Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley Play Lovers in ‘Elegy’

Penelope Cruz is one brave woman. Just a few days ago, I reported how the famous actress had just filmed a love scene with Scarlett Johansson on the set of Woody Allen’s ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, now it looks like fans will see Penelope Cruz onscreen in more love scenes involving another unlikely actor…….Ben Kingsley.

Yahoo!News gives us this shudder-worthy news:

Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley team up in a movie based on Philip Roth’s short novel “The Dying Animal,” about a charismatic and selfish professor who loses his composure when he falls in love with a student half his age. “Elegy,” which premieres at the Berlin Film Festival on Sunday, deals with universal themes of love, death and illness, and portrays beauty as a burden as well as a blessing.It also seeks to show that growing old does not necessarily mean growing up, as Kingsley’s character, David Kepesh, preserves his independence while failing to overcome impulses of jealousy and doubt that threaten to undermine the relationship.

Wow, if Penelope Cruz can film love scenes with a man who is 31 years older than her in real life, I’m sure filming a lesbian love scene must have been a walk in the park for her. On a serious note though, I find this movie’s themes quite intriguing. I especially like the age versus maturity issue this film is supposed to convey.  I always find it sad yet fascinating when I realized that I’ve outgrown someone who is significantly older than me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. I’m curious to see how the film displays this issue onscreen.

Even though, I think Ben Kingsley is a “film whore,” (he does any movie for the right price) I can’t deny he’s an amazing actor, and considering the source material, and the people involved with the film, I’m sure he’s guaranteed to give a great performance.

‘Elegy’ is directed by Isabel Coixet and will be released sometime later this year.

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