The Rock Set To Play The Tooth Fairy

Toothfairy2 72Hey Kids! The Rock will soon be collecting your teeth as the Tooth Fairy! We get this crazy news today from the professionals at Variety:

Dwayne Johnson will star as the title character in “The Tooth Fairy,” a 20th Century Fox comedy that’s coming together for an August start. Michael Lembeck, who helmed the second and third installments of “The Santa Clause,” will direct. Johnson will play an ordinary man who’s brought in to try to save the tooth fairy kingdom.

I feel like I am high on glue, but the truth is, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is going to be saving the Tooth Fairy Kingdom. Now I will see this film, and it may be so ridiculous that it becomes awesome; but I have a hunch this is not the type of role The Rock was hoping for when he left a professional Wrestling career.

The Rock has legendary charisma and is among the greatest smack talking wrestlers of all time. Back when he used to wrestle, I would always stop flipping though channels if I saw him with a mic in his hand. The guy has a gift, and it has yet to be properly utilized on film. If he can pull out a quality performance in this film, he will have my eternal support and respect for turning shit into gold.

I would feel a lot better about this film if it was brought to us by the Bad Santa scribes rather than Santa Clause 3. This seems like a rehash of the TIm Allen film, only you swap out Santa for the Tooth Fairy. I will be in line for this one opening night, this is level 10 outlandish and I am itching with morbid curiosity.