TMB’s Most Anticipated Movies Of 2008

Most-Anticipated-MoviesOver the last couple of weeks we’ve highlighted the Best and worst of 2007. Now it’s time to look ahead to 2008. There are many great films on their way this year, and since a lot of you guys have been asking which ones we’re looking forward to the most, and since I generally do one of these lists every year, I figured I’d put this one together.

NOW PLEASE REMEMBER… this list doesn’t necessarily reflect what I think will be the BEST movies of 2008… simply the ones I’m most excited about seeing and looking forward to the most (for example, I knew Transformers wasn’t going to be the BEST movie of 2007… but it was still the one I was most excited about).

So with that out of the way, here are TMB’s most anticipated movies of 2008:

#1 – Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
After 20 some odd years of broken promises, flip flops, on again off again schedules, writer changes and worlds of delays, the new Indiana Jones movie is actually upon us. Make no mistake about it my friends… THIS is the movie of 2008. The online community may be buzzing the loudest for Batman… but the rest of the world will be fixing their eyes on the man with the whip. If the early reviews and trailers are even remotely good… I can’t even imagine how much this thing will make. Easily my most anticipated film of 2008. Oh dear lord George, please don’t screw this up!!!!

#2 – The Dark Knight
Those with a religious world view tell us that we are born with a God shaped hole in our hearts. If that is true, then I would say that we are also born with a bat symbol shape burned into our souls! The Batman movies had completely lost their way, until Christopher Nolan came along and delivered unto us BATMAN BEGINS!!! There is honestly no reason to suspect anything other than pure brilliance from The Dark Knight. There are some questions about some specifics… but overall you know this film will deliver.

#3 – The Incredible Hulk
I truly believe that The incredible Hulk will be this summer’s big surprise. Even though I appreciated the Ang Lee Hulk film for what it was, there is no denying what the fans were yearning for… a “Hulk smash puny humans” movie, and Marvel, in all their wisdom, listened. They started by getting an action oriented director in Louis Leterrier (Unleashed, Transporter 1 and 2), brought on an amazing cast and brought in a heavy weight beast (Abomination) that can stand toe to toe with Hulk for some all out smash-em-up action. This is the Hulk film fans want, and I believe it will deliver.

#4 – Pathology
Take the visionary writers and directors from Crank, add an amazing premiese: “a team of young Pathology doctors who decide to play god and play a game by killing people in such a way that their peers can’t figure out how they died”, and then top it off with one of the hottest new stars around (Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes) and you’ve got a winning combination. Sadly, as of right now we have no idea when Pathology is coming out. It was SUPPOSED to be released in November… then it was pushed to February… now there is no date. I don’t know if the fault lies with MGM or with Lakeshore, but the ball has been dropped on Pathology and someone has botched this up. It absolutely SHOULD have been released as close to the launch of season 2 of Heroes as possible to capitalize on Milo’s popularity… but they thought otherwise. Now, I have no idea when we’ll see this film.

#5 – Hellboy 2
The first Hellboy movie caught me completely off guard. I was expecting something of far less quality, but the big red monkey blew me away. The film was imaginative, funny, had solid characters with terrific villains and good action to boot. A demon from hell fighting evil with a rosary on his belt left a lot of people uncertain about the film… and thus it never made the sort of box office returns it deserved… which left a sequel in doubt for a long time. Thankfully Del Toro never gave up on it, and now Hellboy 2 is on its way.

#6 – Bond 22

I still remember all the ruckus some people raised about Daniel Craig being cast as he new James Bond. They complained that he had blonde hair. They complained his ears were too big. One particular group of twits even tried to organize a boycott of Casino Royale unless Craig was removed as Bond. Thankfully, the producers ignored the morons, and Casino Royale became not only the highest grossing Bond film of all time, but I propose we have the greatest James Bond of all time. Daniel Craig OWNED that role. He took it, bent it over, and humped it into submission. Daniel Craig IS James Bond. Finally, a James Bond who looks like he could KICK my ass instead of pat it. Bond 22 will rule.

#7 – Iron Man
I couldn’t have cared less about the news there was going to be an Iron Man movie. To me, Iron Man is a poor man’s Batman. Oh look… a hero who is just a mortal man, who also happens to be a wealthy owner of a massive industry and uses his money to build stuff that helps him fight crime… gee whiz… where have I seen that before? But as the pieces of the Iron Man puzzle started to come together, it was looking better and better. Fantastic cast, ILM doing the visual effects… and a trailer to die for! Suddenly this film has made a believer out of me. I couldn’t care less before… now I can hardly wait to see this sucker!

#8 – Wall-E
I’ve said it a thousand times, but it’s worth repeating. Pixar is not only the best animated film company in the business today… they are the best film company PERIOD. What other studio can you name that has put out 8 feature films… and all 8 of them were complete successes on every level? None. They even managed to make a movie about a talking rat who cooks into one of the best films of the year. Wall-E will be no different… because it’s Pixar… and that’s all I need to know. But Pixar aside, Wall-E looks beautiful. An adorable looking character, some magnificent looking visuals… this is going to rule.

#9 – Wolverine (I stand corrected on this one. It’s a 2009 release. That’s what happens when you post at 3am)
I still remember how many people in the fan community cried bloody murder when this no name actor, Hugh Jackman, was cast as the old Wolverine. Now, it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else on the planet playing the part. Wolverine now has his own spin-off flick on it’s way. After X-Men 3 (I still liked it, even though it was the weakest of the 3, and I can see why other didn’t like it) received a lukewarm to negative response from the fans, I wasn’t quite sure a Wolverine film would be in the cards. Thankfully it is. Now we’ll just have to see if they can make much needed improvements over X3. I’m not 100% sure they will… but that doesn’t stop my excitement to see it.

#10 – Be Kind Rewind
I’m one of the those growing number of guys who is just getting sick and tired of Jack Black’s schtick. Having said that, the idea behind Be Kind Rewind is VERY cleaver, and the trailer looks just amazing. The film looks like it will be quite simple, and therein lies the genius of it (I’m totally guessing here). Video store guy who re-make all their movies themselves… on VHS tapes. Too much!

#11 – Star Trek 11
I am a die hard Sci-Fi fan, and as such I get pumped about seeing anything put out by Star Trek… even if I don’t think it’s going to be any good. This new JJ Abrams vision seems to be shaping up ok… but I’ve got to admit I’m not thrilled with the casting (Other than Zachary Quinto as Spock) and the whole time travel / alternate timelines / parallel universes thing has been done to death. Still, it’s Star Trek so I’ll be there with bells on.

#12 – Jumper
Anakin and Mace are back together again! A young man who learns he has the power to teleport, and an ancient society dedicated to killing anyone with that power is a recipe for pure delicious (but as we know, all recipes can be ruined). Very pumped to see this.

#13 – Wanted
I knew next to nothing about this film before the trailer came out. After the seeing the trailer I can’t get enough info about it. Angelina Jolie has never looked sexier, the premise sounds a bit Star Wars-ish, but fun as hell, and the action sequences look like they’re going to be off the chart. Can’t wait.

#14 – The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was fantastic… so obviously I’m anxious to see the next chapter

#15 – Doomsday
From Neil Marshall, who gave us the best horror movie in the last 15 years (The Descent) is back with a post-apocolyptic saga. What part of that doesn’t drip with potential????

#16 – Rambo
On the surface I still think this movie is a bad idea… but I thought the exact same thing about the most recent Rocky movie… and that movie was amazing. If nothing else, we’re sure to see John J Rambo blowing a lot of crap up

#17 – Get Smart
Even I wasn’t born when the original first aired on TV, but it was still in re-runs when i was a little kid, and I loved it. Perfect casting and the appearance that they’ve really stuck to the spirit of the original show make this one secure a spot on my list…. although admittedly there is a “disaster” potential here too. Oh well… I’ll be there.

#18 – Righteous Kill
De Niro and Pacino together at last! The fact that I think the movie will be a let down keeps it lower on this list… but it’s still ON the list. (Yes, they were both IN “Heat”, and they were both IN “Godfather 2”, but they weren’t TOGETHER. In Heat they basically had 1 scene together, and there were never together in Godfather)

#19 – RocknRolla
If director Guy Ritchie can recapture just a tenth of the magic from “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch” then a day at the theater watching this movie will be a day well spent. The problem is we might get the same guy who did “Swept Away” instead.

#20 – Valkyrie
Yes it’s Tom Cruise, but the story is an important one. A high ranking german officer who plotted to kill Hitler! This could be wonderful. I have to question the casting of Cruise… but he is a fine actor, so we’ll just see if he can pull it off

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50 thoughts on “TMB’s Most Anticipated Movies Of 2008

  1. i can’t name everything but i know mine would definitely have TWILIGHT and HARRY POTTER and THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE…..

  2. My list is like this.
    1.Indiana Jones 4
    Why? Because I did think it would suck, but when the trailer came out, I knew this would rule.
    2. The Dark Knight
    Why? Batman literally killed a franchise until Chris Nolan came back with Batman Begins! This will rock.
    3.Prince Caspian
    Why? The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe was a hit. Plus I’m a HUGE fantasy fan.
    Why? I want to see something different.
    5.Iron Man
    Why? Oh hell yeah! This is gonna be one of the best superhero films ever.
    6.Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
    Why? The franchise gets better and better (though the fourth was the best)
    7. Rambo
    Why? Again, it’s another franchise I’m not exposed to. But Sylvester Stallone looks awesome in this. It’ll kick ass.
    Why? Pixar is the best film industry ever and all they’re movies range from 8-10 out of 10.
    9.The Incredible Hulk
    Why? I’m one of those guys that enjoyed the Ang Lee version of Hulk, nut this one’ll have more fighting.
    Why? This looks like it’ll have some ass-kicking scenes in it.

  3. I have never been more excited about a film than The Dark Knight, so it’s obviously my No.1(RIP Heath Ledger). Also lookin forward to the new Bond film Quantum of Solace. I totally agree that Daniel Craig is probably the best Bond yet, and those who complained about him in the early days were morons.

  4. Some things need to die. Shrek and Comic Book movies are some of them. Okay, I’m psyched about Dark Knight, can’t wait.

    STAR TREK will hopefully be good. The last good one was IV, and that was about saving whales (wtf?).

  5. I love your list but i think your missing one vital movie that i think everyone from all ages will love. MAD MONEY which comes out January 18 it stars Queen Latifa, Diane Keaton and Katie Holms.

  6. Since everyone is just retyping the posted list in a different order, here’s some movies to look forward to not listed:

    Synecdoche, New York – Charlie Kaufman
    Where the Wild Things Are
    Australia – Baz Luhrman
    Burn After Reading – Coen Brothers
    The Changeling – Clint Eastwood
    Swing Vote

    … and about 100 more actually.
    New York, I Love You
    Son of Rambow

  7. I learned to give all movies a chance. I’m looking forward to Rambo actually. I had thought Rocky VI was a mistake after the terrible Rocky V debacle. Boy was I wrong.

    Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, Wolverine, and Prince Caspian are huge on my list too!

  8. There are some good movies in the list: Bond 22, Dark Knight, Rambo and Iron Man.

    In fact, there is a trailer of John Rambo shown on cable TV here in the Philippines.

    It will be released by Solar Films.

  9. I have so little interest in Indiana Jones that I think I am looking forward to Hatchet 2 more and believe me I’m not looking forward to that at all (Hatchet I don’t care what anybody says was the worse horror movie of the past few years)((I just watched it which is why I guess I’m so vehement about it-shit story-terrible acting-lame special effects and one of the worst monsters ever-kind of a Mask meets Elephant Man-just terrible). Indiana Jones is another of those movies you’re “supposed” to like. You’re “supposed” to consider the ouevre “classics”. (they’re like the Radiohead of films) They’re not-they’re 3rd rate at best and mostly boring. I know I’m in the minority on this blog but in the real world not so much. I’ll agree with Dark Knight as the #1 movie to look forward to-even Ironman and The Hulk if all I’ve got to choose from are big budget over-the-top comic book movies. But I cvould be wrong – I looked forward to No Country For Old Men and it was trash. I’m looking forward to There Will be Blood and hope I’m not fooled againn (I don’t think so-Anderson is so much better than the Coens that he could make a better picture in his sleep. And really-you’re looking forward to that Narnia shit-some people are just starved for any kind of fantasy post Lord of the Rings.

  10. “visionary directors of “Crank”” and “amazing premise”, for “Pathology”, really. John, please stop. I know you like these guys but come on.

  11. I would go with Darren s list, indi4 is far back on my list.
    The indis son ¨Chia lepoop¨thing and that scary inteview George maded for the variety magazine made me worry.
    A good trailer comming out,could change my fate though.
    I would change Xfiles2 since a not a fan too.
    But otherwise its almost the same list.

  12. in all of my crazy seriousness, i really dont feel like indiana jones is going to be that big of a hit.

    its been too long, and the old fashioned style of these great movies might not connect very easily with the younger fan who is used to flashy michael bay movies.

    and did i miss cloverfield on that list?

    box office wise, it should be a very interesting and tight race between a few of these movies. i think Wall E might be able to bring in a shit load. we shall see

  13. All that said, I don’t want George to stop making movies. I just want him to stop making them badly. But then again, I’ve said the same thing about Ewe Boll. I will encourage anyone to make a movie, I just don’t trust that it will be good until they earn that trust. I tried your movie, PoPGoW, and I thought it was great.


  14. As much as it pains me to say this, I hold absolutely no hope for Indiana Jones. Honestly John, you’re like a battered wife going back for more. “Oh dear lord George, please don’t screw this up!!!” Don’t ever put your faith in this man again until he gives you proof to believe him. Indiana Jones is his chance to prove that he has learned his lesson about how to not rape our childhood movies. I know it’s hard, but do not put faith in this movie. His past track record does nothing to validate positive expectations and someone needs to hold an intervention with you to stop you from continuing to let him abuse your trust this way. Take lower expectations. He does not deserve trust, and if he manages to make the movie good, then he will have earned back the trust. It’s better in this situation to have low expectations, so if he screws it up again, you at least didn’t let him get your hopes up. Focus on Batman, Ironman and Hulk instead. There are a lot of other movies on your list that honestly have a less likely chance of disappointing you. Honestly, I look forward to another movie from George like I look forward to another Fantastic Four movie.


  15. Hey John,

    Great list. Hellboy 2 is going to rule and so is Bond 22. Apparently they have cast the girl from Hitman in it. However i don’t think much of the new Star Trek. Abrams had proved that he is a good film maker but something in the back of my mind right up until the film comes out saying to me that it is going to be a complete mess. No Cloverfield?

    P.S. The Be Kind Rewind trailer is so funny. Jack Black doing the Ghostbusters theme tune is genius and their take on Boyz n the Hood looks hilarious.

  16. Dark Knight is my number one, and I might get shit for this, but I’m much more excited for Hellboy II than Indy 4. Indy 4 has way too many questionable issues going on for me to be completely excited. I just dunno about that one. Once I see a trailer, maybe I’ll get more buzzed. I think a lot of people are being cautious with ther excitement for Indy 4 in fear of getting burned. I took my sister to the movies this past weekend, and when I pointed out the Indy 4 poster to her(she didn’t know the movie was happening), she laughed so hard that people were looking at her and chuckling.

  17. well i dont have any people i have met in pathology but im sure since u met them …and crank was cool…that u have some inclination to put that so high…i would replace it with where the wild things are higher up

  18. Serena said “I didn’t make fun with all the ‘Transformers’ hype last year. :P”

    That’s because we were completely valid, sensible, and vindicated:p For me, it’s:

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Bond 22
    3. Wall-E
    4. Indy IV
    5. Iron Man
    6. Harry Potter 6
    7. Valkyrie
    8. Prince Caspian
    9. Incredible Hulk
    10. Star Trek

    Maybe Indy and Hulk would be higher if we had a trailer.

  19. Hey Sound Designer Dan:

    Technically they were in Heat together… but only for 1 scene. There were ALSO in Godfather 2 together… but never TOGETHER on screen at the same time. Essentially this will be the first time they do a movie together.

    YES! They’re shooting the whole film with the RED!

  20. descent was the best horror film of the last 15 years?

    i would tend to disagree.

    still want to see doomsday though.

    i am actually looking forward to wall-e more then anything on that list. odd, eh?

  21. You wanted them to time the release of Pathology to “Heroes” in order to capitalize on Milo’s popularity? Only one problem: he’s not popular.

  22. Here is my list
    1. Bond 22
    2. The Dark Knight
    3. Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    4. Incredible Hulk
    5. Iron Man
    6. Prince Caspian
    7. Wall-E
    9. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    10. Helloy 2
    11. Fanboys
    12. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    13. X-Files 2
    14. Rambo
    15. Red Cliff

    I was looking forward to Te Hidden Kingdom, then i found out it wasn’t a chinese production and some of my anticipation was lowered. Star Trek is sadly a 09 release in my country

  23. I, as well as majority of all the women I know are looking forward to The ‘Sex and The City Movie.’ I’ve been waiting for this movie for 4 years now….and don’t make fun of me! I didn’t make fun with all the ‘Transformers’ hype last year. :P

  24. Didn’t MB have a post about this a week or two ago?

    Anyway, I’m surprised at Gio’s #1. How can it be no#1? It’s not supposed to be #1. Why? Because it’s not supposed to be in existance! Hahaha…

    Wolverine isn’t due til 2009, that’s true. But there is no law that says Fox can’t…move that on up. There are supposed to be filming it rght about now. Knowing Fox’s strategy of the less than one year rule, it would not shock me in the least.

    As for Pathology, well, as some of the int’l friends know, I despised Crank. But I did admire the ambition of the filmmakers. The news that the film got moved again…now, I’m not one to be testy here, but to yank it off February’s roster…what the heck? When release dates get bounced around, it does not look good for the film. The film could be good, it could be bad. It could be in the eye of the beholder. But one thing is sure: if one does not know when a film is being released, it will usually be released with little fanfare. Blink and miss it. Or it goes right to the Blockbuster shelves to collect dust mites.


    My list.

    1) The Dark Knight.

    2) Iron Man

    3) X- Files 2

    4) Bond

    5) Spiderwick Chronicles

    6) Doomsday -I also loved Neil Marshall’s “Dog Soldiers”

    7) Forget Deniro and Pacino~~~~~how ’bout Jackie Chan and Jet Li The Forbidden Kingdom!!!

    8) Prince Caspian

    9) Hulk

    10) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    11) Star Trek

    12) Punisher War Zone

    13) Indy Jones

    14) 100 Feet

    15) Hellboy 2

  25. Just curious John, you mentioned that there were some questions about some specifics with The Dark Knight. Can you explain what you think might go wrong with this movie?

  26. This list is why I love MovieBlog. Loaded with crap and inaccuracies. Its somehow dear to me after spending time at the other movie sites whom snub their noses at anyone who disagrees.

  27. apart from putting wolverene in front of wally i find nothing wrong with the list
    and also- id think Rambo would be more anticipaded then number 16
    but yeah if the dark knight, ironman, indy and the hulk are up there- its pretty good

  28. Hey John,
    You gotta fix that DeNiro and Pacino together at last statement. They already appeared in a film together almost over 12 years ago and it was titled Heat and it’s a great film.

    And Wolverine isn’t being released until 2009.

  29. Good list, John.

    Top of my list, not least because its release is imminent, is Cloverfield. Even though I think it’s gonna suck! :)

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