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Thanks to moviesonline for the heads up on this Shutter poster – check it out!

Poster Shutter

Here is the plot synopsis from IMDB: A newly married couple discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident. Fearing the manifestations may be connected, they investigate and learn that some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Shutter is a remake of a Thai horror film, the track record for asian horror remakes has not been sterling; let’s hope they buck the trend with this one. Considering the plot of this film – I do appreciate this poster. I find myself disappointed often with movie posters, but this one actually looks decent. We could have done without the self promoting script at the top, but that is my only quibble. While the collage in the background does not actually create a picture, it is a nice touch to fill in the washed out ghastly face.

What do you guys think? Are you interested in this film and what are your thoughts on the poster.

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18 thoughts on “Shutter Movie Poster

  1. The one thing that surprises me is all the hate the remake of the grudge gets. I liked it.

    I saw shutter over the weekend. It’s a little late in the game for films like this to work anymore as its been done to death but, hey, it didn’t bore me.

    I thought it was o.k.

    But we need to put an end to the creepy asian ghost girl schtick – it is beyond tired now.

  2. I always had the opinion that the Jean Claude Van Dame trainwreck Street Fighter was the worst movie ever made. Then I saw Shutter. Slow, boring, and the big “scary” ending made me laugh til tears rolled out of my eyes as it was perhaps the single stupidest visual in movie history. Abysmal.

  3. The people in this bloq are very ignorant and fuckin stupid critisizing movies without even seeing them that is very ignorant this movie was one of the best ever made remakes

  4. I hope most people realize that this is a remake. Of a Thai movie, not a Japanese one.

    Its amazing how little credit they give to the original.

  5. the movie wasn’t that bad. I haven’t seen the original, but this movie got me hooked until the end. It’s not “scary” exactly, but the concept of it is…

  6. Hmm….another Asian movie remake? I saw a commercial for this, and I thought “Not again!”

    Well, anyway, like with One Missed Call and The Eye, I want to see the Original before exploring the remake

  7. I can understand what everyone is saying about remakes; but, I won’t knock this movie till I watch it. If it really scares me, I’ll like it.

  8. The original was nothing special (Young, attractive person being haunted? Check. Ghostly woman with long black hair popping out of stupid places? Check. Ridiculous twist ending? Check.), so I can’t imagine why there would be people advocating for it over yet another american remake.

    Once you’ve seen one asian horror movie, you’ve seen them all. Listen closely people, THESE MOVIES MAKE MONEY. Sure, it doesn’t mean they are good, but why go through the effort of coming up with an original concept if you can just remake something and make a quick buck?

  9. Stop frothing at the mouth LovelyFace, and calm down. First of all, what does it matter if I haven’t seen the film? Look at the track record of said producers, that says all that needs to be said. Second of all, I’m not telling people what they can and can’t watch.

  10. And i urge you, Karl Hungus, to get over yourself and stop telling people what they can and can’t watch and SECOND OF ALL YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE DAMN FILM SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  11. Sorry Doug, but there’s absolutely no reason to believe that this film will buck the trend.

    The fact is, this is from the same producers (Roy Lee and Doug Davison) who brought us all those other abysmal failures like The Grudge, Dark Water, The Invasion, The Eye… Shutter is going to be just as bad.

    I’d urge everyone to simply watch the original instead.

  12. What the fuck. Do these producers just sit around all day and watch Asian horror films until they found one (or five) they like? How about soliciting an original script for a change. I haven’t watched any of these remakes since the first Ring, and I don’t plan on changing that with this one.

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