Corey Haim Will Have A Role In Crank 2

Campea just shot the following skinny my way; Corey Haim will have a role in Crank 2.

You thought shit was tough for Statham the first time out? Now he has this to fucking deal with:


I have no idea if Corey will be a hero or villain as of yet. I certainly hope he’s a bad guy. I want him to whip a senior citizen in the face with that horn necklace (see above) till they sign over their pension check.

Neveldine and Taylor always provide perverse and titillating sex sequences; I wonder if we will see Haim throw his hog around. They totally showed ALL of Alyssa Milano in Pathology, and I am wondering if I will get to see another childhood role model’s genitals before I die.

This dude was mocked like crazy for putting an ad in the trades recently; but he’s in Crank 2, and we will watch him. Curiosity is wrapping its tentacles around all of us and whispering the words “Corey Haim” into our wanting and inquisitive ears.

We will be sure to keep you posted about this story, and will fill you in with updates, as they are made available to us.