Robert Downey Jr. Will Make Cameo In The Hulk

Iron-Man-RulesRumors have been going around that Iron Man will be making a cameo in the upcoming Hulk movie and vice versa. Today we have confirmation that this is the gospel truth! We get the skinny from AICN via the moviehole:

According to Aint it Cool News, Robert Downey Jnr will be making an appearance in “The Incredible Hulk”. It’s, of course, all part of a plan to tie the new “Hulk” and “Iron Man” movies together. Downey Jr’s Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) will reportedly feature in a scene opposite “Hulk” villain ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross (William Hurt).

I think it is fantastic that they are starting to weave the characters together like they often do in the comic books. The fans want this, and it is delightful that they are making it happen. This sets the stage perfectly for an Avengers film and according to the AICN article, it looks like Favreau is calling dibs on that as well. We will wait and see if the studios reward him with aforementioned “dibs”.

Iron Man and Helm are two films that have been getting very good buzz and with good reason. They have been doing everything right as far as marketing goes. Fans have been reassured time and time again with quality teasers, pics, news and interviews. I of course am super pumped because if an Avengers movie is made – we may see the Mighty Thor join Iron Man and Hulk in an Avengers movie. If Loki is the villain in that film, there is a good chance I will cry with delight for 30 years. I also want to see a Beta Ray Bill Cameo.

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9 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr. Will Make Cameo In The Hulk

  1. “if Marvel are smart, they’ll ditch the outdated anachronism that is Captain America & replace him with somebody like Spider-Man,Wolverine,Blade (a nice set-up to reintroduce the character)”

    wow sir jig-alot it’s ideas like that which make most comic movies flop horribly, fans want to see legitamate interpretation.

    Spiderman, Blade or Wolverine would be the STUPIDIST thing ever for and Avengers movie

  2. This is fuckin awesome news. That is gonna be so tight to see the hulk or just bruce banner in the iron man movie. This is such good buzz. It’s makin me just THAT much more interested in seeing these two movies. WOO!

  3. kevin- unfortunatedly theire not going to do that lol theire just rushing it . they totalyy stoped talking about making an individual flash movie and IF THEY DO make a green lantern movie with tyrome gobons and that aquaman movie- theyre not using those actors in JLA theyre gonna use different ones which is what makes it so gay

  4. Someone keep tabs on Downey. I saw his E true Hollywood story and would hate for them to add more content about him.
    Great talent – just keep an eye on his partying.

  5. Loki would be perfect for an Avengers flick as it was his shenanigans that first brought them together. maybe they could do something similar to the Acts Of Vengeance storyline where the baddies trade foes (which was orchestrated by Loki) with each other. if Marvel are smart, they’ll ditch the outdated anachronism that is Captain America & replace him with somebody like Spider-Man,Wolverine,Blade (a nice set-up to reintroduce the character)or Namor. guys like Cap, Giant Man/Goliath & Hawkeye would not look right running around on the same screen as those aforementioned others. they’d come off looking like Ben Asslick in Daredevil did. plain dumb.

    as far as DC is concerned,they did set up a potential crossover in Superman Returns where there was a newspaper headline of “a batlike figure prowling Gotham”. let’s see in TDK if there is any mention of anything Superman or Metropolis related. though, i don’t know if there was any point to that subtle tie-in after this blasted Justice League movie has their Bats n’Supes not related to the other 2 movies continuity.

  6. If only the dimwits at WB would pay attention, scrap JLA and start doing this kind of thing with Batman and Superman.

    I would love to see a scene where Routh as Kent is reporting on the court case with Harvey Dent and the Joker or something.

    Or a scene with Bruce Wayne talking to Lex Luthor at a LuthorCorp convention showing off state of the art weaponry or something.

    It doesnt take much and it would be awesome and set the stage for crossovers and open up so many possiblities.

  7. the hulk making an aperance in iron man and vice versa shows that theyre going to use the same actors when they come out with an avengers movie then they used in the individual movies, which is whats going to make it better then JLA.
    i think that the only reason theyre fliping charecters is so that it wont look so alien when thye make an avengers movie. and by alien i mean that it wont look so wierd with all of the superheroes in one film to the people that arent familiar with the superheroes- and it kinda gives it a head start
    yeha if theres an avengers movie Thor will definatedly be in it.
    now if they DO come out with the scarlet which, ant man, captain america and other superhero movies theyve been talking about- they can do the same thing they did with the hulk and ironman so they use the same actors for the avengers movie

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