Mein Kampf: The Movie

Image Hitler 0026We have news of a new Hitler comedy today aptly titled Mein Kampf. We discover this news from the fabled bunker of Yahoo:

“Mein Kampf,” based on a dark farce by Hungarian playwright George Tabori, is set in a Vienna hostel before World War One. In the play, an insecure Hitler is befriended by an elderly Jew who gives him his infamous hair style and toothbrush mustache.

Tom Schilling (“Elementary Particles”) will star as Hitler, and Goetz Georg as his Jewish friend, Schlomo Herzl. Urs Odermatt will direct the production, which starts shooting in Vienna this week. UFA plans to release the film in Germany next year.

A play about a self conscious Hitler and an elder Jewish gentleman that helps him discover his signature haircut and mustache – is black comedy gold. Black comedies take the most uncomfortable of situations and dig for the absurdity, irony and hilarity. Some do not fancy dark comedy, I’ve learned to love it and always appreciate a black comedic masterpiece.

Hitler had a black belt in tyranny and will be remembered as one of history’s most dastardly leaders. Part of his legend is his look (he ruined that mustache for everyone) and to suggest that it was crafted by a Jew makes for a hilarious story. A man who kills the people that gave him his look, is a man at war with himself!

I am not familiar with the play of George Tabori, but if any of you have seen it – please fill us in on the details. We will be sure to follow new of this film and be sure to keep you posted!

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8 thoughts on “Mein Kampf: The Movie

  1. Hitler did it. Bad. Osama did it. Bad. Bush is doing it to protect Jews (mostly for financial reasons) and Whites … He is GOOD. Sit down. Shut up. And, watch the goddamn greatest leader who can persuade a Nation to see from his point of view. Americans need to wake up and open their lard filled brains …

  2. Please don’t be pathetic people…nothing wrong with this…

    BTW it was a jew who teached acting and performance to Hitler for his public speaking….

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