Will There Be An X-Men 4? Yes and No.

Wolverine-X-Men-4.jpgThe word on a possible X-Men 4 went back and forth even before X-Men 3 (which I thought was the weakest of the 3 films, but still kinda fun… and had the best battle scene of all 3) even hit the theaters. The word was that after X-Men 3 Fox was going to be finished with the X-Men. Then, after it made over $100 million on it’s opening weekend, we started to heard Fox execs talking about how there WOULD be an X-Men 4.

So is there or is there not going to be an X-Men 4 in the near future? Well… the answer is yes and no.

No, there probably won’t be an actual movie with the title “X-Men 4” anytime soon. As a matter of fact, actor Shawn Ashmore (Iceman) just talked with ShockTillYouDrop and basically said he’s heard nothing about a possible fourth installment:

I would love to do another film, but I think they’re doing these spin-offs and origin stories, so I can’t see in the near future there being an “X-Men 4” but I have no idea to tell you the truth, it’s really hard to say. I’m holding my breath, waiting for it to happen, but I’m not sure if it will or not.

But here’s the thing… it really all is just a matter of semantics. When the whispers of an X-Men 4 started coming up, it was pretty much understood that it would focus much more on Wolverine (an obvious decision since he is the most popular character in the X-Men universe). And now we have that movie already filming. Oh it’s not called “X-Men 4”, but it does have the same guy as Wolverine back again, with other characters from the X-Men universe in the film with him. We also have a Magneto movie coming… all in the same universe in the same timeline as the X-Men movies.

So yes, there is an X-Men 4… they just called it “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” instead.

So will there be an actual X-Men 4 film anytime soon? I wouldn’t hold my breath, but anything is possible. To me Wolverine is X-Men 4, so either way is doesn’t really matter to me.

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61 thoughts on “Will There Be An X-Men 4? Yes and No.

  1. they should make xmen 4 and call it x4ce (xforce). they could explain all that was left open, correct some mistakes and bring back angel in an apocalypse storyline. cable could be involved as well as other mutants. maybe bring back collossus and nightcrawler. there is so much they could do and although i see the mistakes made by x3 imo i dont think it was terrible.

  2. i think they should make a fourth x-men, they left so much to be explained and things to be carried on like magneto moving a chess piece, Charles Xavier alive and Scott could also come back because there was no proof of his death as well as jean survived once she can do it again. so I hope they make a fourth one and very soon cause I can’t wait that long.

  3. i think they should make a fourth x-men, they left lots of things to be explained and carried on like magneto moving the metal chess piece, Charles x in another mans body and is Scott really dead( if so with what the evidence)

  4. plzzzzzzzz i want a new x men movie
    ive seen all the movies of the xmen and i want another one
    there should be another movie of the x men

  5. What popin is talking about is at the end of the x-men last stand movie .. and i mean very end. There is a scene with Morya Mc’Taggart – the doctor who you saw earlier when they were discussing mutant ethics. If you remember she mentioned having a patient whose nervous system / organs are fully functional but has no conciousness. Well the scene at the end is basically Morya coming in to say good morning to the patient in question – only to find out charles xavier had transferred his conciousness into it before gene killed him.

    So im my opinion that coupled with magneto having his powers returned – plus the fallout of when rogue’s powers would eventually return to her – i think there is a movie in that.

  6. At the final end of the movie after the words at the end are finish showing ,charles xavier is alive in a hospital bed where a nurse woman is surprise he his alive ,they didn’t show his full face but she said his name and it sounded exactlly like him when he said hello to her.

  7. I Haven’t seen the film but heard that cylops die’s and also heard u never see him die so in my appinion he’s not dead (manley cuase he’s my fav) as for the profesor don’t no don’t care as for a sequal just cuase they left it open doesn’t mean they are bringing another one 1 good example is monster inc. the left the door wide fing open but did they do a sequel no so don’t get ur hopes up plus it would suck without scott and the proffesor wolverein is a toss pot it’s fing about him

  8. i also strongly feel that there should be another x origins with wolverine because it doesnt lead on to the next film x1

  9. i don’t really see why people say that X3 was horrible. Sure it did not follow the comic book storyline but come on that would just have been to boring. And I would love it if they did an X-Men 4.
    But give Rogue her powers back, and make her the strong,quick witted,stubborn, and sarcastic gal that she is suppose to be. And give her a bigger role not just the girl that is always waiting on Wolverine. On the other hand I actually like Anna I don’t believe its her fault they made the lines like that and made her sound weak. But come on the girl cant touch anyone without killing. I think that at some point she might have been vulnerable and afraid. And break off the Rogue and Iceman relationship, I really don’t like him. And besides I think that Rogue and Professor X had more chemistry then her and Iceman. Anyway I’ll be waiting for x-men 4. Until then

  10. there will be another x men. at the end of last stand there is always that cliff hanger thing that tells u there will be another one. when the chess piece moves by itself. that was xavier. the new x men movie will be focusing on xavier’s past, not future. so i think there will be a x men 4 not an origin thing like a sequel after the results come in from the x men origins: xavier

  11. I think the 3rd Xmen film was actually quite good. It had one of the best fight scenes in it and left some great cliffhangers. Prof. X isn’t dead, if you were to watch until the end of the credits you would discover that he lives on through someone else’s body (the man earlier in the film that is in a coma, Prof. X is teaching a class about). And the whole thing about Magneto being “cured” also left uncertainties as he was able to (slightly) move the chess piece at the end of the film. His powers could grow back, just like you heal after a wound.

    I hope they do make another Xmen film, but will be dissapointed as Jean will not be back a Pheonix and in all honsetly i’m glad they killed Scott because I felt that his character seemed like a desperate act just to create the love triangle between Jean, Logan and him.

  12. I recently watched all 3 x-men films and with all my optimism(after being warned by friends and family it was a dud and it would spoil the first 2) i was still very disappointed with the 3rd. Of course, it would never happen, but i wish the 3rd film could be remade to improve the storyline by following the comicbook story e.g not killing Jean, Prof.x or Scott(cyclops)and by introducing Gambit. C’monn everybody loves Gambit(:
    They had so much to work with and they came up with that. Hopefully, the up-coming film about Wolverine will be more promising.

  13. I would love to see an xmen movie with Apocalypse as the villain. Plus i kinda feel the fans deserve another movie due to the fact that the last one basically ended on a cliff hanger.

  14. i fink the x3 was way to rushed they shuda took there time to perfect it i dint find the 3rd one that interestin i fink the 2nd one was gud even the first i dont like the fact that magneto was “cured” why not just follow the comics it would be so much better and so much easier for them lol. . .

  15. Actually your wrong. there will be the wolverine movie there will be a movie titles x-men 4 it will involve govt action against all mutants, cyclops returns as well as gambit making an entrance.

  16. there should be an x-men 4 because so many people werent in any of them like magma,jubillie dident do anything and gampite

  17. i think they should make an x4 with gambit night crawler and they should make it around apocalypse. Maybe something along the storyline of “The Twelve” as far as magneto and his powers in the comics he has a clone that charges him back up so that could be something to use in possible future movies. i think they should make the movies longer like lord of the rings, that way theres more room for the story line.

  18. i agree storm is one of the most powerful i think they should make her do a massive stunts or act like ermm….. giant tornados no…. hurricane narr…. heat wave cyclones dessert something bloody good. i hate wolverine he makes me sick he gets to do everything why cant they make storm do better.

  19. i think that there will be a xmen 4 becuase the only person who is dead is jean and everyone has there powers.

    charles he is alive at the end of the movie after the credits it shows him in a hopital bed.

    scott he died the same way as charles so most likly he is alive to.

    magneto he has his power as the end the chess piece DOES move

    mystque( dont know how to spell ) since magneto didnt loose his powers most likly that means that the antidope think is only tempo so she and rogue will get there powers back yay yay yay yay ]#

    i hope there is a xmen 4 when i seen charles in the hopital bed i was jumping up and down so happy but i will miss jean if she is not in x men 4 she is fittttttt and she has the best powers.

    if you have anything to add please add a coment thank…… come on fox or marvel who ever does xmen :)

  20. Mystique nd rogue sh0uld have their p0wers back if there will be an xmen 4..Nd hey!What d hell they did to angel at the last sequel?He just saved a single pers0n..Hmm..S that an angel?Y shad0wcat is pretty y0ung on d m0vie (i assume shes 10 n ther) while i see her on d animated one very pretty nd sexy..N0t a gud casting..Ive seen enuf of w0lverine , h0pe d next sequel will f0cus m0re on d other characters..

  21. I think they should make an X-men 4. Even when she was killed in the comic book series, Jean is always resurrected somehow. 3 knife wounds aren’t at all comparable to 1000’s of pounds of crushing water that she survived in the 2nd film. They could just explain it that she went into stasis or something to regain control of her subconscious when Logan stabbed her. I hope the fourth one shows us an improvement in everyone’s powers. Storm was always my favorite X-person, and I feel that her part was either horribly written, horribly acted, or a combination of both. It was nice to see her fly the couple of times she did, but storm like ALWAYS flies, she has the advantage over anyone in the air. Storm should have been more of a leader in the film in my opinion, but wolverine was due to his popularity. In fact, I think wolverine had way more screen time than anyone in all 3 movies. I was royally pissed that they allowed him to kill Jean..as if he could. She should have just killed him, his healing factor doesn’t work like it was portrayed in the film, and she could have de-molecularized his stupid adamantium bones. …Wolverine was never one of my favorites. :P

  22. Well I hope there will be an X men 4 cause they way part 3 ended was horrible. I agree on the fact that Jean can survive a damn lake but be killed by three knife wounds to the stomach. I mean who dies from that? even people with a collapsed lung lives sometimes and she was the pheonix for crying out loud. What happened to turning into a firebird? There were also alot of new mutants with powers that didn’t even get shown. To kill most of the main characters was dumb and the powers need to be more realistic. Storm needs to be more fierce and in better control of her powers.Also all the teenagers need to grow up and be the age of the cartoon characters.And please tell the story better and more true to the comics, its not always wise to mix the movie up it just confuses the audience.Jubilee and Gambit, scott and the professor along with the return of jean should definetly make a come back. Here’s an idea put Bishop in and allow him to use time travel to go back in time and stop them from getting killed or something of the sort.

  23. yah there should be a fourth movie because of how the third ends cause you cant keep all those questions unanswerd like what does magnito do with his powers now?and do the x-men find out that profesor x is alive?

  24. All these post fail to point out a hugely disappointing character in the third movie. Juggernaut was so completely cheesed out. For one thing, he’s not even a mutant, they point out nothin dealin with him bein Prof. X step brother, such a cool character in the comics, yet crap in the movie. And lets not forget that half the time characters in the x-men die, especially dealin with prof x, and jean, they use they “astral plane” to bring them back. Angel was cheesed out in the movie. Archangel and Iceman were always 2 of my favorite characters in the comics,but they kind of ruined them in the movies. At least the 3rd had beast in it and they didn’t ruin him. Hopefully in the wolverine movie, they bring in some of the cool characters associated with him (deadpool, sabretooth – better than they did in the 1st movie hopefully)

  25. Ok so ive read enough and I feel that X-Men 3 was the beast out of the 3! I loved the battle scene at the end! It was the best out of the three. Not to mention it had more action in it then the others. I mean take the 1st X_men movie for example. It really didnt have any action until the end of the movie. The 2nd movie had more and then the 3rd had the most. I loved all of the movies, because I’m a HUGE X-MEN Fan completly. X-Men is my favorite out of all the Marvel comic books. I would love for there to be a X-MEN 4 movie. If they were to make another one I would be at the movies paying close attention to everything that goes on, because i love the X_MEN. BUT i woulnt mind them to putting Jubilee in it to show off what she can do if they were to make another one. As well as bringing Nightcrawler back.

    And one last thing. I think that since they ended the last X-MEN movie the way they did, with Magneto getting his powers back a little and Prof. X voice coming from that guys body, that there just may be another X-Men movie. I think they ended it that way just in case if they do decide to do another movie.

  26. hm. i don’t really have a deep input on x men 4.
    but you know, im kind of sick of wolverine. bored — is more like it.
    i wanna know the other characters.

    and i don’t believe that the professor and scott are dead. that’s what i’m hoping. i wanna know more about that then wolverine.
    everything was already about wolverine most of the time. ugh.

    and plus, there was a scene that left it open for a next sequel at the end. so there’s something fishy about that. i mean, you can’t leave that open.

    but anyways, i would want x-men 4. and patiently waiting for it. :]

  27. Wolverine has always been one of my least favorite characters [I prefer Night Crawler and Scott] But any form of a new X-Men would be ok with me. True the movies weren’t as good as the 2000 cartoon series, but It’s much better then most movies out today.
    One reason the movie wasn’t as good was because they didn’t show the huge verity of Mutants [Like:: Ace, Blob, Pedro{Not sure if he was in the Comics or not} etc] I know it would be hard and cost a lot. But when you base the movies around only certain ones [while in the comics there were other mutants who played a much bigger part] you kind of lose the true effect of it. I don’t know if that makes much sense.

  28. If you watch the extra features on the X2 DVDs, you will find out that Jubilee was there! You know that girl who was looking at the mutant exibit on the school trip, that’s suppost to be her! Sure, it’s lame, but they still say it’s her.
    Also, I hope they make an X4, and if they do that they include Nightcrawler this time (he’s my all time favorite) and they should show his fun-loving, showman side as well as his faith devoted side. The real reason he was not there (besides what the game says) was because Alan didn’t want to wear all that make up.
    Come ON!

  29. There has to be a X-Men 4 because at the end of X-Men 3 they showed that the professer was ALIVE! So that tells you theres a next one on they way.And when they do hopefully make it they need to make sure they add Gambit and Jubilee. They should also get some movie ideas from the X-Men tv series whiched aired back in october 31 1992

  30. Okay how many true xmen fans here have we already ruled out the possibility of “days of future past” story line with bishop and all those other chacters not to mention it being a good story line to make a 4th on but it would be an excellent way to keep all the same chacters it while adding new ones perferably Gambit ;0

  31. I certainly hope they create a new X4! I mean really they need to firstly change Rogue’s character into the original southern type bell. Then of course bring in the cajun gambit! There is so much more that “could” be done, it just needs to be picked up and produced. I know I most definitly would be seeing that movie!

    The rest of the characters, they did quite well with chosing actor/actresses for. Just the Rogue actress. She isn’t a “bad” actress, just isn’t the right person to portray Rogue is all.

    Curious, where is everyone hearing these rumors of a 4th movie? I mean are you just reading it somewhere online? If so, how is it you know what is true and what isn’t?

  32. I would much prefer to see an X-Men 4. I know the last one wasn’t perfect, and I’m sure the Wolverine movie is going to be awesome, but I would rather see what happens to the X-Men post-Alcatraz with these movies. Get Storm and Wolverine as leaders, perhaps even together, with Iceman and Rogue as bigger players for X-Men. Give Rogue powers. Bring in a new enemy or two. Anyway, I enjoyed the film franchise, and would rather continue with this timeline than go back to the “Origins” – yes, it’s the same Universe, but it happens at a totally different time period. We’re not going to see Iceman or Colossus in these movies, as Wolverine hasn’t met them yet. So it won’t be the same as an X-Men 4 at all.

  33. okay.. Linda, i agree with alot of what your saying. but.. you say there has to be a 4th one, but, you also have to think that they just brought back those characters because they never died like that in the comics, so they wouldnt do them differently (not that different) in the movies. but the lack of so much brings a good theory to a second, angel should do more then just fly in one scene, we have yet to see gambit, quicksilver, apocolypse, forge, (although they did not about him) but.. with a movie with as much characters as Xmen, its to be expected that all the mutants wont get there spot in the light. i would love for them to bring some people from the shows like spike, blog, and much more i cant remember at this point. i have a theory that they are gonna make some of the super heroes run into some other ones in the future.. like maybe the avengers with the xmen, or who knows. but its just a theory.. none the less, fox should make a new xmen, some people dont want it. but xmen fans like me, want it real bad!! so.. if they were smart, theyd make it.

  34. I’ve heard a rumor that maybe Josh Holloway would play Gambit in X4. But I hope they pic another and youger guy. I also hope that Rogue will be played by another girl. Anna Paquin make Rogue look vulnerable and not as strong as she really is. Storm would also make an excellent teacher!

    In X3 you can also see, in the end, that Magneto make the chessthingy move. So it seems like a fourth movie is possible.
    Maybe the cure didn’t work after all.

    It’s not impossible, coz Apocalypto hasn’t shown yet.

    (Sorry if I don’t spell to well, I’m from sweden).

  35. @ Mujthaba

    My first thought is that there’s very little chance that the professor is now Onslaught. First of all, the prof. never shut down Magneto’s mind, so how would they justify the creation of Onslaught? Secondly, The Onslaught story arc would need so many more characters to make it viable, ie the fantastic four, avengers, etc, and since [spoiler] all these guys die off in the end [end spoiler] i doubt that anyone’d produce this movie. All the dead characters aren’t good for the movie business.

    Then again, after the way they changed the Dark Phoenix Saga to become X3, who knows.

  36. I hope there is an X-men 4. I didn’t like the way they left things at the end of 3. Rogue losing her powers pissed me off most of all. She’s my favorite female character. While Wolverine and Gambit are my favorite male characters. It would be great to bring Gambit into the mix. I just love those bad boys. I didn’t much care for the whole Rogue/Iceman romance. What romance? There were no sparks. Now Rogue and Gambit, that’s something I can sink my teeth into. So there’s has to be an X-Men 4, there’s just no way around it. That’s my feelings on the subject. Do you agree?

  37. From the limited perspective of a complete fan of the X-Franchise, it appears to me that so many potentially exploitable loose ends have been tentatively put ‘out there’ that they could almost do ‘anything’ wit Any of the characters, allegedly dead (X3) or not. Comics seem to thrive on the ‘now you’re dead, now you’re not’ concept – why not films? I personally would not surprised, based on the $$$ X3 made, having Xavier, Jean and/or even Cyclops being brought back or the road paved for them to come back towards the end of the Wolverine film. Ultimately, movies seldom follow comics 100%. I still bought the DVD’s and still watch them occassionally and still get pissed that Xavier apparently gets topped, but, Hell, it’s about seeing the Franchise being continued – for me: past, present, future – who cares, just PLEASE keep ’em coming!!!
    (looking forward to one day seeing X-Men 27)…

  38. Hey all. I think that there will be an X-Men 4. The producers have interviewed Lost star Josh Holloway to play the role of Gambit. I also think that they left the ending very open for another film at the end of X-Men 3. I am a bit confused about the scene after the credits. Numerous people have stated that the camatose patient wasn’t Charles Xavier. Quite the contrary actually. They said it was Onslaught. I’m not sure whether this is a rumour or not but apparently the next film will center on this particular villain. Could anyone shed any light on this? Thankyou

  39. first of all why is there a spoiler in x men 3 ( prof x talking to Moira)and they didn’t actually show cyclops died and of course magneto at the end of the movie manipulated his metallic chess piece but very very very very slightly…which means that the cure wasn’t perfect or its just temporary…
    fox should make a good alibi if they’re not doing x – men 4 ! people are craving for it !!!

  40. wolverine sucks! i don’t know why he is the most popular character. he he the least coolest one of them all, i think magneto is the best.

  41. i think if they really wanted scott jean and prof x back , they could pull it off. Obviously at the very VERY end of X3, we saw that prof x had switched places with the man on muir island. Jean could come back as Madeline Pryor, or they could just say that wolverine killed the dark phoenix and jean survived or something like that. And with cyclops it wouldnt be hard either. Heres the thing, WE NEVER SAW HIM ACTUALLY DIE. We could play it off like this: Jean and cyclops are kissing, and when jeans about to kill scott, she loses control of controlling his blast, and it knocks her back. That could be why when storm and logan found her, she was knocked out on the ground. Cyclops could have wondered off or something.

  42. I liked all three movies however, the plot to them all were weak. To me all the charaers and their powers could have been better. I mean come on. Storm and Wolverine alone could been more interesting(they are both my favs along with Jean). If there will be another one i Ithink the plot would seriousy have to be thought out thoroughly plus more development of the characters. They showed Jean in a better way than from the other movies plus the comics. But how she became the Phoenix plus Scott being killed(what happened to that being shown) and frankly they could have showed her strongly with herself (fightering with herself, trying to keep it under control but no they just let her go to her dark side the death of Professor X, I thnk he just died all wrong. The battle seen was good however the plot overall was a sci fi series with a grading of a C average. Overall I think this was a rush job. period.

  43. Personally, i feel that though their takes on the X-men movies were off in several different ways, I still eagerly waited for the next one, sat in those crowded theaters to watch it, and kept my eyes completely glued to the screen. I am sure that it will be the same way for any spin-off or continuation that they choose to create.
    In my opinion, if you are a true fan of it then yes, you will see differences, point them out, and complain about them. However, over-all, you will still enjoy the film, and not want them to just re-make something, or completely stop making it entirely. Its not always what 100% of the fans want, but also what the artistic vision of their creation is so that the highest number of people will be pleased and the largest profit gained.
    While X3 did cause a bit of an uproar when so many things happened that were different, usually resulting in characters that I enjoyed immensely either being destroyed or not present at all, I still liked the movie.
    I do believe that my biggest complaints are that jubilee and gambit were nowhere to be found in the films, and nightcrawler in only one. These corretions can be made though in any type of spin-off or continuation that FOX deems right.

  44. @Phil:

    No. I don’t.

    First, I have a tough time believing that X-Men The Last Stand left “a bitter taste” and a lot of people hated the film. The film still made a lot of money, the franchise is still being mined.

    “The fans”…you can’t please everyone. But let me throw this out: if X3 was such a letdown, are “the fans” then are not looking forward to Wolverine and its potential ‘prequel sequel’? I don’t buy it for a minute.

    Hey, I was pissed when they killed Cyke (well, CJ…we never actualy see him die, so…never mind…) I was pissed when Prof X bought it (sort of, see above) and then knocking off Jean again. I was mad when Magneto got the cure (or did he?) but y’know what? I was okay with it because you feel that loss and/or that moment of revelation where you go, “ah hah! it’s not over yet!” and you feel sort of good about it. Well, sort of. You know what I mean. I hope. Anyway, movng on…the only two disappointments for me in X3 was the absence of Nightcrawler (which was stupidly explained in the stupid video game; at least the character can be CGI inserted in Prof X’s wake; and “we gotta please the fans” and have Juggernaut say this one liner…)

    Third, aside from the ‘comic book panel picture in picture’ in the Ang Lee Hulk film which was more of a distraction fighting for attention, I actually loved the film. Interestingly the same “fans” who come down on Ang Lee’s take seem to equally despise the trailer for the upcoming Louis Lettier film, which has some mild inspiraration from the TV series. Go figure. Can’t please everyone.

    But I don’t think just because a film isn’t as big in box office as it should be -why does everyone expect X2 and Spider-Man like box office numbers everytime anyway?- that’s not an automatic excuse to redo/reboot/remake everytime something doesn’t go right. Instead of doing that…move on to the next character and franchise.

  45. But wouldn’t you agree Mr Seeley that X3 left a bitter taste in a lot of people’s mouths (mine included), almost Ang Lee Hulk levels of it. If Marvel wants to get the fans excited again, re-starting it will seem like the sensible option, just like with Hulk.

  46. Darren, you make a good point about the unfinalized deaths. I had forgotten about that–particularly about Professor X–and I suppose that if Jean survived a lake following her, then some sort of birth after three knife wounds to the gut shouldn’t do her in. But Cyclops is still gone…althoguht the way they bastardized him in the movies, I doubt he’d be missed.

    Also, I see what you mean about Storm, Angel, Ice Man, and Beast being adequate for a new core team–if they threw Nightcrawler or Colussus in their to round out the mix, that could be good too (in my opinion, Nightcrawler was the best part of the X-films). So, I don’t know, maybe there is potential in there, after all. Good thoughts.

    1. Actually they never shown Scotts body so theres no 100% fact that Scott’s dead, all they found was his classes. and you can’t say just because they had a funeral that makes him dead, well Charlies had one, he’s not dead, and if fox is smart enough to know the Phoniex, shes not tech dead either, and then Magneto, Rouge and Mastiqe will have their powers back because the “Cure” is not perment. So if you look at this way, no body was lost and so they could still keep going with it.

  47. In a way, CJ, Prof X isn’t 100% dead.The character, should there be X4, might just be recast and/or the voice of Patrick Stewart. In theory, Famke Janssen can return…as Madeline Pryor, the Jean Grey clone.

    From the way things look, the idea is a “divide and conquer” approach. While we haven’t heard a ton from the Magneto front (or is that X Men 5 for Campea?!) we can get “two” X-Men related films in a year. There’s even speculation that Gambit may spin off of Wolverine (they signed the actor who plays Gambit for a number of pictures)

    “Rebooting” the X films in 10 yrs, Phil, isn’t needed. All they would need, is perhaps Angel, Beast or Storm or Iceman…they run the Xavier school and got a whole new crop of new faces…with new baddies to face (Mr. Sinister, Apocolpse..etc)

  48. Yeah, I couldn’t care less if they did any more X-men movies in the Fox series. I’m not even interested in Wolverine: Origins. Frankly, I think Fox killed the franchise with [spoiler] the deaths of Professor X, Jean, and Scott [end spoiler]. So continuing the series with something like, “X-Men, Generation Next” or “Storm and the young X-Men” or something like that, wouldn’t interest me at all.

    If Marvel’s films (i.e. Hulk, Iron Man, and Punisher) turn out well, hopefully they can get the license back in a few years and do their take on it wherein we actually see a real sentinel and Storm doesn’t talk about hitting Toads with lightning.


      I assumed the scene at the very end w/ Professor X’s consciousness in the body of the patient was setting up #4…..

      I’d like to see them make it.

  49. i wouldnt be too upset if they decided to wait and not do one for a while….i wasnt a big fan of the series and wouldnt see a forth. i didnt think they did the characters any justice besides wolverine, prof. x, and magneto. but the second one was ok, i guess, but i dont know….i didnt like the series all that much

  50. I was always more interested in the Magneto movie than the Wolverine one but i’m starting to wonder whether we’re going to get it. My gut instinct says we won’t (though they’re obviously waiting to see how Wolverine performs).

    As for X-Men 4, i’m convinced that it won’t happen with Fox. I really think we’re going to have to wait another decade or so, at least long enough for the rights to go back to Marvel completely and they will re-start the franchise from scratch. Given how many stories there are to tell and how the first X-Men movie wasn’t a perfect origin, i think it would be ideal.

    If it is done right, then i’m prepared to wait as long as it takes.

    1. I would like to see a X-Men4 movie so we can see why happens to all the other X-Men.
      I would like to see in the movie never 4 Ro and gambti get together as one of the many relationships in xmen4.

    2. i totaly agree there becausein x-men:3 at the end magneto is playing chess and he moves one of the peices even after the was cured (by beast) so i beleave that was a sign that there will be a new x-men movie

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