Fantastic Four Frianchise Is Buried

4FWe learn today that the Fantastic Four franchise may be dead like dinner. We get the news thanks to the following interview with MTV:

“I’m pretty sure we won’t do [another] one,” insisted “Fantastic Four” star Chris Evans, who excelled in two films as the Human Torch. “I’m assuming that one is a closed book.”

It might be for the best. When we spoke with Evans in June, he acknowledged the failings of the first two movies, but said he still thought the franchise’s “potential has not been reached.” “I still think this can be something great, and I think we are getting closer,” he said at the time. “”I think that if [”FF2″] does ok and people respond with the appreciation of a more serious tone, hopefully [with] the third one we can inch closer to a legitimate cast and a legitimate film.”

As much as I hated the Fantastic Four movies, I always felt bad for Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis. They both did an outstanding job as their characters and it is a damn shame they didn’t have a decent movie to work with. I consider this to be extremely good news and hope that we see another shot at the Fantastic Four after a good decade of cleansing has passed.

In remembrance of the franchise – I would like us all to write a 5-7-5 Haiku:

Gulag of mistakes
Galactus was a storm cloud
Burn in hell, for real

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42 thoughts on “Fantastic Four Frianchise Is Buried

  1. i think that the first two werent that great at all but it did have some potential. Im not really up for a reboot but if they do try for a third, it wouldnt hurt to try something new either replace tim story or replace jessica alba and julian mcmahon

  2. Please let this be the end of it. I agree with everyone. The script was written as if it was for a Saturday cartoon and not a big screen movie. I think they need to shelf it and try again in about 10-15 years when every copy of the fist two has been totally wiped from the face of the earth. But I have a funny feeling they will do a 3rd because that’s the in thing at the moment. But I hope for our sakes that they don’t.

  3. Pretty much agree with everyone here.

    I found out that they we’re going to have a real person play the role of Galactus.
    The actor cast was the same guy that does the voice of “Invader Zim” on the nicklelodon cartoon.
    I’m pretty sure the test audience didn’t like that a planet sized huge person was Galactus.
    So it was thrown out for the Cloud.

  4. Six Feet Under…Hooray!

    I’d rather watch Batman & Robin than this Fricken Fourglobshit.

    Needs a reboot…but wait 4-5 years.

  5. I agree with most people here. Let it die. Wait a few years. And then start up again with something serious (like they did with Batman). I mean, the FF needs to have their place along side Spidey as great comic action cinema. There is no need for that “Three+1 Stooges” routine they kept pulling in the film. Silver Surfer was by far the best thing to have happened to the FF. If everything else in the film was great, then I think Galactus as a big cloud would have been more acceptable.

  6. It shouldn’t take THREE TRIES to “inch closer to a legitimate cast and a legitimate film.” That “inch closer” is hilarious–it’s like they’re admitting even on the third try they wouldn’t QUITE be where they want to be.

    It’s a shame, though. I had fun at both FF movies even if their flaws were obvious. They should have added the Mole Man to the first movie and a legitimate Galactus to the second (without Dr Doom taking up screen time). Both films needed more battles or excuses for the characters to use their powers.

  7. lol the funny thing is i think everything about these movies sucked…please dont reboot…CGI is lame hulk will be fun but looks gay with the CGI.

  8. to quote the simpsons comic book guy ” worst franchise ever”

    Okay in the comics sue was older than Johnny and she looked older. I think someone who’s actually read the comics would be good.

    I would have to say Doom needs recasted…

    Get an new director…Let mark Millar write a script his Ultimates comics rule all.

    Chris and Mike definately hit all the right notes but I think Paul Walker should’ve been Johnny Storm instead. Hey he’s blonde and in the comics Johnny is blonde plus paul walker isn’t the bad of an actor.

    Originally Mark paul Gosselar was gonna be the torch from what I understand. he would’ve been good..

    How about Gwen Paltrow as Sue Storm or Naomi Watts? God they were on crack when they made this film..

    The casting of reed was decent but maybe someone else.

  9. The real problem with FF was that it was cast, set, and written like a Saturday Morning Cartoon. No realism at all.

    Batman Begins and Spiderman both get it right. There is enough grit, dirt, and imperfections to make it believable.

    I honestly can’t see how they can fix it without starting again from scratch. At least two of the cast (e.g. Susan Storm, and Mr. Fantastic) need to be replaced and it needs to be written and shot in a world similar to ours.

    Plus a key point for writing [most] action movies is the quiet moments to break up the action… Like Peter Parker and Marry Jane story or and the back story in Batman Begins.

    FF just steamrolls you though the story without taking much breathing room. How do you build dramatic suspense when the entire movie is throwing everything in your face all the time?

  10. Invisible Alba
    No chemistry with dear Reed
    Just Johnny and Thing

    Doom the Fifth Member
    Started everything out wrong
    Try again later.

  11. This is great news. I’m hoping that the studios pull a “Hulk” and wait a few years, find the right people to work on it and reboot the whole thing in a way that would make Jack Kirby proud.

  12. Thank God. because if I start a frianchise I have to watch them all so now that there is not another one to watch thank god.

    I feel bad those actors and the guy who played Hitman he is not a bad actor but this happens decent actors will choose a bad movie in hopes to make them big.

  13. Not sad at all to be seeing this franchise bite the dust for a while, yet I do have to agree with several of the above posts in regards to:

    1. It’s a shame about Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis. I thought they they played their characters very well and were the highlights of both movies.

    2. Jessica Alba was GOD AWFUL. Enough said.

    3. Tim Story & the screen writers for both movies brought absolutely nothing worthwhile to either one of the flicks. If they make another one they definitely have to replace the director and come up with a grittier story that actually presents us a bad guy who is menacing, and not in a Saturday morning cartoon kinda way.

    4. I didn’t really have a problem with Julian McMahon being cast as Dr. Doom except for the fact that Doom is an absolute ego-maniacal asshole, and although McMahon is used to playing a character similar to that on Nip/Tuck, I’m sure that Story told him to tone it down and play it as more of a moustache twirling villian instead to make the kiddies happy (Fucking Ugh!). I’d bring him back but I’d completely let him loose on the character and tell him to make him as much of an over the top, dark, downright sinister/soulless guy as possible.

  14. Thank God for this ’cause another one would’ve just made me cry. so long FF. may your next reincarnation be better than this one……waaay better

  15. As shit as the first one was(didn’t bother with #2), Evans as Human Torch was pretty damn entertaining. Give him a better story, along with someone who could actually pass as his fucking sister, and that could have been a real breakout role for him. Too bad.

  16. I’m glad they gave up. The script was crap (of both movies, actually) and the casting was even worse. Besides, I don’t know why, but Hollywood producers seem to keep giving Jessica Alba all the wrong roles for her in movies. Someone must dislike her very much… Susan Storm? Give me a break….
    The idea of producing another one in eight or ten years doesn’t sound very well. Maybe the FF are not that appealing on the big screen. After all, it isn’t mandatory for a superhero to end up on the big screen. What works for one (i.e. Spiderman) might not be the best for another hero. Just a thought…

  17. As shit as Batman & Robin was.. at least it was laughably shit.

    Chris Evans is just flat out annoying in FF.

    Good riddance!

  18. It is without question the no#1 draw for the second film wasm’r the Fan Four, but The Silver Surfer, who was in the film for fifteen minutes, and another washhout of Doctor Doom.

    I would actually want to see ONE MORE film. This one where they face The Mole Man. I want then to actually have a *superhero* showdown” which we didn’t get in the first two films. I also want Sue Storm recast. I have disavowed Jessica Alba and all her clones.

    Evans and Chikilis- and even Gruffud, for that matter- have done good work in the films, but it is Alba and the interpetation of the Sue Storm character that has held the films back, aside from a lack of action.

    Please note Evans is “assuming” it is a closed book. He has said the potential has not been reached. (An understatement, if any). Also, more and more I wonder if Barbershop was a fluke on Tim Story’s part. I enjoyed that film greatly, but every other film he’s directed has never reached that peak of enjoyment to date, at least for me.

    If Fox wants another FF…here’s the checklist:

    1) Replace Jessica Alba.

    2) Replace Tim Story.

    3) A real threat that allows the FF to be a party to action scenes. No bridge accidents indirectly caused by one of thier own. No ferris wheel fix ups indirectly caused by one of thier own. In fact, just have the danger(s) be caused by the foes they face.

    4) If a new exciting character is intoduced and promoted to high hell, give such character the time needed. No spinoff characters. Zero. Nada.

    5) If Doctor Doom returns, make him evolve into the bad ass he should have been in the first place, AND get rid of (yes,sorry) Julian McMahon. Either that, or fuck up his voice to make him sound horse pissed.

    6) Are you taking notes?

    7) If nothing else, recast the entire lot and go direct to video with the next film or two. Then you won’t hear the fans bitch so loud.

  19. It does seem like a wasted franchise, especially for Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans. I thught the casting of Sue Storm and Mr. Fantastic were terrible as well as the script and Dr. Doom.

    But those two actors were picked perfectly for their roles and despite it’s flaws when it’s get a reboot like the Hulk has, whoever plays Jonny Flame and Thing have big shoes to fill.

  20. Another comic book franchise cut sold short of it’s potential and buried by Fox. I have no doubt though, that Marvel will get the F4 back and make their own movies in ten years time.

    It is shame that we won’t get a third one with Franklin Richards and lots of superpowered pregnancy jokes; a real…..damn…..shame.

  21. fox is smart. They will reboot f4 movie after 8 years.

    But they will make a silver surfer spin off with the real galactus by 2010 that is for sure.

  22. As much as I hated fantastic four movies NOTHING will ever compare to the crap Batman&Robin was… damn if i liked the first 3 movies =(… oo well fantastic four franchise dead :) something to give thanks before dinner

  23. I know these movies were nowhere near what they should have been, but I would still like to see just one more that really let’s Dr. Doom kick the shit out of them!

  24. The best rendition of THE FANTASTIC FOUR on film is the opening an closing moments of Ang Lee’s THE ICE STORM. Oddly enough, narrated by future Spiderman Tobey Maguire.

  25. This is great news. With the total miscast of Susan Storm assraped Doom and a fucking stormcloud this franchise rivals Superman 4, Superman Returns and Batman&Robin as the worst abomination in comicbook adaptations

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