Robocop Reboot on its way?

Robocop dominated the 80s and tipping over into the 90s. He was the coolest cop on the big screen. Some people actually suggested this was the future we could expect from law enforcement. (The 80s were full of machines-taking-peoples-jobs type conspiracies). Now we find out among a number of projects we already heard about, Robocop is slated for a reboot.

MovieHole says:

A press release from MGM that lists a new “RoboCop” movie alongside upcoming franchise films already in development like “Quantum of Solace,” “The Thomas Crown Affair 2” (with “RoboCop” director Paul Verhoeven on board) and for some reason, “The Pink Panther 2” and 3.

Robocop was pretty damn cool in its day but frankly I think it cold benefit from a remake.

I just hope they retain much of the same humour and just offbeat reality that makes the Detroit of this indeterminate future acceptable. The ridiculous media commercials and standard 80s hints of the future (hologram ads everywhere) are much of what made Robocop cool. But it doesn’t hold up to the test of time.

This movie was super hot in its time. Everyone thought it was cool. Now we watch it tongue in cheek and mock Murphy’s monotone “You are Under arrest – creep”. Perhaps in a remake Robocop will have to do more than flee down a stairwell to avoid the nemisis’ mega robot. Ed-209 could take on an army, but not stairs.

I will buy that for a dollar!

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13 thoughts on “Robocop Reboot on its way?

  1. And I say: If there is a returning Donner-ish Superman, Rocky, a new Indy…there is no reason why RoboCop can’t just be RoboCop years down the road.

    Consider RoboCop *finally* patrolling Delta City (the “rebooted Detroit); consider RoboCop leading (or being in conflict with) other “RoboCops” or a mass produced ED-209 line by an OCP rival.

    “Everyone thought it was cool. Now we watch it tongue in cheek and mock Murphy’s monotone “You are Under arrest – creep”.

    Speak for yourself.

    Shane and others above hit it right on. There is no need to reboot RoboCop. The *only* reason for it is in namesake product only. While other actors have played the title character, casting isn’t a problem, but when I think about the actors who have thus far, they all did the monotone voice. Thus, since that is part of the Murphy-RoboCop character, it makes little sense to dump it.

    Besides, there *is* something out of RoboCop that I would like to see.

    If you correctly guessed Frank Miller’s early drafts of ‘RoboCop 2″ than Happy early Easter to you and get yourself a chocolate wax bunny.

    “I hope they retain the humour…Perhaps in a remake Robocop will have to do more than flee down a stairwell to avoid the nemisis’ mega robot. Ed-209 could take on an army, but not stairs.”

    Which is it, Rodney? Part of that dark humor was on creations like ED-209, where it could have several advantages but the gags were on its disadvantages (malfunctions, vulnerabilities) and the scene where RoboCop is fleeing is actually a great scene. It holds up well because of the context it is in. The hero is beat up both by ED, but also partially shut down by prime directive 4, and moments later is nearly annihilated by thousands of automatic weapons fired by police officers- which also works on a psychological level.

    Isn’t it better for the hero to face overwhelming odds and/or get his (metal) butt handed to him, regroups, (and in this case, re-humanizes) and then make the comeback and show the villains what time it is? Are you suggesting in your post you don’t want something like that? I’m sure that’s not what you meant, right?

    Funny you should mention Iron Man. RoboCop did draw some light inspiration from the Marvel character (and even makes a light tip of the hat to it when the thug robs the convience store) in addition, RoboCop also had some inspiration from 1984’s Terminator as well.

    But (humanoid) robots and cyborgs have always been a long standing in sci-fi lore; nobody rips off anyone. You can’t steal an idea.

  2. Yeah this remake is a bloody disgrace. Those responsible should be told to throw down their cameras by a homicidal robot, then riddled with bullets even after they comply.

  3. BAH! RoboCop actually does still hold up really well by todays standards. The effects aren’t terrible, and the social commentary of big corporations taking over government resources is more relevant than ever. The satirical side of the film is what makes it clever, and more than just a standard 80’s shoot em up sci-fi. That’s why the first RoboCop film is far better than the sequels and TV show, where all the clever satire was absent.

    RoboCop doesn’t need to be remade, but what would be awesome is if they followed through on an idea I heard tossed around a while back, of doing a really good sequel with Verhoeven directing again (in fact he may have been the one who said this idea). The concept was RoboCop had been offline, boxed away for a few decades and was brought back online in an even more distant future. Sounds good, since you can effectively ignore the previous sequels if you want then. But more importantly it would recreate that feeling of displacement Murphy had the first time he awakens as a cyborg.

    A great sequel would be better than a remake. It doesn’t need to be remade, because it’s already great.

  4. Just watched the original a few weeks ago. I thought it held up pretty well. Clarence Boddicker was an awesome villain. I’ll wait for the trailers on this one, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s at least R rated.

  5. i am pyshced as shit to see this. i loved robocop when i was kid and still watch them when their on tv. imagine a new robocop that stronger better and faster. ESPECIALLY faster, if he were in a high speed persuit of some splatter punks the only way he could catch them is if they stop. which they did. they could just jog away and he wouldn’t be able to catch them. and unless lethal force were required he couldn’t shoot them either. althought i’m optimistic i can see the potential to fuck it up.

    i’ll still always have red forman yelling at robo about dick jones.

  6. Yea I also think this movie should not be remade. It was done very well for its time. I mean whats the point of re-making every good movie that was 20 years old or more when the orginal is still great. Look at StarWars first movie is 30 years old and costed next to nothing by todays standards but the quality was so good that in 1997 a few cgi scenes and the movie still looks better than movies made today with a bigger bugget. My point is some movies need a re-boot and some need to be fixed up or left alone. This film sure could use a patch job but a whole re-make no way.

  7. One movie in my opinion that just doesn’t need a reboot. It’s just too early and I don’t think I should ever see another in my lifetime.

  8. I would not mind if they rebooted Robocop, but they better keep it a blood bath like the original. I was 9 when this movie came out and i just remember thinking ” why the fuck are my parents letting me watch this?”

    Also i will not accept a CGI Robocop….i need the guy in the suit…..also can they get the original Clarence Boddicker back?

  9. Robocop suffered from Verhoeven’s need to make everything a satire. It didn’t so much wreck his movies, but they would be better to watch without the whole satire.

    Verhoeven always did shooting and FX well, so my only concern is how serious they will actually take the budget and direction? Cut out the satire and make it a solid shooter that looks great, I’ll definitely be game.

  10. Nope, nope, nope.

    Aren’t they worried that this will seem like an Iron Man ripoff? Yes, I know that the Robocop movie came out well before the Iron Man movie, but another guy running around in a metal suit? Enough.

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