New Snake Eyes Pics From ‘G.I. Joe!’

Now I wasn’t a huge ‘G.I. Joe’ fan was I was little, (I was more of a ‘ Jems and The Holograms’ kind of girl.) but I have to admit the new pictures that Paramount has released of Ray Park in his ‘Snake Eyes’ costume for the upcoming ‘G.I. Joe’ movie has definitely intrigued me. gives us these pics:


So for all those people that think ‘G.I Joe’ is going to be a major disappointment, should at least feel a little optimistic about the upcoming Stephen Sommers film.

So do these pictures do the Snake Eyes justice?

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38 thoughts on “New Snake Eyes Pics From ‘G.I. Joe!’

  1. Yeah, um about Ray Park… All he is doing is walking around in the damn thing. The actual stunts and kick ass moves are done by a guy named Don L. Lee. An amazing stunt coordinator. Please pay along the info and spread the word… and its him wearing the suit in these images. DON L. LEE

  2. Sommers is one of those crappy directors that seems to rely on everything being fixed in post, so I still have my doubts about this flick. These pics do look cool though.

  3. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)the plot of the movie is set. NUFF SAID.!!

  4. Hey, I am all for the Cobras’ They are the reason why GI Joe was a success, because of the Cobras. Now those guys are awesome. There will not be a better scene without my main Snake Eyes. He was most of the reason why I watched the cartoon. But hey, you know what….COOOOOOBRAAAAAA! Yeah!!!

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  6. why do people find it nessesary to comment the commenting rules reminder?

    (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

    if it becomes a habbit ill start killing.

  7. Not spandex and not 80lb Batman rubber…somewhere in between…I dig it. I’m glad to see that they went with a classic look…this is the ’85 Snake Eyes. I don’t like the Arashikage hexagram on the arm (in the comic it was a hidden tattoo) but I can live with it and barely give it a second thought. So far, I’m very happy with what I’m hearing.

    As a side note, I keep hearing people whine that their 80’s cartoon memories are being destroyed with this movie…just two points:

    1.) How can you make a judgement with so little known?

    2.) I didn’t watch the cartoon much…I was a comic reader. The comic took the subject far more seriously and created a much broader story. I’m not saying I didn’t like the cartoon or that those who only know the cartoon are uninformed…what I’m saying is this, I was obsessed with all things GIJOE since 3rd grade when I read issue #12 and as sad as it sounds, I have many years invested as a fan. I have seen nothing yet to diminish my excitement and faith in this project. Larry Hama approves…that’s enough for me.

  8. “Is it too late to ask for Snake Eyes the movie instead of G.I. Joe the movie? Cause right now this is the only thing i like about the film.”

    I agree!

  9. i agree with ian c. why give him a scuba suit with molded muscles. this suite reminds me of some of the old batman suits. the thick rubber bothers me. i do like the look and it’s cool & all but how about letting the guy get in the best shape possible put him in some black under-armor with miliatry armor and accents and let the fight begin.
    however, it is based on 3.75 inch actions figures and a cartoon that was great in when i was in jr. high (80’s). so i guess i’ll let the younger generation enjoy w/o being too critical….GO JOE!!!!!

  10. Loved GI Joe as a kid, but from all the news I’ve heard so far I haven’t really been all that interested in the development of the movie. Although………that is a pretty badass picture of Snake Eyes. I can only hope that this is a first step that leads into a positive result for this production.

  11. as long as they keep GI Joe an AMERICAN hero i’ll have absolutly no problems with this film!
    i really doubt they will change that part even though its been rumored!

  12. Y’know, i think someone at the studio heard Doug’s comments on TMB live this week and released this picture early as a result:)

    Damage control or not, that is Snake Eyes and the pic is a real shot in the arm for me. I have always preferred the Joes to Transformers and have been waiting for this film for about two decades (because i always knew it would get made eventually).

    And i’m sure Jem: the motion picture will be next in line. Get Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Amy Whitehouse as the Misfits and you can’t lose.


    @Ian C.

    i totally agree. i thought the movie was going to just concentrate on making it reall on the real world and making it like military but now they are going for the superheroe look from the comic books, i guess its good theyre sticking to the originsal lok but now it MIGHT look kinda outa the “real world” for the viewers- specially for those people that know nothing about GI JOE
    but hey- the costume is amazing

    oh and dude….trust me..its ninja enough…

  14. The material of the costume has far too much sheen. No one who prizes stealth would wear clothing that reflects that much light. Pics = LAME.

  15. Is it too late to ask for Snake Eyes the movie instead of G.I. Joe the movie? Cause right now this is the only thing i like about the film.

  16. To nitpick just a bit, I’m not sure why they went with the superhero-ish molded muscle look on some of the costume. I mean, Snake-Eyes is military. Why not just give him a body armor type thing around the torso? That almost makes more sense for him than it would for Batman. Unless it’s not “ninja” enough…

  17. wow….i am impressed with those pics. movie will prolly be ass, but i couldnt ask for a better snake eyes. that my friends is how u recreate a classic 80s cartoon character. no need to change it and make it modern. those pics are perfect, still cant make a verdict on the movie, but again that IS snake eyes. perfect…

  18. People feel optimistic because if you’ve ever seen street fighter the movie you can see how totally wrong a comic book character can be created. At least they are starting on the right foot which is all we can ask at this point

  19. Feel optimistic why…. because Snake Eyes looks cool? It’s a picture with no reflection on directorial choice or script- it’s toy cosplay. Clone Troopers looked cool, too.

  20. Anyone know what the budget is for this movie? Cuz dang if there are some great action scenes with snake eyes vs storm shadow in the likes of the matrix 2 on the truck scene.. consider me sold on day one!

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