25 thoughts on “International Dark Knight Poster

  1. Nice find Kristina,

    I love the new trailer, it’s fantastic! they almost showed 2-Face but not quite (on 2:09). Again the trailer has lived up to my expectations (which are rip roaringly high, lets be honest here!) and I can’t wait for July 18th! (or whenever the vue decides to put pre-screenings on :P)

  2. Also the other international posters look like let some ass crack designer make some action film poster instead of sticking with some well designed and thought out images.

  3. As people pointed put earlier the fact that Dents face is half covered is a great way to foreshadow his later character of Two-face. The use of the campaign button is a great replacement for the infamous coin used by Two-face and would have been better if it covered the other side of his face. I think it would have been better to keep the release of posters minimal as this could have been a great chance to just release Dent alone. It is just two bad that the other two look almost comical and thrown together.

  4. @Captain,

    I think the button is better. That way, most casual moviegoers wouldn’t know if Two-Face appears. The less we know, the better the surprise.

    Now, the movie needs to put a smile on MY face…

  5. Not liking this one so much…too busy and almost brings in the clutter that reminded me of Batman and Robin. Why they persue this design of all the characters faces when you could really show off the film by simplifying the imagery.

    Can’t wait for the film though…

  6. Now this is marketing done right.

    I especially like how pretty much 50% Harvey Dent’s face is obscured from view… foreshadowing, much?

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