Uncut Live With Crank Directors Neveldine and Taylor

Here you go folks. As most of you know last night on the live installment of Uncut, we had the pleasure of having Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Writer’s and directors of “Crank”, the upcoming “Crank 2” and the newest Gerard Butler movie “Game”) in studio with us.

We present the first 20 minutes of that conversation to you now. In this video they address issues with their overdue “Pathology” (with Milo Ventimiglia from “Heroes”), how on earth there can be a Crank 2 and some stuff about “Game” as well. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Uncut Live With Crank Directors Neveldine and Taylor

  1. I’m sorry i missed the live show yesterday (i was sleeping) but it was great to hear Mark & Brian again and if anybody was going to direct Commando 2 now, i’d want it to be them.

  2. Can you not upload the whole think? or at least audio for it. For those of us across the pond, listening live isn’t an option.

  3. That was awesome guys! You really need to get more guests in. You guys have a great way of making it all so casual and relaxed. I’ve never seen movie celebs siting back and downing beers while talking movies. Loved it! Why only 20 minutes though?

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