Jackie Chan and Jet Li Plan Another Movie Together

Anyone who has any appreciation at all for the Kung-Fu genre can’t help but be at least a little excited (even if only in principle) about the notion of a Jackie Chan/Jet Li movie! Yeah… The Forbidden Kingdom doesn’t look like it’s going to be all that good (we’ll see soon enough), but it’s still Chan and Li together, so a lot of us will be there.

But for those of you who lament the fact that Forbidden Kingdom looks like it will suck… THERE IS GOOD NEWS! Apparently Chan and Li liked working together so much, they’re already planning on doing another film together. Yahoo News gives us this:

“The first day we started filming, it felt like we had worked together for many years,” Chan said, adding, “after filming this movie, we didn’t have enough fun.” “In four months (of filming), we went from friends to becoming brothers,” Li said. Chan said their fight sequences went so smoothly that cinematographer Peter Pau told them to slow down.

He said “The Forbidden Kingdom” is not the movie he wanted to make his first collaboration with Li, but he signed on when the project came along because “if I had kept waiting, who knows how long I would have had to wait.” Chan and Li said they want to shoot another movie together based on a script they started working on 15 years ago, but both stars refused to give details. Both actors were lukewarm in earlier comments about the “The Forbidden Kingdom,” which was shot in China but largely targets U.S. audiences.

The good news is that they seem to love working together and that it does appear another (hopefully better) Chan/Li film is on the way. The bad news is that they seems to be less than thrilled with Forbidden Kingdom. Yikes! When the stars seem lukewarm about an upcoming movie, you know there’s trouble ahead!

But who cares… I’ll still be there to see it, and I’ll anxiously await the next one they do… hopefully it WILL NOT be an American production.

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30 thoughts on “Jackie Chan and Jet Li Plan Another Movie Together

  1. they are the best martial artes masters how show us by ther movies the good side for fighting and controll tenx for inspitated soo many people to practice martiall artes

  2. I saw “The forbidden kingdom”. It does not suck, but it is quite disappointing for many reasons. The story is inspired by a very famous Chinese novel, “trip to the west, the adventures of the monkey king”, the same one which inspired Dragon Ball, and another cartoon before. A friend of mine also told me that it already exists a film with very similar (and poor) adaptation of this story.
    The book is very long and rich of battles, so it is impossible to put it in one single movie, but they just changed completely the story, they are inventing all. I loved the book, so I am very disappointed.
    About the collaboration, well, it is a bit poor.
    Let’s hope for something better in the future, both for the Li/Chan collaboration, than for the next “trip to the west” movie… This book is impressive, it really deserves someone who adapt it better…

  3. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) Go ahead knock them dead, blow us away! keep them coming! If you have to do chinese productions, to maximize on efficiency and personal contentment then go ahead and do so. You have my blessings All the best! Go and do collaborations including Chuck Norris, Cynthia Rothrock, Mark Ducascos, Westney Snipes and any other non asiansinto the mix. together or against along with all the other asians and have a smorgasbord of action.

  4. ok jackie chan and jet li that is a saga and kungfu didnt die with bruce lee cause he did jkd and these two would be the next ones i would trust to film together go on guys you rock

  5. It has been too long for this, and now it arrives. A collaboration of the finest martial arts actors in the modern age. Sorry Donnie you are a close third. This film will be a bit childish and for the ones who was young in the late 80’s will feel left out. I do hope when these two work on another production together it will not be like the last 3 movies these guys have made. too much history and not enough action. I personally would like to see both guys team up with Tsui Hark and make the sequal to ‘Kung Fu Cult Hero aka ‘Evil cult’.

  6. Chan has disowned virtually every american movie hes made, mostly with good reason. If all the forbidden kingdom does is get the foot in the door for more superior team ups of Jet and Jackie then its worthwhile even if it sucks. Time for something like Drunken master 3 only with Jackie as the beggar/ teacher, or Project A 3 with Jet Li as a pirate captain. Joy

  7. I’m an Asian and have seen many of their movies. heck! i just saw fearless the other day on tv. for us living on this side of the world, the very thought of seeing these two movie legends in the same room is something, and in the same movie? downright kick ass bloody hell cool, i tell you!

    my only fear is this movie is gonna bomb. but I’ve prepared myself mentally for it and hope that more of their collaboration projects will grace the silver screen.

    so, i like the idea of the movie but if the stars themselves feel lukewarm about it, i don’t give a rat’s ass – I WILL SEE THE MOVIE! and you should too!

  8. I think the new trailer for the Forbidden Kingdom looks awesome. So far the only part about it that bothers me is the young kid. The rest of it just looks cool, like a chinese comic book come to life style.

    So happy they want to do another film together aswell. That they are getting along so well and even wanting to make it something they’ve been working on together for years now. Freakin’ sweet.

  9. shadopup thats the best idea ever…

    and alex bruce was cool and is classic…but some of jackie and jets early work is just as good and in some cases better….

    1. i disagree. while bruce lee is, of course, a legend when it comes to the kung-fu/martial arts genre, it would be better than fair to say that jet li and jackie chan both bring/brought something new to the game. for instance, jackie chan often takes bruce lee’s one man against the world style and adds a little bit of parkour, a little bit of kung fu, and a lot of creativity. jet li while sometimes less creative is still extremely skilled. some would say his wire-fu is less traditional, but lets face it. it makes excellent eye candy. so i believe credit should be given where credit is due.

  10. oh yeah I hope this pans out. Hell why not toss in some others like Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and Donnie Yen. Actually it’d be awesome to have Wu Jing. Watch him and Donnie Yen go at it in the alley fight in SPL. That guy could definitely be the next Hong Kong action star. Let’s add Tony Jaa while they’re at it.

    Ok I’m going overboard but I’d like to see more big name martial arts team ups or battle royales for that matter.

    That’s funny about the director telling them to slow down…I’d like to see them go at it as fast as possible.

  11. sounds good..im praying it’ll be a hong kong produced movie….te jet li/ jackie chan flicks of the 80s-early 90s are 100 times better than anything they’ve done in america

  12. I love them both, and I can’t wait to see the movie. I agree with you about not looking all that great, but the fight scenes have to be good with the two of them together. Pretty excited.

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