It Will Take A Million To Stop Boll

Uwe Boll Dungeon SiegeIt appears that the much maligned, brass balls filmmaker Uwe Boll has responded to an online petition for him to stop making films by agreeing to quit if they can collect one million signatures! We get wind of this news thanks to a FEARnet interview via our friends at cinematical:

“FEARnet: Are you aware that there is a petition online, signed by 18,000 people, requesting that you stop making movies?
Boll: Yeah, I know that. 18,000 is not enough to convince me.
FN: How many would it take?
Boll: One million. Now we have a new goal.”

Uwe Boll has an outstanding sense of humor. So many in his shoes would be miserable, venom spitting bitches; either ignoring or shit talking the critics. Instead he challenges his foes to a boxing match, keeps his spirits high and remains a likable, cordial fellow. Campea met the man and said he was extremely friendly, and that seems to be the general consensus.

This man confronts his criticism, and calls it out. He stands tall and takes it. This man makes movies knowing full well that he has a legion of enemies. Does he have one million detractors? This is uncertain, but by challenging people to sign the petition – we will certainly see.

I for one will not be signing the petition. The world is a more interesting place with Uwe Boll making pictures and I think that even his most vicious critics will admit deep down, that they love to hate him.