Bay Finished Writing Transformers 2

Just because the writers strike was on doesn’t mean people were not writing movies. It just means they couldn’t TELL YOU they were writing movies. And nothing can be done with their work until the strike was officially done. Michael Bay wrote Transformers 2. Kinda.

Rope of Silicon quotes Michael Bay:

“I’ve been writing Transformers 2. We’ve got our characters all designed. I always write all my scripts, my movies anyway so at least I’ve got something to give the writers. It’s like a template. We have a really good outline so I worked on that.”

I like that despite the strike, Michael Bay was not just getting a tan and sipping Coladas. He actually had some work set aside to offer to the writers so that right out of the gate they had an outline to start on. His hopes are that they won’t miss the original slated release date of June 26/09.

I like that he admits he already has all the characters designed (3d Modelers and concept artists do not belong to the WGA), so now we get to fuss and speculate on the final roster. Everyone is barking about Soundwave, so I doubt he would overlook him.

Oh wait. Mr Bay also said that he was going to feed the media false information about Transformers 2 so we are always going to be second guessing his statements now. I am hoping that statement alone was his only deception.

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28 thoughts on “Bay Finished Writing Transformers 2

  1. OF COURSE IT MATTERS WHOS GOING TO BE IN IT!! i loved transformers idk y people didnt like it- idk wat theire bitching about it was an awsome film, of course tey had too many human scenes because in the comic books it was a human/machine thing and it woulda been wack if thye made it just robots- thye showed all those army scenes so that itll look somewhat realistic- like if it did happen it would be somewhat like that, if thye made it 100% fiction it woulda pawned, all fantasy/fiction movies need to relate in some way to human eings or else its going to suck
    it wasnt a perfect movie but it wasnt horible either- i think it was pretty good

  2. Doesnt matter whos gonna be in it!
    We gonna be forced to see pimped criped chihuahuas,long shots of the sunshine,longs shots of some army thing,crazy rotating camera,some confusing design,OPTIMUS making some lame joke,chandeliegatron,some stupid merchandising transforming thing,a lot a GM cars,MORE LAME JOKES,for upgrade Bumbeblee will CRAP over some secret agent AND THE BAYESTER UNLEASHED.

  3. @chris(the real one)
    AGAIN- devastator isnt gonna be in it!! which sucks but- if he is itll be stupid- after what they did to devastator/brawl i wouldnt be surprised if they bring in the actuall brawl and make him a mechanic dildoe in the 2nd film (that would be the best transformer disguise- if i were a transformer thta would be my disguise- a dildoe :D……dildoetron!!!)
    and i totally agree on the meggan fox thing..

  4. i think there gonna bring megatron back and change his look and call it galvatron. bay is gonna bring down other robots who were drifting in space (wtf?), redesign them horribly and keep classic names. im betting hotrod, superion, devastator, and shockwave ,kup, and a few others.

    i didnt think the transformers movie was horrible, but i dont think its worth me paying for the dvd. i bought the 25th anniversary of the original cartoon movie because i can watch that over and over. i tried watchin the new one again and couldnt because of the abundance of crappy scenes. but my stupid nerd ass will be there opening night so i can bitch and moan about it later….just give megan foxx less lines and clothes and ill see it twice..

  5. @rodney

    no! dude they can get unicron in there! why not? unicron was such a badass character- if they can make barricade a cop car they can get unicron in transformers 2. i just want to tell myself theyre going to let unicron be in the movie- if they dont, theyll be missing out on like such an awsome character. and dude- theyre not getting devastator in it cuz they named brawl “devastator” for some reason in the 1st movie- which is dumb as fuck idk why they couldnt just name him brawl and leave devastator WHO IS SUCH A KICKASS CHARACTER alone for sequels- devastator was in the movie for like 3 secounds- devastator deserves a good 2 hours of screen time. but he wasnt really devastator he was brawl so its ok- BUT NOW THEY CANT USE DEVASTATOR CUZ THEY NAMED BRAWL DEVASTATOR!!! AAAGHH! ok im sorry…

    and btw i dont hate bay i think hes awsome and 1 of the best directors at special effec- wait i just didnt know he could write but whatever.


    magatron dieing makes the sequels more open for new vilains LIKE PERHAPS UNICRON but not in #2- starscream is obviously gonna lead the deceptiocons ion #2. and megatron is cool but in the movie idk he didnt look- idk he looked kinda wierd. i know they couldnt make him exactly like in the comic book or the show but- they made him inrecognizable so- i wont be missing him…specially..IF THEYRE GONNA USE UNICRON!

  6. I’m not a BayHater, just a BayTransformersMovieHater, big difference actually.

    Transformers 2 is shaping up to be worse then G.I Joe.:(

  7. I thought Transformers was a fun movie. The action was good, but Bay is getting a little repetitive with his freeway car chase sequences. There was also one too many juvenile jokes for my tastes. I can only hope the 2nd movie will build off the first one and we’ll see more transformers! I want constructicons! And damn it, I’m still annoyed that Megatron was killed off. blah.

  8. Wow, such vapid hate coming for a film made to entertain.

    If you don’t like the film, then don’t watch it. Period.

    I for one thought it rocked and will be gladly watching the second.

  9. rodney — ya know how I know youre gay? your lips are wrapped around Michael Bay’s man sack so tight it would take surgery to remove you.

    TF1 blew donkey chunks —- a fuckin Mountain Dew machine became a transformer man. Mountain Dew!!!

  10. I loved Transformers the first time I saw it. I left the theatre with just a really great feeling. My biggest complaint about the film is that there’s virtually no reason to watch it again.

    The jokes seem really lame the second time around and you really notice the silly plot lines and bad acting.

    It’s too bad that Bay is more concerned with the biggest box office returns possible than he is about making a movie that can stand the test of time.

  11. Unicron was a planet dude. Unless they are making this a prequel that doesn’t take place on earth there will be no Unicron.

    If Bay is pandering to the fans we will see devestator and soundwave. Likely Hotrod instead of Hotshot. And it was Prowl, and Rodimus (which is Hotrod)

    And the BayHaters are out in force already. I can only laugh. He did a fine job. No, not an oscar, but the movie was fun, and that was what it was supposed to be. Mission accomplished.

  12. hotshot, soundwave, prawl, radimus, grapple, unicron, and the REAL devastator better be in it.
    and if barricade and starscream arent in it ill be pissed! cuz i dont remember them dying!!!

  13. Well, it’s not like the Writers Strike would have ever effected the quality of the script to this franchise. The first movie had terrible acting and a terrible story, I really fail to see how much worse the sequel can be.

    Anyways I am sure it will be loads of fun.

  14. Haha, I see what you did there (directed towards thetruSh, again).

    The plot and dialog all sit fine with my expectations for a any movie that costs someone $160,000,000. They could have at least tried to make the mise-en-scene a little bit more appealing though. Optimus Prime coming into the frame from the left? come one…

  15. I heard the plot for Transformers 2 will involve the Autobots and Decepticons traveling back in time to WW II.

    In order to keep costs down, Micheal Bay will reuse footage from Pearl Harbor and scenes featuring Ben Affleck will be digitally altered and will now feature Shia LaBeouf.

  16. I know people liked the first Transformers, but other than the effects there wasn’t much for me to cheer about.

    I don’t expect Transformers 2 to be any better…but what can you expect from someone who directed Pear Harbor…that movie should not be shown anywhere on this planet…that movie is an embarrassment to mankind…no aliens should see this movie for they will judge us harshly and destroy us for making such a monstrosity.

  17. KeiSh, my comment was not directed toward you. but let me ask you this, was it the dialogue? or was it the plot? which one did it in for you? Personally to me, for what it was, I just think the movie was very entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in my 30’s and my first Transformers were Hound, Mirage, and Ironhide that I got for Christmas. So I do hold fast to the Gen. 1 fandom. But I just personally don’t think the movie was as bad as many people here think. And as far as Soundwave goes, he was a bitch. Atleast the other Decepticons weren’t so subordinate.

  18. ‘theTrush?’, that’s not the reason I disliked Transformers. Giving a film a high budget doesn’t make it good either, it has more to do with the director and writer. If Bay is directing and writing this, it is going to suck.

  19. The more I think about his first Transformers the more I find myself disliking it – the Transformers movie isn’t supposed to be funny like that.

  20. i agree keith…..everybody says he was made to make these films but i diasagree….speilberg was made to make this, lookin at war of the worlds and some of his other classics.

    yea it was kinda fun but also very stupid. needlessly stupid, a lot of scenes didnt make any sense and seemed forced for a laugh.

    and knowing that he wrote it makes me understand more of what make the movie bad. hopefully this one will be better. but i can expect more badly designed robots and crappy scenes so we will have to wait and see….

  21. Every movie made now is a rip-off of about 50 other movies in a similar genre. So get over it.

    atleast Transformers was a high budget rip-off. Not to mention a really fucking fun movie to watch. ah, but the haters must always hate huh.

  22. will we get more stepping on roses, talk of masterbation and robots pissing on retarded secret agents?

    can’t wait to see what movie he rips off this time :cough independence day cough:

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