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Righteous-Kill-Trailer-3There is a new Righteous Kill teaser trailer out. For those of you who may not know, Righteous Kill is the long awaited film with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro finally in a movie together (Heat doesn’t count since they only really had 1 scene together and were never on screen together in Godfather 2).

Any film fan should be looking forward to this. Personally, my anticipation took a big hit when the producers of this movie (some of the same people behind Inspector Gadget, Jessica Simplson’s Blonde Ambition and Nicolas Cage version of Wicker Man) decided to put 50 Cent in the film. If they have that much lack of common sense, then I have very little hope in the rest of the movie.

So here is the Righteous Kill trailer. Honestly, even if you took out 50 Cent from the trailer, its still not that good. If it weren’t for the names Pacion and De Niro, I wouldn’t even give this film a second thought. Check it out and tell us what you think:

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26 thoughts on “Righteous Kill Trailer

  1. I must be in a minority. I think it looks good! Even if the movie ends up sucking, only an idiot would pass up the opportunity to see De Niro and Pacino together! And if Carla Gugino gets naked in this, then dayum!

  2. when was the last time either of these guys were relevant???
    why anyone would think for a minute this film would be worth a dman is beyond me.

    lets face it..pacino has never been that great. loud performances doesn’t mean good.don’t get me wrong…I love him. he is fantastically terrible….so over the top pretty much all the time hes hilarious and deniro obviously doesn’t give a shit anymore…

    this film looks like a direct to dvd turdfest

  3. @Chung Lee – The trailer and music totally reminds me of the Departed. I can just see De Niro and Al kickin’ the snot out of some thug after wreckin’ him like in the corner store in the Departed. Can’t wait to see them in this – they’re going to rule.

  4. wow….that doesnt look all that good to me….i was expected something a lil more…i dont know serious and having a better quality….but to me it seemed like a trailer for a tnt or straight to dvd movie….i dont know about this one…

  5. Man I was about to come on here and say “what? It doesn’t look that bad. looks kinda cool.” That is until I read what Vek said. SHEESH! Must suck, homeboy.

  6. The movie stinks. I worked on it. I rolled my eyes reading the script and then wondered how a hack like Avent got Pacino and DeNiro. Surely Pacino would have known since 88 Minutes the guy cannot direct piss into a bucket.

    I say this with all sincerity; Avoid this movie. It effin sucks.

  7. i tought they looked very much like caricatures of themselves.A little more humour in the trailer than i expected but it looked interesting .

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