Roy Scheider 1932-2008

He was one of those faces you could pick out of anywhere, and a multi Oscar nominated actors with a vibrant on screen personality who never saw any role as too big for him to handle or too small to be worth his time. Roy Scheider has passed away at the age os 75, and man will he be missed.

No direct cause of death has been announced, but he passed away in hospital. You’ll all remember him for his role in Jaws, and that was classic no doubt. But to me personally… I’ll always remember him as Captain Nathan Bridger on Seaquest :) We salute you sir… we salute you.


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19 thoughts on “Roy Scheider 1932-2008

  1. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) Though its been over a month its still sad to lose Roy. I’m a big fan of Jaws with Chief Brodey being my favorite character in the movie. Hell of a actor. You’ll be missed. “Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and I want to go to bed, I had a drink about an hour ago and it’s gone straight to my head……”

  2. When I first read the news on IMDB, It shocked me almost as much as Heath a few weeks ago. From what I read thus far, Scheider wasn’t in the best of health for the last year or so.

    My condolances to his family and friends. He was one of our best actors.

  3. Brother, what a sad way to start a week! I’ll always remember his line from JAWS when he was tossin’ th’ hum out of the bucket, “Why don’t you come down here and shovel some of this this shit!”…or somthing to that effect….condolences to his family!

  4. Very sad news — he was one of my all time favorite actors. RIP Roy — you’ll be missed.

    Hopefully where you’re going, they’ll have that bigger boat you were asking for.

  5. Yeah, he will be missed. To me when I was a kid he was a tough guy like Robert Conrad of the 70’s. I’ll always remember him as the capt. in Jaws as being his role of roles.

  6. The AP believes he was being treated for multiple myeloma. Though there is no confirmation.
    A very underrated actor who I will miss very much.

  7. That’s one bad hat Harry.

    Sad news. Three roles come to mind when thinking about Roy Scheider: Brody, Bridger and the CEO of the insurance company in the Rainmaker. He was great on SeaQuest. I remember when it first aired, Scheider was the reason I watched it. The guy from Jaws in a submarine, can’t miss that.

    I’m glad he was with us as long as he was, but he will be missed.

  8. Wow, first Heath Ledger, and now Roy Scheider. Please, God, don’t let 2008 be a year where we lose all of Hollywood’s talents. Why could you have not taken Britney Spears or Paris Hilton instead?

  9. what a great actor…we´ll miss you! “Owner” of one of the greatest lines in movies:”…I guess we´ll need a bigger boat!…”(JAWS).
    A shame he didn´t win an oscar for “The French Connection”…hope they´ll honour him at the Ceremony, this year, though.

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