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The Sleeper hit ‘Hoodwinked,’ (a Red Riding Hood meets The Usual Suspects story) is finally being followed by a sequel. Cory Edwards, (the director and co writer of ‘Hoodwinked 2: Hood of Evil’) has confirmed new and returning characters, including a re-casting of Little Red Riding Hood herself.

Comingsoon.net gives us these details via Cory Edwards’blog:

Glenn Close is still Granny, and Patrick Warburton remains The Wolf (very, very happy about that). Nicky Flippers will once again be performed by David Ogden Stiers. Andy Dick has voiced Boingo again (that’s right, Boingo is still around, as unstable as ever… but not the greatest threat this time). There are some brand new and very cool additions to this sequel.

This time around, Red will not be voiced by Anne Hathaway, but by Hayden Panettiere, the “super cheerleader” from Heroes. This seems very fitting, since Red becomes a bit more of a “caped crusader” in this film. The Woodsman is now being voiced by comedy legend Martin Short. Martin Short! He was an “Amigo” for Pete’s sake. Crazy. Those are the new folks stepping into old roles.

As for new characters, without giving any plot away, I will tell you that Joan Cusack is a new villainous witch, Brad Garrett is The Giant from the notorious beanstalk, and Wayne Newton plays “Jimmy Ten Strings,” his singing harp. That’s right. Wayne Newton. As a harp. He’s totally into it. David Alan Grier plays a troll, which should be really funny… I heard he was off the charts with the ad-libs. And finally, all you SNL fans will be psyched to know that Amy Poehler and Bill Hader will be voicing Hansel & Gretel.

I, myself am very excited about this news. I’m not a fan of many animated movies, but I found ‘Hoodwinked’ to be one of the most hilarious cartoons I’ve seen in a long time. I’m very glad Patrick Warburton is back as the “Big Bad Wolf.” He was honestly the best part of the movie. It makes me wonder why Anne Hathaway and Jim Belushi backed out of voicing ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘The Woodsman,’ but I’m sure Hayden Panettiere and Martin Short will do great in these voice roles.

The first film was more geared towards adults, and I’ll definitely be watching the sequel when it comes out.

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34 thoughts on “‘Hoodwinked 2’ News

  1. For any of you who are bored at work: there’s a new game out in the App Store based off of Hoodwinked! I know links aren’t allowed here, but you can find it by searching ‘Red’s Escape.’

    The basic premise is that you have to use Red’s awesome cape to swing your way up a tall tower and evade her enemies. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of, but once you do it’s really fun!

  2. i liked hoodwinked and there is suposed to be a 2nd but were is it? It was suposed to be out in August 2010 its 2011 now. What happened?

  3. I liked the part when:
    Police Chief:(Pointing at Wolfie)Well, maybe he’s not even a wolf at all!
    Wolfie:(Bored Expression)Oh yeah. You got it. I’m a poodle.Bah.

  4. when watching the first hoodwinked i was honestly laughing so hard tears were coming out of my eyes. I could hardly keep them open praticaly the whole movie i was laughing. then the few times when it wasn’t funny it was just completely awesome some many parts i loved.

    the wolf saying what can i say i was raised by wolves then they show a picture. that scene was just so well done.

    acouple other ones i really like were when nick flippers said so you really took a beating from a little girl.

    and when red was fighting the rabbit at the end. what can i say i am a sucker for kung fu even if the moves aren’t real martial arts.

    1. Besides 1 or 2 other movies this is the BEST ANIMATED MOVIE EVER that i saw in my WHOLE/ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I knooow rite! And den he does that funny face with the crying t-hee t-hee! Aw my gosh dat was so funny. Wait wait wait!!… U guys who said dis movie sucks, ya u don’t know watchall talking about. It’s awsome! And the dance with the henchmen was pretty funny too.

  6. I don’t see why some people are so negative about something as lighthearted as an animated film — lighten up folks! Laugh a little! Anyway, I loved the first one!!!! The scene at the end where Boingo goes nuts is the best…”I’m never gonna answer to anyone, ever again — a who-haaaaaa!!!!!!”, I die laughing every time :)

  7. fuk u fuk me we r 1 big family!!!!!!!!!!!! fuk u pplz who r readin this u fukin should trii weed man its good shit!!!!!

  8. I really enjoyed Red and the Wolf from the first film. Twitchy is also fantastic.

    (Wolf and Twitchy lost in a cave.)
    Twitchy: “Ahh were going to die in here.”
    Wolf: “Oh, come on. That’s what they said at the Alamo.”

    Extremely witty – adult friendly.

  9. LOVED THIS MOVIE. Those who say they hated this film still probably are tring to impress their friends… As a parent of kids and watching endless kid-flicks, I truly enjoy this movie time and time again. IT’S A CLASSIC IN MY BOOK. Can’t imagine a different Red or Woodsman but it still won’t sway me from watching the sequel. I just hope the writers keep the comedy as fresh as the original. I have only one thing to suggest to the marketing folks: BE PREPARED!!!

  10. I think it is a good idea. My 2 boys loved the first Hoodwinked and now they are gonna be happy about a sequel. I enjoyed the first one as well.

  11. Well I do ahve to be a bit biased since I did got to high school with Cory and Todd Edwards, I personally loved the first movie and am waiting until teh day teh new one comes out. I hope for my two friends the movi is a big hit.

    1. Ok you two just have Really bad taste(mixmastajb and godfather) me and my best friend LOVED this movie i cant believe they are coming out with Hoodwinked 2. THATS SO AWESOME! We laughed all the through the movie. Twitchy is soo funny! But we r still mad about Anne Hathaway not being Red.

  12. I enjoyed the original film. I don’t really see much point in a sequel


    that isn’t to say it would be jsut as enjoyable as the first. Come on now “Dee-na-me-tay”?
    That always makes me smile.

  13. Contrary to everyone else i can’t stand Hayden, she bugs the hell out of me and she is a bad replacement for Hathaway who i love. Don’t think i am going to bother with this one

  14. dude! this is really cool news. im with u Serena, not a big fan of kids movies, but Hoodwinked wasnt as childish as ud think. but im kinda clueless as 2 wat the stories gonna b. sounds 2 me more fantasy than fairy tale, and there is NOTHING wrong with that.
    but ya, i cant wait 2 c the trailer

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