game.
    So this one street fighter:The Legend Of Chun Li will focus on Chun Li played by Kristin Kreuk also Robin Shou is starring as Gen in the film and it better have heaps of fight scenes in the film and I like it to be good.
    So now the website is up and running so it will have more news on cast and storyline.
    In other video game movie news that Capcom and Christophe Gans have put Onimusha on hold so it is chushed so evrything will be redone again with a rewrite of the script if the screenwriters rewrite it or not so the movie will still follow the story to the Warlords game.
    Gans is working on an adaptation of the novel The Swedish Cavalier.
    Onimusha will get back in production with a new storyline based on Onimusha Warlords game and Gans will return to helm the project as the film is financed with Japanese and Chinese film companies and Samuel Hadidas Davis Films.
    Thank you.

  18. This is a case where you could just tell that the movie will be an abomination. I mean, aside from Kreuk being given the role of Chun Li and Michael Clark Duncan being given the role of Balrog, the rest of the cast looks absurd. This film should’ve been about Ken and Ryu.

    “that’s so stupid though, Street Fighter is about Ken and Ryu. That’s what the fans want to see, a movie about those two central characters. Ken and Ryu ARE Street Fighter. They were the characters I always used whenever I played the game.”

    I agree with you on that one. The appeal of SF has always been about Ken and Ryu.

    “a black eyed pea for vega.”

    When I saw that he was cast in the role, I just knew the film is destined to suck.


  19. Michael clark duncan and Taboo are the only good casting they did. Taboo will make a good Vega aka Balrog(if you have the japanese version) b/c of the hair, body type, and acrobatic skills. Jordan C. Taboo is Latin and native American so he fits Vega’s nationality somewhat.

    Neil M. as M. Bison aka Vega is a horrible mistake. M. Bison was a Thai Military person that not German like everybody thinks.

    Chun li should have been Maggie Q or Zang Zigy(sp*) Overall I have little hopes about this movie blah

  20. Well, I don’t know about her being one of the more popular characters of the series as you barely see any character’s face full-on for more than a few seconds, which accounts for the before and after fight stuff.

    The film just looks like it’s cashing in on the idea of a sassy female lead which would be somewhat at odds to Chun Li in the games, as she’s more of a quietly confident character. Still, i’l always keep an open mind as it may turn out to be a good film, but judging from the actors and the shoddy quality of the website i’m likely to think it’ll be a turd.

    Chun Li has been somewhat of a hot-chick, but really she only jumps up and down when she’s won a fight… :/ If anything, Sakura is the hot and fiesty chick that should front the film :)

  21. Um, Chun Li has been probably one of the most popular characters in the franchise for a very, very, very long time. As in before I knew it existed. I learned about it BECAUSE of all the people who like Chun Li and I thought she looked cool so I looked up the games.

    This could be because most of the people I know don’t know the series from the movie, but from other incarnations. But I don’t find this even slightly surprising.

    Chun Li has always been the hot chick of the series. And a lead character in her own right. Giving her a movie isn’t that surprising.

  22. Oh my word, this film looks like it’s going to be a gigantic turd between two slices of bread. What kind of story could possibly stem from CHUN LI!?!?! She’s the most under-utilised character in the entire franchise, and if anything they should do some kind of Ryu-Ken rivalry film rather than have her do it.

    She’s not a martial artist, and Chun-Li was native Chinese. The only reason they chose her is that she’s hot and that she’s someone you can recognise. The guy who plays vega without 73 jackets on would weigh around that of a teaspoon of rice and probably is ramming down protein shakes as we speak so he can actually be of a relatively decent size to portray him.

    Also, when was Vega black? This film blows.

  23. Taboo from the black-eyed-peas…

    are you kidding me!?

    and I completely agree with Robert(Wolf) in all points…

    I’ll be waiting till I see this one in the video shop on cheap Tuesday before I waste any money on it!

  24. 1. Where the fuck is Ken?
    2. Where the fuck is Ryu?
    3. How can you have a Street Fighter movie without Major players like ken, Ryu, Blanka etc
    4. Who really gives a shit abot Chun Li compared to other characters in the franchise?

  25. Well I have mixed feelings about this. However I can uderstand what they are trying to do. Instead of doing one movie with all the great characters someone had the idea to give all the great characters there own movie that ties in with the others. Why they choose Chun-Li to be the first story i have no idea. But this movie has to be at least a bit better than the shit dropping stink nugget that was called SF:The Movie. Hell I rather watch Mortal Kombat, or Super Mario Bros than SF: The Movie.

  26. damn freaking idiots, why are they making a movie about Chun Li when they should make it about Ken and Ryu. Anyone who plays the games know that they ARE Street Fighter.

  27. Kristen Kreuk is hot but for god’s sake I hope she doesn’t decide to do movies like this instead of Smallville, yea that’s my secret poison! What the hell is up with the Bison casting…yeesh and I thought Raul Julia was a bad choice for the first one. I like the guy as an actor but completely wrong for that character. Ah well, it’ll suck anyways.

  28. that’s so stupid though, Street Fighter is about Ken and Ryu. That’s what the fans want to see, a movie about those two central characters. Ken and Ryu ARE Street Fighter. They were the characters I always used whenever I played the game.

  29. It clearly says that it is chun li movie and she does have a nice history in the games.

    I am fine with them not going for other lead male characters. Maybe they can leave that for another street fighter movie.

    You see not all action movies should have males.

  30. i just can’t imagine the moment when someone said “hey, let’s make a new street fighter movie… and with that girl from smallville as chun li!”… it’s a classical “what were they thinking?” moment…

  31. that chick playin chun-li is kinda sexy. but this movie looks insane the casting is out there. u got some great chinese martial artists and other crappy ones. dont know about this…..its gonna suck giant monkey balls…..

  32. Pei Pei Chang is a legend, one of the very first ‘fighting martial artists in Cinema’ going way back to the early 1960’s with the fabulous “COME DRINK WITH ME” – I wonder how they got her for this project that is 1) a video game move, and 2) put together by non-chinese sort-of-hack director. I wonder who is doing the fight choreography on this one?

    that is a wacky cast all around though, I’ve liked Neil McDonough in just about everything I’ve seen him in…

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