Singleton Talks A-Team

John Singleton ImageOur friends at Collinder have scored an interview with John Singleton and got him talking about the upcoming A-Team project, here are some highlights from the interview:

* No one has been cast yet
* He wants Woody Harrelson to play Murdock
* The movie is not a farce like Starsky and Hutch
it will be like an 80s action movie. He said think Lethal Weapon, very serious but with humor
* Everyone signing on will sign for multiple films
* No budget yet

I must admit, this is delightful news from the maw of Singleton. I was hoping for Jim Carey as Howlin’ mad Murdock; but Woody would do an amazing job and I think he is an outstanding choice. I feel dumb for not even considering Harrelson for the part, I will nod my hat to Mr. Singleton and I hope his excellence of taste continues for the other three vacancies.

I am glad the film is not going to be a spoof. Comparing it to Lethal Weapon puts me at ease, I know the film is going to be about action with moments of humor; just like the television show. The 80’s had fantastic action films and if Singleton takes the action out of that era it is A-Ok with me. I am also glad that we may see a franchise for two reasons; 1) I want to see more A-Team 2) When a franchise is on the line, you usually want to ensure a quality product (at least the first outing).

The best news is what has not been said. Ice Cube has been letting known that he wants the role of B.A. and Singleton did not mention his name at all. This is great, because I for one think Mr. Cube would be horrible as B.A. I am certainly pleased with the information gathered in this interview and will anxiously await further casting rumors.

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10 thoughts on “Singleton Talks A-Team

  1. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) me personally i am cube fan but the role of b.a. would better be played by one of two guys thats not known to well by the big screen, that would be quintin rampage jackson or kimbo slice the mix martial arts guys though they have no acting exspierience at all but they are famaliar with bad attitudes and it’s not acting.

  2. Ice cube would fail at the role, as he fails in all his roles…. friday and barbershop franchises are funny and watchable films not because of Ice cube, but because of the script and the people around him. He is a very very limited and poor actor who would be an extremely bad choice for Mr T.
    Terry Crews would do a much better job than cube, but I’m certain there are much better choices out there.

    To be honest, Mr T would be best going to an unknown, find someone new, someone rough around the edges.

  3. Mr. T is clearly too old to be BA. I think Ice Cube would do fine in that role. And Singleton would probably do a pretty good job of pulling out a good performance out of him once again.

  4. FilmNerdJamie I can respect most of your choices for casting as you have listed. Kurt Russell? Nice one. But there can only be one (and by one I mean two) B.A.. B.A. needs to be mean and nasty and an all around badass. My vote must clearly be cast for Ving Rhames.

    Just please God no Tiny Lister.

  5. Woody is an awesome choice for Murdock. Here is who else should join him in THE A-TEAM imo…

    Hannibal – Kurt Russell
    Face – Jason Bateman
    B.A. – Michael Clark Duncan

  6. Yeah this sounds good. The reason i want to see Punisher 2 is because i’m hoping it might harken back to the glorious action films of the 80’s. Even if it doesn’t then we’ll have this to fall back on.

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