Ninja Assassin is Code for Ninja Scroll?

The Wachowski’s upcoming Ninja Assasin project featuring Korean Popstar Rain and to be lead by V For Vendetta director James McTeigue looked to have potential simply based on the players involved and the directly silly title. Now it looks like this might be a cover for a different movie. Ninja Scroll.

We get an update via Variety:

Oddly enough, the names of the characters in the cast list seem to coincide with the names of the characters from Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s 1993 anime film Ninja Scroll! Is Ninja Assassin actually a live action remake of Ninja Scroll? It seems like a distinct possibility, given that the Wachowskis have often referred to this movie as one of their inspirations for The Matrix, and we can assume this would probably be a dream project of theirs.

Now I have to confess that I haven’t seen Ninja Scroll, however those friends of mine who are major anime fans always tell me that this is a “must watch”. This combined with the Wachowskis naming this as one of their inspirations for the action in The Matrix puts in on a high shelf. Especially for a movie I have yet to watch.

So if Ninja Assassin turns out to be the Blue Harvest name for a secret Ninja Scroll movie, would you be excited about it?

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9 thoughts on “Ninja Assassin is Code for Ninja Scroll?

  1. i donno about you guys but if you’ve seen the japanese ninja movie “shinobi”, you’ll get it why ninja movies are cool (well…some of them at least). so, its quite good news reading this news from rodney.

    if the rumours are true, i sincerely hope they can make the ninja scroll movie as good, if not better than shinobi. i can only pray that the storyline is not screwed to hell by the curse of the “hollywood cartoon/game-movie adaptation”.

    btw, shinobi is based on a japan legend and there is an anime series, basilisk, that’s based on that legend too. woth checking out while we’re waiting for the ninja scroll movie to come out.

  2. Hmm, I don’t know. I’m kind of on the fence with this one. I have allot of respect for the Wachowski brothers and the director of V. Although I’m not in the least bit looking forward to the Speed Racer movie and V was pretty slow at allot of parts for my taste. Still, I injoyed it and I love the Matrix series.

    However, Ninja Scroll is one of the most insane, 100% guy movie, action films ever made. From the first frame to the last, probly the most amazing fight scenes ever made, and lots of them, with some of the most powerful and evil villains ever imagined. The character Tassai alone is scarry and powerful as hell.

    Most of which will be hard to pull off in live action. But it’s also a VERY adult film with really gory violence, like drinking blood from pulled off limbs, and even rape. Then theres the story. It actully has some good writing for a strait up action/fantasy film and most of the characters are well written with lots of great lines. Some of the best one liners ever!

    Part of me would like to see this happen and I know theres a big fan base out there for this. But the original is great the way it is. Wachowski bothers and James McTeigueh attatched or not, theres still a huge chance this is just going to be a really bad idea. Speshaly if the feel like they have to tell origins for all the many characters in the story, which they don’t.

    I don’t know, the more I think about it as I write this Ninja Scroll should just be left alone.

    If the Wachowski brothers really want to do something in the way of this series, they should just make a worth while anime series revolving around the main character, Jubei. There is one already made, but it wasn’t very good. It for sure didn’t live up to the movie. I could see them making somthing awsome with that.

  3. God damn…..why the fuck to they always have to fuck with the classics. they are really gettin on my nerves with this, how bout we get an original fuckin idea. while japan is doing stuff like machine girl, we are over here destroying classics. booo hollywood give me some original ideas…..jeez

    ninja scroll is an anime classic, prolly one of the greatest action films out there animated or otherwise. the wachowskis do have a good record with the matrix but i dont know about this. the stuff that made the anime great will be hard to reproduce in a film, let alone a hollywood film. the characters and strong maturity will be hard to make period.

    heres to hoping it comes out well, but i strongly doubt it…

  4. The fact that it’s a Ninja Movie, it’s going to do good. When was the last movie about ninja’s being cool and deadly (instead of being funny with a mullet) shown anywhere?

    The fact that the Wachowskis are doing it, makes it even better. And now that they’re going to base it off of the classic anime Ninja Scroll, makes me very interested in this project.

    I just wonder how in the world are they going to adapt the characters into the movie.

    Still, we’re in for a treat!

  5. You asked a question:

    “So if Ninja Assassin turns out to be the Blue Harvest name for a secret Ninja Scroll movie, would you be excited about it?”

    My answer:


    In fact, I would not give two scoops about it if it was just ‘Ninja Assassin’. I didn’t enjoy that overpraised piece of garbage V For Vendetta, -meaning the film, not Moore’s graphic novel- and the Wachowskis simply got burned out over The Matrix.

  6. I can see why the movie is called Ninja Assassin instead of Ninja Scroll. The original animation got nothing to do with a “scroll”.

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