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There’s a new Get Smart trailer up, and it had a grin on my face the whole way through. This is a flick I’ve been really looking forward to ever since I heard that they were making it. The thing is perfectly cast all the way through and it’s looking more and more like they really captured the essence of Get Smart. The thing still may suck… we won’t know till we see it, but so far it looks perfect to me for what it is.

What are your thoughts?

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16 thoughts on “New Get Smart Trailer

  1. this looks sweeter than apple pie in the window of a cougars house on a sunday with cherries and funny people running around the house naked…. DROPPIN SWEET LOADS ON GET SMART FUCK

  2. I remember watching reruns of this show back-in-the-day. I would be really disappointed if I saw someone get shot and saw blood. In fact I hope someone gets shot in the shoulder and puts there hand over it pulls back just enough to show that there’s no blood or even a hole in there shirt. Good times.

  3. I think the trailer was great and I’ve never heard about Get Smart before this movie was announced. I loved the thing between Carell and “Zod”. Best reasoning in a movie ever

  4. I’m a fan of the show and have recently discovered that a local TV station plays episodes every night. With that said this trailer doesn’t excite me, so I am remaining reserved. I like that they have kept some of the nuances, but I am worried we might have a little too much over the top humor. The part with Max yelling “This is the best day of my life.” makes me cringe every time. It’s out of place. However, the rest of the time it appears that Carrell is playing the comedy straight. There is potential, but between that yelling scene and the recreation of the Entrapment scene I still have my doubts.

  5. then go rent the originals and then see what you think. What happen to the good ole days of nick at night? Adam west was batman, maxwell smart was the idiot super agent (not rowan Atkinson) and there was no Roseanne barr

  6. Maybe the fact that I’ve never seen one episode of this show contributes to the fact that I didn’t laugh, but if they want this to be a hit, they can’t make it exclusively for fans of that show. I’m not saying that they have to completely forsake the die-hards, but that trailer did nothing to make me want to buy a ticket and watch this thing. Even seeing The Rock or Dwayne or Tooth Fairy or whatever the fuck I’m supposed to call him these days did nothing for me. I’m still on the fence for this flick.

  7. yeah. These cats must not have been huge fans oh the show. I’m totally stoked to see this. Scene with sean and his mom was briliant.

  8. I am so afraid that they have shown the best parts of the movie.


    As a trailer? This was phenomenal. It showed action, it showed comedy, and it was incredibly well paced. I was not terribly excited about this movie until this trailer.

    Now I am sold.

  9. Perfectly cast? I don’t think so. Anne Hathaway sucks hairy balls.

    As for everyone else, I’m hoping this will be a good flick but it’s hard to tell.

  10. I love Steve Carrell and the rest of the cast is good as well, but that trailer didn’t really do it for me. I laughed at none of the gags, yet the action seems really elaborate. I don’t know…..maybe I need another trailer, but this didn’t work for me.

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