Iron Man Superbowl Commercial

Ironman-Poster-RoughIt looks like Marvel is digging deep into their advertising pockets and putting up cash for an Iron Man Superbowl spot. We get the details from our friends at movieweb:

Marvel Entertainment and Paramount Pictures announced today that they are gearing up to unleash a new Iron Man commercial during the February 3rd airing of the Super Bowl. It will air at approximately 4:30 pm EST during the game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

Marvel will have a teaser of the footage on their website this friday, February 1st. Once it airs on television, you will be able to download the spot on,, and Iron Man’s official website.

I don’t watch a lot of sports; but seldom do I miss a superbowl. As the biggest TV event of the year, the advertising is expensive, and the commercials rule! I think it is a great move on their part to get this spot and am certain it will reap hearty benefits. I was going to watch anyway – but it is cool that they gave us a heads up on the time. I would hate to miss the spot due to a bathroom break.

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15 thoughts on “Iron Man Superbowl Commercial

  1. @ doug
    lol the comercial was lik at 8 dude

    and…I SAW THE COMERCIAL haha! the suit looks so rad dude! the suit loosk amazing and the comercial was colussal man
    it looked amazing

  2. @ the real ironman
    yeah i HEARD this guy was lik a loser b4 and he did lik go to jai or something lik that (my uncle says he used to go into peoples houses and sleep in theyr couch i think thats bull idk)
    but you know what? he looks just like tony stark and hes a good actor i think this will be good

  3. Why on earth would they cast Robert Downey Jr???? I will NOT ever see this movie – specifically because they cast that stupid clown……nice move. I hope the movie tanks.

  4. 4:30? I’m sure you’re wrong.No way would Marvel spend millions of dollars to show the commercial during the pregame show.That would be a waste of money.

  5. @Nec

    yeha deffinatedly spiderman, batman and superman are the 3 superheroes that are the most known (and by that i mean that u can ask a 40 year old soccer mom and shed kno who they are) but still even though people that arent into superheroes or comic books dont know ironman i think that all the publicity hes getting will get people to watch the movie- and theyre starting out on the right foot by showing the comercial on the most watched football game of the year
    so i doubt the movie isnt gonna “hit big” or at least i hope it wont
    hey the hulk is a lot more known then ironman and i dont think itll get as much viewers as ironman (dont get me wrong i love the hulk)

  6. Man, Marvel is really putting a lot of faith in this project. With a reported budget of $186 million and they are looking to be spending tons lot more on marketing. As much as I love Ironman I would be the first to admit that he is not really in the same league as Spiderman or Batman esp in terms of popularity. If this movie doesn’t hit big Marvel would lose their shirt.

  7. but yeah theyll probably play it a couple of times- just cuz its at 4 and the game is at 6 doesnt mean they might not play it at lik..6.
    OR NOT idk im just saying
    when i watch the super bowl they always play them a couple of times
    @ simon
    cool pick dud

  8. >4:30 pm EST?!
    >Is that correct? The game itself doesn’t even kick off >until 6:17 pm.

    Thats the genius! Why sepnd 3 million for 30 seconds DURING the Superbowl, when they can spend 150 bucks for the commercial slot 3 hours before the game while local outlets are showing Sienfeld reruns!

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