No Plans For Batman 3 Yet

Bale-Batman-3With the second of the current Batman flicks rapidly approaching (The Dark Knight), speculation is already staring to run wild about Batman 3. Who will be in it, who will the villains be, will the Joker be back with another actor… yadda yadda yadda. There’s only one catch, neither Christopher Nolan or Christian Bale are currently locked in for a possible third film yet. The good folks over at RopeofSilicon give us this following excerpt from an interview with the duo:

EW: So do you think there will be a part 3 of Batman?

Bale: Um, look, let’s wait and see…

EW: Or, I guess it’d be part 7.

Bale: No, no, no, no, no. [Smiling] Part 3 is what I’d consider it, yeah, I don’t say part 7. Batman begins — that was the beginning there, with all due respect to the others. We are re-creating this. You know, obviously the decision is out of my hands. I would, knowing the Dark Knight story, I would like very much to complete a trilogy. And I think that knowing the story of The Dark Knight, it leaves you anticipating something that really can get very, very interesting for a third. Now, the question would be: Is Chris going to be doing it? Because to me I find it tricky to imagine working on it without it being a collaboration with Chris.

EW: Will there be another Batman movie?

Nolan: I have no clue

In today’s film market place you can’t blame a studio for not rushing ahead with future sequels until they see how the market is shaking out and how their current project will fair in theaters. So at this point any speculations or rumors you hear about the third Batman flick is just that… speculation and rumors. The project has not been green lit nor are any plans officially on the books.

Having said that, you’d have to be blind deaf and dumb to not know that WILL eventual be a third part to this series. One way or the other, WB will get a third film in the works, and you can bet your ass Christian Bale will be back as the Bat…. the only question is if Nolan will be back to direct. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Nolan WON’T be back to direct a thrid film… I’m just saying I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t. Directors get bored, and studios aren’t afraid to switch up directors in a franchise (it worked pretty well for Star Wars and Harry Potter so far)

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