8 thoughts on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall International Poster

  1. I find it extraordinary that anyone would waste their energy by formulating an opinion about a movie poster. Why on earth does anyone care so much?

    The poster serves a purpose, it advertises a film. Surely it would be better to hate something tangible, like war?

  2. Saw this movie 3 weeks back and no, it’s not better than Knocked Up. It is funny but doesn’t touch KU or Superbad.

  3. It makes sense to put Russell Brand at the front of the poster (especially here in the UK) because no-one else will know who the other two are here. I don’t mind the poster.

  4. I agree Doug, awful poster. I can say exactly why but just everything about it is terrible. Everything looks fake. Even the loveable Kristen Bell looks like she’s giving a blank rather than loving stare.

  5. I’m really not looking forward to this movie. When you got that Russel guy in any movie, it’s too fucking hard to watch, he is so annoying and I got no idea why anyone would cast him.

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