Pinkville Gets The Breaks

Oliver StoneIt looks like Oliver Stone’s Pinkville is stuck in the snow, spinning its wheels – and no shovel is in sight. We get news of the film’s delay thanks to our friends at the moviehole;

Despite an agreement between United Artists and the WGA coming into play that’ll allow the former to resume production/s again, Oliver Stone’s war pic “Pinkville” – which UA was shepherding – is still on hold – and by the sounds of it, it might stay on pause.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a well-placed source said that “Pinkville” would remain in turnaround despite any interim agreement UA inks with the WGA. That’s at least partly because cast who had been attached to the Stone project have since moved on to other productions.

It is a shame that this film is having problems; I hope we see it come to fruition. Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Woody Harrelson in an Oliver Stone Vietnam war epic is the stuff of legend, and I think it is safe to say that this should be a magical macho-fest in the jungle. With so many of the stars in other projects, we will need voodoo to align the stars in order for this to happen. Right now IMDB has this slotted at a 2008 release date, but I think it is safe to say that we may have to wait for an undisclosed amount of time.

Pinkville is an odd choice for a war movie title, I would prefer Villiage Of Grizzle or Corpse Hamlet, but maybe the name suits the story. The Viet Nam war was a kick ass battle where the underdogs used massive tunnel systems to even the odds. The tunnel warriors and the tunnel rats that hunted them need a story of there own. I want to see an entire movie based on tunnel warfare; it should be called the Pink Tunnel.

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