Emma Watson Snatches Spot In Napoleon and Betsy

Emma-Watson-1Scarlett is out, Emma is in! On an Island where Napolean is imprisoned, only a certain age will do, and Emma has scored a role because of it. We get news of this story today from the fabled caves of Yahoo:

“Harry Potter” heroine Emma Watson is attached to star in the period romance “Napoleon and Betsy,” replacing Scarlett Johansson who was deemed too old for the role. Watson, 18, will play Betsy Balcombe, a young, impetuous noblewoman trapped on the isolated British island of St. Helena who falls in love with Napoleon, who has been exiled there. Johansson, 23, is still serving as a producer.

Emma Watson is set to star in Napoleon’s Barely Legal Romance Island! It’s a shame Scarlett Johansson wasn’t able to do this role, but it appears Napoleon’s taste swings quite young in this movie. As much as I like Scarlett johansson, I agree that she wouldn’t be able to pull of a teenager at this point; she is a woman of the va-voom order.

This is good news for Emma Watson. She has big shoes to fill, but if she owns this role – she will certainly earn street cred for being able to sub in for a heavyweight. Wisely, the young starlet is starting to branch out from the Potter series. When her work with Harry is done she should be around the same age Scarlett is now and hopefully will have a career that’s in full swing. The Harry Potter series is a fantastic franchise in which the young actors could grow, develop their skills and eventually leave the nest for other projects. I look forward to seeing what happens to this gang post – series and wish them all the best.

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17 thoughts on “Emma Watson Snatches Spot In Napoleon and Betsy

  1. i was glad to read the nws abt Emma Watson that she is playing a role out of Harry Potter, I hope there is no any vulgority in this movie Especially for Emma in nepoleon & bristy

  2. “Period romance”? “Falls in love”? EEEEUW! She’s supposed to be fourteen in this movie, and he’s, what, in his late forties AND suffering from stomach cancer? Ick!

  3. i wouldn’t think her as the best pick for this role. i personally have not seen her in any movies but i know that she can act good. this role just doesn’t seen right for her. they should bring new actress in. i’m glad scarlett is still producing though.

  4. This is probly a wise choice for Emma and think she will do a fabulous job based on her previous work. The movie seems interesting and am sure she will pull it off. I do have to say though in a period romance film I wouldn’t mind playing Napoleon her love interest. He’s a very lucky man.

  5. I wouldn’t say Emma is the best, but she does have talent. I saw Rupert Grint in a movie called Driving Lesson and he was very good. I think if Emma can pull this off, like Doug said, it will give her better street cred. She only had one place to go from such a young age and that was up. This role should test her skill. I do tend to think actors from GB are a bit better than Hollywood actors. Good luck to her!

  6. I think Emma has really grown over the years as an actress and I look forward to seeing her in projects outside of the Potter series. With a project like this she might escape falling into the trap of being type cast as a school girl or in romcoms or movies along those lines.

  7. So she can do those nude scenes without people going to jail! LOL

    I think Scarlett might’ve backed out because she just finished her “period piece”, The Other Boleyn Girl”. Maybe it was enough for her…I don’t think Scarlett was “too old”. Remember, Hollywood tends to cast people WAY out of their age range (Kate Bosworth playing Lois, the whole 90210 crew, etc)

  8. good- shes WAAAAAY too talented to just stick with harry potter. i think she was the most talented of the 3 young actors

    as long as she does like a movie that matches her talent- not like..dragon ball or some shit (not that i dont like DBZ, i love it, but…cmon…)

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