Kung Fu Panda Trailer

We have obtained the trailer for Kung Fu Panda, thanks to moviesonline for the heads up!
I cannot say I am interested in this film, and the trailer hasn’t changed this. I will say that of all the Kung Fu styles; my favorite is the crane. The powerful finger-point-wedge crane strikes are powerful and focused in their assault and deliver devastatingly painful blows. I hope the crane character in the film is able to do justice to the style.

International friends: what is your favorite Kung Fu style?

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12 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda Trailer

  1. The best Kung Fu style is Shaolin Kung Fu, the foundation of 90% of martial arts today. It incorporates all animal fist styles, and almost all of the known stances to date.

    I study Shaolin Lohan Chuan (Enlightened Fist) and it is a very devestating style. But it’s not about the style, it’s all the practitioner, and what he can do with what he’s given

  2. I saw this trailer a few weeks ago and thought that it was hilarious!! The facial expressions for the fighters as they showed their kungfu in the beginning were outstanding!!

    I would definitely want to check this out. Now getting someone to join me….that’s another issue. :o)

  3. I have grown tired of the anthropomorphic talking animals animation but since there is Kung Fu involved, I’m interested to what the animators can do in animating the movements of the characters.

  4. In all the chop socky Ive seen, Crane, or Snake and Crane is overall the most badass animal style. In the hands of Jackie Chan though it hard to beat Drunken boxing. In the real world its all about Jeet Kune Do.

  5. Favorite Kung Fu styling?: John Woo style; better known as, “I’m about to kick your fucking ass with doves,” style.

    And the movie? Eh, it looks alright for the younger crowd, but that animation style has been out for awhile and doesn’t really impress me anymore. I need story, s-t-o-r-y!

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