Batman Begins Gets Blu-ray Launch

BatmanWe have news today about the release of the Batman Begins Blu-ray disk thanks to our friends at reeltalktv:

For those wondering why “Batman Begins” isn’t already out on Blu-ray, Warner Bros. was obviously waiting to ride the hype about the sequel ‘The Dark Knight.’ The studio’s home entertainment arm announced today that the franchise reboot will make its Blu-ray debut July 8. Ten days before the sequel debuts.

Well, it makes sense that they would use the sequel to pump sales of the DVD. I do not yet have a Blu-ray player, but now that the format war is over I may start entertaining the idea of getting one. In order to make the most out of my Blu-ray experience I will also need to upgrade my TV, cables, and power adapter. Progress is expensive.

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21 thoughts on “Batman Begins Gets Blu-ray Launch

  1. Ha Ha, that’s funny what you said about after getting a blu-ray machine you’ll also need to upgrade your TV, cables, etc…LOL! I think I’m gonna wait another year or 2 before I upgrade….I’m frugal.

    BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog!

    Thanx, Tommy

  2. @Ransom

    hahah Sony didn’t just back the right horse, they created that horse.

    And Doug, you should definitely get the PS3 since you get the Blu Ray playback and the game system so you can play Viking: Battle for Asgard!

  3. Ha. I guess Sony backed the right horse after all. I bought an Xbox 360 just for the fact that Halo 3 was coming out. Now that it’s come and gone and the format war’s over I’m definetely getting a PS3. By far the best investment in my opnion. You get Bluray and a sweet gaming console.

    Just do it.

  4. I only foresee digital downloads becoming the number one provider of movies once the Blu-Ray disc burners become cost effective as well as the discs to burn the movies on.

    Digital downloads are coming and quite fast at that, however they are not going to flat out replace physical media. There are a vast amount of people (myself included) that prefer to have their media stored not on a HDD but on a disc (DVD, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, CD or what have you). Backing things up to a HDD for easy repeat viewing will be nice, but I highly doubt that it will be the Blu-Ray killer some think it will be.

  5. I think I’ll wait to upgrade my collection with HD Downloads, have each movie put on a thumb drive for safe keeping.

  6. Digital Downloads will never replace my collection.
    Too much danger of losing your whole library in one swoop is the hard drive fails and with HD movies you need up to 50 gigabites per film, extras and all. I have no interest in filling my living room with hard drives, driving up my electric bill and filling my house with fan noise.

  7. You can get a bluray player for your computer for under $150, its from Lite On. Or get the LG one for just over $200, does both Bluray and HD-DVD, plus it can still burn regular DVD and CD, so you don’t have to have 2 drives. Also, your computer is an automatic DVD upscaling DVD to whatever resolution you want it to be. Stick that on a big screen, internet arguments become more interesting even. :P

  8. @Mike & Kirstina

    You are making it sound like you have to do away with your old DVD’s. You do know that Blu-ray players play standard definition DVD’s right?

    Come over to the Blu side, I assure you you’ll like it over here. Being someone who’s had a PS3 (the best BR player on the market, don’t let anyone tell you different) for almost a year, I can tell you it is well worth the investment.

  9. I have Batman Begins on DVD and HD DVD. Picking up the BluRay version as well. The movie looks awesome on HD and easily bests the DVD version.

    For those satisfied with DVD you don’t know what you are missing – you may want to join the Flat Earth society too! ;)

  10. Yeah. Def go for the PS3. Its about the same price as a Blu-Ray player (if not cheaper) plus you get a new gaming system and the kicker is that it is a DVD upconverter. So for all you out there (@ MIKE and his 585 DVDS) who dont want to change there DVDs yet you wont have to. You can just move forward from now. Leaps and bounds different. I’m mad that i have BB on a regular DVD and not Blu-Ray

  11. I love this movie. One of my all time favorites. I own the original one disk dvd, and the special edition 2 disc verion, and the HD DVD. I think I am going to end up buying the Bluray verision as well.

  12. hey, haven’t left a comment here in a long time. never felt the need to unless it’s a subject im interested in. as far as batman begins, im glad its coming out on blue ray. it just gives me more reason to go out and buy a PS3. “BATMAN BEGINS” best “hero” movie in my opinion ever. although i have to say IRONMAN looks pretty good. i’ll wait to see how “THE DARK KNINGT” and it match up. till then, as soon as i have the money, blue ray is my next stop….

  13. Nobody is TELLING any of you to buy a blu-ray player. They know that the technology is not going to quickly take over DVDs. This is why alot of them upscale your DVDs into HD quality anyway, jesus.

  14. I am going to get one for sure and the day batman begins come to blue-ray if you buy the ps3 that seems to be the best way to get one you get a game system and blue-player for $400 and I got my HD tv back in August so i will for sure be able to afford one by July.

    By the way with all these amazing trailers for the dark knight it better not suck. but if Ledger became the Joker you no he going to kick ass I just cant wait its so far but so close.

    when does the new trailer come out i thought it came out this month.

  15. I agree with Kristina!! I’m not going to buy a Blue-Ray until they completely take over. I have 585 dvds in my collection. I’m not going to change just because they want me to. I got all the Batman movies..Why would I want to pay 39 bucks or more on something I already own?? I love my dvds!! I’m not going to change!! Until I have to!!

  16. One thing that’s really ironic here is that Batman Begins was one the premiere titles used to promote HD-DVD. It was used in all the commercials and promotional materials.

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