Machete Trilogy?

Machete-Trilogy.jpgIt doesn’t matter if you loved or hated Grindhouse (personally, I LOVED Planet Terror and just hated Deathproof) I think most of us agree that the fake trailer for “Machete” was one of the absolute highlights of the while Grindhouse experience. It was actually a little bit of a let down since I thought the Machete footage was the best stuff in all the Grindhouse trailers… only to then find out it was just from the fake trailer. Oh well.

Some time ago we all got excited when we heard that they were going to go ahead and produce an actual “Machete” movie. Well, actor Danny Trejo just came out and said that not only are they still doing a Machete movie… but that they’re looking at making it a full Machete trilogy! On top of that, Trejo claims that Robert Rodriguez is personally going to direct the flims (or at least the first one).

Now, take all this with a grain of salt since this is coming from the non-A-List actor who would personally stand the most to gain if this happens, and it is possible this may just be wishful thinking on his part. But lets assume for a moment that he’s correct. How wicked would that be?!?!?! I’ve been dying to see that Machete movie ever since I first saw it in the Grindhouse trailers… and a full trilogy of slash em up fun would be killer!

Personally I give this project a 50/50 chance of ever filming… but man it will be sweet if it does. (Source: BloodyDisgusting)

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8 thoughts on “Machete Trilogy?

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  2. I saw it in theaters but it would be even more Badass if they just do a Creepshow type of deal were you just do an anthongly of Thanksgiving,Werewolf Woman,Dont & Leve Machette as a Trilogy but that’s just my thought

  3. Man, when i saw that trailer i was so pumped. It looks totally BA. It looks like the kind of RR can do. I really hope they go through and do it cause it looked awesome.

  4. That would kick ass and I am with you Death Proof was a let down and Planet Terror was Bad ASS but hey if they make this into a film they should Continue the Grindhouse style and I also heard Rob Zombie might turn the his preview The Wear Wolf Of The SS I think it was.

  5. HELL YEAH!!! this the best movie news I’ve heard all winter. I read the post with a really wide smile. The only thing that could make this better if The Crazy Baby Sitter Twins were in it.

  6. hey i would see it. i loved grindhouse, its a damn shame it didnt make any money. i would gladly pay for a machete flick if its half as insane as the trailer. plus after the madness that was planet terror RR can pull it off. now give us the box set dvd with the trailers….NOW!

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