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  1. He says “He can’t fly, I can.” then the next scene is a news announcer proclaiming “This just in.. Tom Cruise is dead.” with a sign behind him saying “He couldn’t fly.” .

    Yeah, that was the only funny part of what was an abortion of a movie.

  2. and may I add…21% on RT and 0% Cream of the Crop.
    WOW. This film is getting such positive reviews like you said. I love how you completely lie about it and then keep using it to defend your stupid statements.

  3. Saying the film doesn’t look bad….wanting to go see it….close enough. Just you saying that it is an “accusation” that I assumed you want to see it is funny. Yes! You should be ashamed for trying to compliment this movie. Shame shame.

  4. @spagett

    I m sorry, When did i say was going to see the film. Please read my comments properly and comprehend before stating accusations. Sorry if that sounds condescending just hate it when people write without getting the proper facts.

  5. well seeing how you are saying you are going to see it shows what kind of person you are. A person that I will never ever understand nor will ever want to. How a person finds this entertaining is beyond my comprehension and it is sad that you support such trash.

  6. @spagett

    In No way does this film look as bad as meet the spartans and saying that means you perception of taste is severly limited.

    “God damn idiots go see these stupid ass movies.” Well put spagett I better not go and see it now. I mean I don’t want to be a “God Damn idiot” after all.

  7. Where are these “overwhelmingly positive” reviews of this movie? I haven’t seen any reviews released yet.

    Based on the trailer this looks just as bad as Meet the Spartans. Atleast this Tom Cruise impersonator was a little funny and does a very good impression. However, the trailer follows the formula of all these other horrible spoof movies. They break out into dance out of nowhere for no reason. There are stupid pop culture references that no one cares about (the part where he says “You aren’t in my 5”). Fuck sakes that was terrible. Then we have multiple shots of him hurting himself. I swear in the trailer we see the main character falling down or running into a lightpole about 5 times.
    Not to mention the trailer makes the movie out to be Spiderman 1 but riddled with the cheesy horrible comedy of Spiderman 3’s dance scenes. I love that I read on a YouTube comment someone said “This movie looks like Spiderman…I wonder why?”. God damn idiots go see these stupid ass movies.

  8. I think the movie will be a surprise to most people.

    I’ll catch it sometime on the DVD market.

    On a side note, Blu Ray just doesn’t roll off of the tongue nearly as easily as DVD, what the hell Sony?

  9. So basically we can’t be certain of anything until we experience it for ourselves having an opinion is fine but wording it as a fACT or an absolute can damaging to anyone who is inflenunced easily.

  10. Actually, I want to clarify something:

    I saw Scary Movie 1 and 2 years after they came out. I saw Scary Movie 3 and 4 immediately on DVD when they came out. And loved them.

    That Tom Cruise video is HILARIOUS and is an indicator of the quality the movies are that these guys behind this movie make.

  11. Divine – I did not say I didn’t like Scary Movie 1 and 2. I just said 3 and 4 were way better than them in my opinion. I remember liking them when I saw them, but I’ve seen Scary Movie 3 and 4 more than once each – not Scary Movies 1 and 2 though.

    Also – I did not see them in theaters – I saw them years after they came out on VHS or DVD. And I only paid a minimal amount to rent them. So I didn’t very well “support” them.

  12. Nbakid2000 so you didn’t like Scary Movie 1 and 2 but you thought they were better than 3 and 4.

    Ya ever think of not supporting those shit films by maybe not paying to see them ?

    How is break dancing on the wall or ground funny?

    This type of film usually has about 1 good joke for every 6 that fall flat.

    Nbakid2000 I look forward to your comments on the review…..

  13. Well I see your point Rodney but how do you explain films like “Drillbit Taylor?”
    Do I have to sit thru that pile to say yeah it sucked?

    Most films “Not All” but alot you can say suck just based on the trailer.

    I do it all the time. Especally with all the Stomp the yard type films.

  14. EDIT: John, I was wrong. He was on the wall. I missed that the first (and only time) I saw the trailer. Just went back and watched it again to make sure I wasn’t wrong – I was.

  15. Well John didn’t like Scary Movie 3 or 4 so I’m guessing he’ll hate this film also. And Scary Movie 3 and 4 were INFINITELY better than 1 and 2.

    I WILL be seeing this in theaters, just to put my 2 cents worth in when he DOES review it (and gives it a bad score). I haven’t read any reviews except 1 for this movie and intend to keep it that way – I want nothing spoiled.

    BTW, John – he’s not break-dancing on the wall, he’s break-dancing on the ground – that’s the joke.

  16. Divine, I disagree. There have been movies that have not sparked my interest at all with their trailers and then on the suggestion of friends I might go see the movie and be thankful I did.

    Adversely, there are some fine craftsmen of movie trailers that can make utter shit look SO AWESOME that I have to see it and then my brainmeats hurt that I actually did. The Musketeer is my all time most despised movie trailer for that reason. Man I wanted to love that movie.

    It hurts. It really hurts.

  17. “so you saying the movie will suck is bit stupid. You cannot say with such certainty until you have seen it. Fact.
    I disagree, sometimes from the trailer you can make the assumption that’s is crap.

    like dogshit you can see it coming or be stupid enough to step in it…..

    For what there charging at the theatres and the fact that I have dozens of dvds I havnt watched yet, this film is dogcrap.

  18. Sorry John, I agree with Kanthan. The majority of reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for Superhero Movie, so you saying the movie will suck is bit stupid. You cannot say with such certainty until you have seen it. Fact.

  19. That guy does a great cruise…!

    His best friends are his 7 lawyers. What kind of fricken answer is that?!

    Imagine the look on Toms face when he saw that superhero movie trailer for the first time.
    I’m sure he called his friends and asked if he could sue.

    Out here in LA
    they even have a tv ad for that film with a reporter coming on and saying “breaking news Tom Cruise is dead”.

    I don’t wish him death but when I hear that I think o boy the scientolgists are gonna riot in the streets!!
    There’s alot of um here in hellywood it could be a prob.

    Anyway I won’t be seeing this film ether…
    nbakid2000 let us knw if its good in the review that’s I’m sure coming on this here outpost.

  20. Hey Kanthan,

    You said:

    “This will probably end up being not so good but at least give it a chance”

    Give it a chance???? There is a difference between making a prediction and not “giving something a chance”

    Do you see EVERY SINGLE MOVIE that’s put out? If not, WHY NOT? Aren’t you going to give everything a chance?

    You don’t see everything because there are some things that you don’t think will be any good. Sure you’re OPEN to the idea that it might be ok, but you JUDGE in advance and then are open to having your mind changed.

    We do the same thing… we ALL do the same thing. Some things look good, some things look crap. THIS movie looks like total crap (break dancing on the wall?????).

    To say “give it a chance” is hypocritical unless you spend money on seeing every single movie that’s put out because you’re not giving them a chance.

  21. @NBAKID2000

    I wouldnt worry about it dude a lot of people on this site will judge for the sake of judging. Serena for instance put up a post warning people not to see the film, without any knowledge of the film or knowledge of who eveno made it just because of meet the spartans and epic movie. I dont expect that kind of amateur attitude from an otherwise great site. This will probably end up being not so good but at least give it a chance.

  22. @ Slushie Man

    THANK YOU!! I’ve been telling people here that for ages and NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO ME. They just write it off as another Epic/Date/Meet the Spartans, without even acknowledging the people who did GOOD movies (The Naked Gun) are behind this.

  23. Just for the record, this movie IS NOT made by the same people that made Epic Movie, Date Movie, and Meet the Spartans. This movie actually has capable people behind it.

  24. “I can fly… I can fly.”
    He makes accidents!
    Just to add to my earlier comment:
    His hand gestures, his laugh, the movement of his mouth, his eyes, his body, everything, the guy has perfected the BEAST known as TOM CRUISE!

  25. Dude, this is so fucking hilarious!

    I want to watch it again just to see him execute a perfect TOM CRUISE impersonation, my favorite action hero turned weirdo.

    To see this guy ACT like Tom Cruise shows his talent as an actor plus it’s funny as hell. I’m laughing my ass off!

    I still won’t see the movie though!

  26. Great impression! I have no interest in this movie, but that bit was pretty damn funny.
    I also like Jerry OConnell’s impression of Cruise.

  27. Great Cruise impression, he absolutely nailed it.
    I wouldn’t dismiss SUPERHERO MOVIE that harshly John, just because the stench of MEET THE SPARTANS is still stinking up the theatres.
    I’ve seen a few reviews online, that claimed it’s actually pretty good.
    Also, Leslie Nielsen is in it and he is the great master of spoof comedy.
    Maybe this will be decent after all.

  28. Yeah, that was a pretty great impression. Ive also heard some decent things about this flick.

    The lead is the kid from Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon (I have 3 liitle brothers who eat that show up) and I will admit the kid has some decent comedic timing.

    It could be half decent but Ill wait to rent or see it on tv.

  29. I actually laughed at some of the jokes in the trailer and it looks like its not going to be the same utter shit that Scary Movie and its ilk are.
    Word on the street has been positive as well.

    That impression was fucking fantastic by the way.

  30. When Tom was on Oprah, I was like, “he was just trying to play to the Oprah audience”. When on Inside the Actors Studio he pointed out his 7 best friends were also his lawyers, I didn’t know friends required a retainer. But this actually makes him look…

    As for the movie, my kids love these. As a parent, they’re better to sit through than some of the crapped out CG force fed “family” crap that gets shoved down our throat, the stuff my kids wouldn’t even want to see except that the commercials are on Nick and Cartoon Network non-stop for months.

  31. Why will the movie suck because previous movies of this nature have been bad, Well on that case we may as well not go and see it then. Even though some of the review have been positive.

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