New Iron Man Stills

We have more Iron Man pics today thanks to our friends at ReelComix, I have included my 5 favorites, but go to the source to check out the rest!






This summer is going to be a geek-fest of the Nth degree. Hulk, Iron Man, Batman and Hellboy will hopefully make up for last summer’s blockbuster letdowns and then some. We have seen a ton of stuff out of the Iron Man cam,p and now stuff is starting to roll out for Hulk. I am very excited and anxiously await the onslaught of legends.

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3 thoughts on “New Iron Man Stills

  1. I think that after the next batman installment, they should just let it be.Without Nolan and Bale there really isn’t much point to making another one. That’s just what I think. Including Nolan’s vision of the Dark Knight, there have six iterations of Batman. I think the drain may have run dry…then again what the fuck do I know. If there is money to be made, it will get done.

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