Iron Man TV Spot

One of the most anticipated films of the summer (and some would say the YEAR) is the upcoming Iron Man film. Hell, even I’ve been won over by it and I never liked the comic book. There is a new TV spot online (well, it’s new to me, I haven’t seen it yet) and I share it with you now. This spot has a lighter feel to it than the other trailers. I like it.

4 thoughts on “Iron Man TV Spot

  1. 3 comments (4 now). No one cares about this movie anymore!!!

    I didn’t care much to begin with. This summer is all about the Dark Knight and Indy…nothing more!

  2. The Dark Knight teaser with just the 3 voices on it had more going for it than Iron Man’s entire marketing campaign.

  3. It’s good, but I don’t need anything more to get me interested in this movie. I am currently more interested in Iron Man than I am in Batman. They really need to get a move on with the Batman marketing because I find myself forgetting that it is coming out this summer.

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