Guillermo Declares Maximum Of 3 Hellboy Films

Hellboy Watercolor02The mighty Guillermo Del Toro has proclaimed that if HB:2 is a success, it will be followed by a third and final installment. We get the following news from our friends at slashfilm:

“If there was ever a third one, I would really make sure that we at least sign a contract that there is no more,” del Toro told SciFi. “No prequels and no sequels: nothing. If that happens, then there is a third one we have planned, and the seeds are planted in this film.” Guillermo’s plan for a third film would involve Hellboy facing off against twenty-first century Nazis.

I am simmering with anticipation for HB:2. I loved the previous installment, and everything I have seen coming out of production for the upcoming film suggests that it may be all that, and a bag of chips. I guessed that if they went this far they would at least do a trilogy; and it appears my suspicions were correct (who does 2 movies anymore?) I am thrilled that we can look forward to another film, and am pleased that Guillermo wants to wrap the series up as a trilogy.

The use of man-in-suit monsters should be reason enough for everyone to see this film. In an age where people seem to be forgetting about this special effect option Guillermo is bringing it to the forefront. He has employed fabled master smiths to create creatures of lore and legend that have the “creepy” realness about them that only a man in suit can bring.

Pete from slashfilm goes on to suggest that Hellboy will fight sewer Nazis in the third installment. This suits me just fine, I hate Nazis and want them out of my sewers as much as anybody.

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6 thoughts on “Guillermo Declares Maximum Of 3 Hellboy Films

  1. Wonderful news….I love H.B. I know it will do well.

    After TDK, this is my 2nd most anticipated for the summer.

    @ Mozzerino
    Give the comic books a try….see if it interests you. They are not long.

  2. I was really looking forward to the Hellboy movie (original) but most people who had seen it bad mouthed it but so it really put me off I did catch the film a few months after release and I loved it and after seeing pans labyrinth, hellboy 2 is my most anticipated film of the summer, I really can wait for this film.

  3. I didn’t like the first Hellboy movie at all, but screw it, the trailers for the sequel look absolutely amazing. Fantastic special effects and set design. That’s enough for me to give it a chance. Del Toro can do no wrong anyway after PAN’S LABYRINTH.

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