Pathology Redband Trailer

Pathology-Redband.jpgPathology is a film that I’ve been quite excited about for almost a year now. As most of you know I had a chance to visit the set last summer, and at that time I was shown about 20 minutes worth of footage from the flick that absolutely blew me away. The movie is now set for an April 18th release and you should mark it down on your calendar!

For those of you who may not know the general idea of Pathology: “A group of young doctors form a little group to play a sick game. They each take turns killing some victim, and then the other doctors in the group have to try to figure out how the person got killed. Milo is one of the doctors. How fricking cool does that sound?!?!?!”

I got my hands on the Redband trailer (which is the best one) and I present it to you now:

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